Broken Vases

As most of us know and have experienced: “Broken before Blessed”  seems to be a scriptural principle and process that God uses in our  lives that we cannot escape. I realize that many cannot stand or fathom  the thought that God may use breaking in our lives as a means of  blessing. “Brokeness” is a breaking process that all of us will have to  go through in the course of our lives. I have learned that the eventual benefit is not to resist the breaking, but to embrace the breaking. Through the prophetic voice, we will once again come in contact with the “breaker anointing.” However, this time, we will embrace it for what it truly is: The breaking of our pride, self-righteousness, and self-reliance must come before the breaker anointing is released and imparted to us.

The prophetic “breakthrough” that we are looking for in our individual  and corporate areas of our lives will come through a complete surrender of our will. The “broken before blessed” principle is found and experienced in Genesis 32 from an event in the life of Jacob. It seems that Jacob’s only real concern was for himself for much of his life. When Jacob was a teenager, he cheated his brother Esau out of the family birthright and privileged inheritance. Esau had become so furious that he determined to kill Jacob as soon as their father, Isaac, died. Since Jacob had no chance against Esau in a fight, he left home and traveled several  hundred miles to separate himself from Esau. The good news is that God  was not done with “runaway” Jacob. In Genesis 32, Jacob finally begins his journey home. On the way, he  received word that Esau was planning to meet him with 400 men. Of  course, Jacob was afraid for his life and prayed for it! He split his traveling party in two parts and sent some ahead to Esau with “reconciliation gifts.”

Jacob thought that he could “buy” his brother’s  forgiveness. Jacob not only tried to buy forgiveness, but he put his family in front of himself as a kind of barrier between himself and his brother. I think between the lines we can read the “cunning” plan of Jacob to save his own skin at the expense of his own family in case Esau refused his gifts. It was while Jacob was alone at his campsite that a man came and  began to wrestle with him. It is interesting to think what might have been said or done to provoke this battle. We know from other verses of scripture that this was no ordinary man or angel. Jacob was wrestling  with the pre-incarnate Son of God in the form of a man.

Jacob was literally wrestling with God and God was wrestling with Jacob! Most who know the scriptures realize that Jacob had learned many lessons from his mistakes; but like many of us, he still had a ways to go before he was thoroughly broken of his selfish nature and conniving disposition to always get or have his way. And so God met Jacob right where he was at and wrestled him person to person. Could it be that God is wrestling with us in certain areas of our lives for a defined commission that is soon to be appointed? (I am  convinced!) Are there areas in our lives that need to be BROKEN DOWN? If you and I are looking and in need of a supernatural, life-changing  blessing from God, it is essential that we honestly answer these  questions. What is God wrestling with me over? Am I embracing or resisting? We notice that the wrestling match was not over in a few minutes, although it very easily could have been with God as the opponent! God could easily overpower us, but God loves us enough to give us a will to choose. Of all the things or titles that God could have chosen to call  Himself, He simply said that, “I am love.” It is impossible to give or receive love without free will. However, God, in His divine plan and  purposes, will patiently wrestle with us in order to break us down of  “SELF.” Beloved, my greatest enemy is not some evil or external force, it is “ME.”

I can only thank God that He wrestles with all of us with longsuffering  and patience. It was near dawn that the Lord put a move on Jacob that would change his life forever — even the way that he would walk. This move caused  what seems to be a slight dislocation to the ball joint of his hip or thigh. This was a touch from the “hand of God” in a critical area of  Jacob’s life. He would no longer be able to “run” from his mistakes. The  touch of God may sometimes be painful, but it is a necessary part of the  breaking process.

The paradox is that the breaking process is the road that leads to abundant blessing. Not only was Jacob not able to run, but he was no longer able to wrestle. At this point, he could only cling or hang on to God. Jacob finally realized his helplessness, weakness and dependence on the one whom he was wrestling. Jacob now would have to face his fears – for he could no longer run from Esau. The only thing that Jacob could do was to hold on and ask for a blessing from the Lord. This was a turning point in Jacob’s life. Each one of us must  likewise come to this same point in order to really experience all of the blessings, destiny, and anointing that the Lord would have for us. So many times it seems that the areas of our greatest natural strengths are the areas that the Lord will touch and “dislocate.”

The reasoning is so we will be dependent upon Him rather than our own strength. We read that  “My strength is made PERFECT in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9) It is also worthy to note that the Lord asked Jacob his name. Was it that the Lord needed to know? Of course not, Jacob had to know and own up to who he truly was — a “deceiver or supplanter.” Jacob fulfilled the meaning of his name perfectly; he spent his entire life deceiving and conning others.

By giving his name to God, Jacob openly confessed and came to the realization of who he truly was to the core of his being. Confession and the realization of who we TRULY are is the beginning of experiencing the fullness of the  blessings of God. Trust me, I know first hand! The stigma of the old name was removed from Jacob and he was given a  new name — Israel. Jacob was no longer a “deceiver”, but one who  “persevered with God” We notice in Gen. 32:28 that Jacob prevailed with God. This does not mean that Jacob won the wrestling match, but rather he realized his defeat and held on to the only source of hope that he had. This breaking process worked a miracle in the life of Jacob as it does for us.

Jacob realized that God Himself had touched him. Jacob tried his best to get the “stranger” to reveal Himself by asking for His name. His name was not given nor did He disclose Himself to Jacob as he did to his grandfather, Abraham. Could it be that Jacob  still had something to learn? I sincerely believe that the Lord revealed Himself  to Jacob as time went on. Jacob developed an intimate reliance upon God  that would carry him from one blessing to another as he grew old. In any case, Jacob was a changed man and would give birth to the nation of Israel!

Jacob would now fulfill his purpose as a godly husband, father and man of God. The Lord would go on to say in the book of Hebrews that  “He loved Jacob.” Regardless of our past mistakes, God loves us and desires to touch the areas of our lives that need a dislocation. He only desires that we hold onto Him and allow His strength to hold us up. He desires that we face the “relatives” in our lives that we have run from, have not forgiven and have not owed up. You must be the minister of reconciliation that the Lord  has called you to be. He desires that we face our past mistakes and pay our unpaid debts to those we owe in both word and deed.

Remember that the breaking process must come before blessing. This  picture of the life of Jacob should serve as an encouragement that the  sun will rise and shine upon those who have wrestled with the Lord in  the nighttime hours of our lives. Jacob would walk with a limp for rest of his life. Yes, he was broken — but he was blessed beyond measure. He  could now face his past and his problems and God would reward with favor and forgiveness. Jacob’s relationships were restored and he would now experience the promise of “abundant life.”


Spiritual Inheritance at the Cellular Level

It has been medically established that important parts of the DNA molecule are repeated many times in our chromosomes – kinda like back-up tapes in case something goes wrong or is missing. Likewise, these back-up tapes or replicated versions may vary ever so slightly which defines our differences and similarities. There is also another set of “tapes” in the mitochondrial genes, which form further structures in cell creation. In other words, we possess genes comprised of both DNA and Mitochondrial Cells upon conception as well as throughout the course of our entire life.

All of these genes are closely involved with the vital metabolic processes that go on within a cell. So, from what I can gather through my somewhat layman’s study – it is not inconceivable that metabolic stresses placed by an individual on his or her cellular structure might determine which “tape” is selected from the “library” for duplication when something goes wrong, is missing, or is under an unusual stimulus.

Imagine for example, a very athletic woman stimulates the metabolism of her cells in such a way that it literally replicates DNA sequences or coding for physical agility in her children. Is it possible that humans can promote preferential cell structures and as a result the athletic woman gives birth to athletic daughters? I believe so! I also believe that there are spiritual dynamics at play that we need to understand as well as abundant blessings and curses within this revelation.

I realize that this topic is a bit heavy, but stay with me as I will attempt to simplify and make it relavent which will be difficult for those without a basic undertsnading of biology. Could it be that natural and more importantly, spiritual keys are being provided to humanity in this hour to unlock many of our health and wellness issues? Yes! Humans contain billions of ordinary or general body cells which are called “somatic” and cannot be passed on generationally. Generational cellular structure and DNA can only be replicated via sexual cells (We are composed of both somatic and sexual cells). Could it be that there may be an unexplored and spiritual dynamic which can account for reverse transcription of the “tapes” in that ordinary or somatic cells can replicate DNA into the sexual cells and thus be passed on to our children? Again, I very much think so. What I’m driving to, is that I believe emotional and health issues  can be so powerful as to alter chemical makeups in our body and provide a portal for somatic (non-sexual cells) such as cancer, mental issues and patterns ect, to be passed on or transcribed upon our children via sexual cells which is contrary to modern science.

The example of the athletic woman would be an example of extreme physical behavior affecting the transcription of somatic cells not proven by science but experienced and seen nonetheless. Are other forms of influence possible? I have read that psychological states may also affect somatic cells. Epidemiologists believe that they have identified a “cancer personality” – a set of individual character traits which if possessed mainly or wholly by one individual; may be predispositioned to cancerous illness: that is, the faulty replication of somatic cells to sexual cells.

If it is true that personality factors can affect cell biology, and if viruses can copy genetic mutation from somatic cells to sexual cells, then it follows that personality factors could also be in my opinion, inheritable. To carry it further, some of the personality traits that compose the “cancer personality” are psychological rather than physical (spiritual rather than natural) such as excessive anxiety. Is it possible that purely psychological factors in the content of an individual personality and consciousness could affect his or her offspring? Once again, I sincerely believe so.

The core issue and plead is that our minds left in its unregenerated state will not only potentially pass on to our children our physical issues…But our emotional issues as well. There is only one prognosis and remedy for the myriad of psychological “birth defects” we are experiencing in this hour and the myriad of pills it is requiring to combat it – It is that our our minds be transformed by the Spirit of God to the mind of Christ. The spiritual revelation is that even health issues like cancer can have a personality which is genetically transferrable if the emotional and physical (chemical) triggers are strong enough to alter our DNA replecation processes.

For the Lord has not given you a spirit of fear, but of a strong and sound mind…This is the key to abundant life and more importantly – the abundant life and inheritance of which we pass down to our children.

The Detoxing of Humanity and the Church

It should not be surprising to most that new data over the last several years has revealed that one in every six Americans consumes eight mixed drinks within a few hours, four times per month. On average, statistics reveal that 28% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 binge-drink five times per month and will consume seven drinks in one sitting. 13 percent of those between the ages of 45 and 65 binge-drink five times per month as well. Even more astounding is the rate of retirement age binge-drinking which has sharply spiked of which the percentage figures are still in review. These are interesting figures and do not even address many other addictive tendancies with just as resounding or greater percentages such as pill popping.

We need to understand the future repercussions of these findings and the prophetic applications if we are to minister affectively as the days unfold. These figures and understandings have also led me to a place of contemplation in regard to my own addictive behaviors and choices…We all have them to varying degrees.

Intoxication via the example of alcohol is only one of many life choices which dramatically alter our state of consciousness as we navigate through the reality of life. The core issue of this article is the problem humanity is having with “reality” which is driving many if not most into what I believe is going to be a tragic ending at a personal and corporate level. To put things in perspective as we look to the future from a prophetic perspective: The percentages are no different than if we were to learn and understand that 25% of our young people were smoking a half gram of crack, shooting heroin, or dropping ecstasy at least once per week. The point is that all of these escape mechanisms produce the same psychological or cognitive effects upon mankind’s decision making abilities in regard to our future.

The “sobering” aspects of this article is that a substantial percentage of the American population is absent of cognitive or rational ability in regard to clear decision making throughout the course of an average day or week. Personally, I love a good wine with a good meal and enjoy visiting eclectic wineries. However, as a prophetic individual, I must answer to this revelation by the spirit and how it is affecting humanity as well as how it can and has easily affected my life. So, why is escapism happening to such a large degree in the world’s population and continuing to spike as our ease and quality of life is supposedly getting better?

I believe the core problem which needs to be solved is that many if not most Americans and even a high percentage of the western culture is fleeing or escaping from reality by the least path of resistance. Everyday, we are faced with the pressures of economic finances, religious and radical fundamentalism, joblessness, lack of secure boarders, health insurance, and the degeneration of marriage commitments. All of these dynamics lead to the bondage of “insecurity” which has manifested as a nation choked full of drinkers, gamblers, druggers / pill-poppers, smokers, and gluttons, who further escape into the virtual world of television, music, Facebook, YouTube, continual texting, and pornography. Sadly, most folks are gaining expert status in all of the latter mentioned escape mechanisms. Most Americans are on a family vacation and have booked flights to a destination called “Fantasy Island.”

The fact that we are doing this as various cultures in similitude around the world is the single most ominous and dangerous psychological trend we have ever faced as humanity in my opinion…It will likewise, be our greatest and most dangerous battle going forward. Mankind, in his or hers own strength will not be able to overcome this psychological and spiritual battle without the intervention of God who holds the keys to the renewing of our minds. The soul ties which have been tethered to the system of the world must be severed for the spirit of prophecy to move forward with power and effect.

If this issue and prophetic understanding is left unchecked, it will literally create absentee societies and nations, unable to summon real vision which will be required to confront real natural and spiritual threats. The proclamation of this message is to declare clarity of spirit, mind, and body which will summon real courage to defeat real enemies both seen and unseen. A declaration from the heavenlies is calling the Body of Christ to mental physical fitness to exercise tough measures necessary to restore real economic stability. Clearness of mind will be nonnegotiable if we are to lay our lives down for that which is good and true and in line with the Spirit. A mind which is polluted by escapism will be enslaved to perpetual selfishness and self-damnation.

People bound by additive tendencies of all flavors and degrees have no capacity of self-sacrifice and suffering nor do they see the future clearly. The importance of this message to prophetic individuals should be obvious and in plain view. The bondage of escapism which is gripping mankind and especially the church is that it prohibits the extraordinary creativity from deep within our souls to stand up and double down with courage to change the world around us. The church is being called and commissioned in this hour to resonate with clarity and creativity which is completely real, completely sober, that the adversaries and enemies of our soul buckle at their knees.

If the church and even the souls of mankind is emotionally drugged just 10% of its life…It is a life which is contaminated and destined to defeat by the grave error of suppressing the truth and what is real. The bondage will continue if not broken and will manifest in warped introspection which will kill our genuine spiritual vision and divine destiny. The ultimate price of this anesthetized state will be paid as the murder of lasting and eternal relationships by the cancerous grip of selfishness and self-consummation as our escape mechanisms begin to increase in controlling our lives. It’s time for the church and humanity to detox from our addictions which are perpetrated by insecurity and fear.

I am the way the truth and the life.

Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops. And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. (Matt. 10:27)


The Korite Doctrine

Recently, I was waiting in line for a coffee and saw a magazine on the rack that stated “Were these actors and actresses worth it?” It went on to list the price that they demanded for their services. It is amazing how much popularity and money that the entertainment business generates in today’s society. Whether it is the big screen, television, download streams, or DVD rentals – both Christian and non-Christian alike “invest” much of their time and money in this form of entertainment. Just as amazing is the fact that most of it is make believe. It is the “make believers” whom the world and a great part of church has set apart and set on a pedestal as celebrities and icons of our culture. The skill of “acting” has become a profitable endeavor for both reward and award. Our society has heaped praise and trophies upon those who are essentially professional pretenders. Sadly, some of the greatest actors and pretenders are not in the Hollywood hills, but within the city that is to be set upon a hill – The church.

Hypocrisy or pretension has its origins in the root of idolatry. The church attending actor(ess) is desperately seeking the approval, applause, and affirmation of man rather than God as his or her primary source of meaning and direction. Needless to say, the idolization of man is idolatry in its basic form because it places humanity on par with the Lord in giving meaning and direction to life. Worse yet, many of these individuals have been walking in man-centered idolatry for so long that they are led to believe that they are “something” or somebody because of an attained title that originated within the culture of man and not of God. Without the healing touch of God to liberate us into transparency and truth, the “actor” will come to a point of believing their own warped natural and spiritual viewpoints. The element and proof of spiritual truth in our life can be summed up by asking ourselves two simple questions: “Does my public life (the life that I “present” to others) reflect my private life? Does my spiritual life line up with God’s Word?

Much of what I witness in the church meeting, broadcast and gathering is on par with a Broadway production worthy of an Academy Award. The western church has become a tonic of entertainment that satisfies the flesh and multitudes have been indoctrinated with the belief that all men and women who speak on behalf of God are ordained by God. And of course, “Don’t touch the Lord’s anointed.” This could not be farther from the truth and this verse has evolved into perversion from its original language and meaning to justify control and silence objectors. The paradigm shift has torn through the heavens and “objectors” to the status quo will arise in wisdom and love to confront today’s man-centered church (religious) system. Their banner will not be religious titles and a ministry sold out to other people’s money…It will be a radical 180 degree shift to giving away money rather than essentially begging or manipulating for it. A new breed of church leaders will receive a fresh vision of business strategy to finance themselves what the Lord has called and commissioned them to. A new breed of servant leaders will take a interest in the vision of others, rather than demanding the submission of others to fulfill their vision. The die has been cast and the fire of God is being released through a prophetic generation that will speak the truth and tear down the old walls of religion and the idolatry of man.

We see a clear picture of this in Numbers 16 where Abiram, Dathan, and Korah took on the authority of a true minister of the Lord and we read that most within the congregation followed them! The sin of Korah should stand out as a signpost to many who have been trying to repair this old and torn wineskin we call the church. The Lord is not interested in reviving or renewing a wineskin (the present church structure) which was never intended to hold His new wine (Holy Spirit). He is interested in filling the wineskin that He has designed and made (You and I corporately) Korah was a Levite by birth and a true minister called by the Lord. Likewise, we have the same birthright as believers in Christ. The difference with Korah and what we need to understand and differentiate is that he sought to usurp the position a and function of the “high priest.”

The prophetic insight for today is clear: The true church is the Tabernacle or Temple of the Lord’s Spirit and presence. The Bible states that the Spirit of God dwells within us individually as well as corporately. Within the temple, the Holy of Holies is not so much a physical place as it is the Shekinah or weighty presence of God which manifests beyond time and place. The Holy of Holies represents the Spirit of God and also represents our spirit-man created in God’s image. The Holy of Holies radiates the attributes of God’s glory and power. It is through the glory and resurrection power of God that our spirit-man is revived and renewed into truth. The glory and power of God should radiate through our corporate lives as the church built of LIVING stones and not upon a foundation of DEAD cement stones.

The Holy Place represents our renewed mind or soul. It is within the holy place that “conscience” choices and sacrifices are made that reflect our true relationship with God and one another. It is within the Holy Place of our lives that the sacrifices of TRUTH must be held over the escapism, rationalization, and desires of the flesh that the world and the worldly church offer. This is where Korah, Abiram, and Dathan began to fall…The political makeup and structure of the church they represented began resembling the political and social structures of the world and could not survive without money. Where would your church be today if all of the money related to it was suddenly taken away? This defining question and factor will soon surface in our current economic climate as of 2012. The genuine church will have its finances in order. It will not be how much cash is in the bank, but was is actually owned.

The Outer Court is a reflection of our physical bodies and an area where both the desires of world, and the desire for God are within sight and arms reach. It is a place where choices that will have eternal significance are decided. Again, the Outer Court affords a view of both the world and the TRUTH depending upon which direction we are facing. The Outer Court is both the place of defeat and glorious victories. It all hinges upon what and especially whom we are looking to when temptation and truth draws near.

Most of us know that the present religious system, whether traditional or spirit-filled is a distorted caricature of the blueprint which Christ and the apostles left us. The time has come and the Lord is desiring a church and bride that is built upon the truth of His Word. A church, whose leadership is about giving and not manipulating as will intensify as the days unfold. A leadership who will truly begin trusting the Lord for their resources and not man. Look, if the Lord is not providing for your ministry, then its time to get a real job and support it yourself. Paul would single-handedly turn the known world on its ear without begging for money to support his ministry. This allowed him to bring an uncompromising message of truth. Why? Because there was not a conflict of interest in bringing radical truth to those who were paying his light bill. In other words, there was not a conflict of interest in Paul’s life and ministry.

It is selfish, soulish, and spiritually lazy to “pay” another out of convenience to visit the sick and afflicted; pray for people; minister the Word and the good news – we should all be doing this without excuse as the proof of being born again believers. We all as believers should be bringing the Word of God and supplying our part in bringing growth to the body. We choose not to, because far to many of us desire to be entertained in our places of comfort and luke-warmness. The only way that I can justify paying a minister full-time, is one who willingly desires to equip others into maturity in becoming greater than themselves in serving the Lord and humanity.(Jesus desired that “we” would do greater works than Him) All others are acting or pretending to be leaders and have been ordained by the auspices of man and man‘s doctrine. The “pastor” who fails to equip others in doing everything that he or she does (Like Jesus) is burdened with control and insecurity.

What is the function of the TRUE church? It is that true leaders become true servants in equipping the saints for the work of ministry and to encourage their spiritual destinies. It’s the only “job description” that I can find in the New Covenant. (Read Ephesians 4-5) Listening to one man or woman bring the word the far majority of the time is a sin and a hindrance to Christ’s example for His church to be equipped and encouraged as the hour of perdition approaches. Rather than taking an interest in the vision of the congregation, much of today’s religious leadership desires the entire congregation fulfill the vision of the few. This is 180 degrees from the truth. This is completely backwards from the truth of spiritual protocol. Rather than continued growth and dynamic, the current religious system promotes a hierarchal structure of spiritual dependency and poverty. The Bible gives us the blueprint for ministry finances and it does not require an academy award performance, spiritual manipulation, and a worldly telethon. Sadly, we have come to point of rationalizing these “moneychangers” as normal and acceptable in the church.

A prophetic portrait comes in view in looking at the death sentence that was passed upon these three men as they chose to take the place of “high priest” in the presence of God as they “ministered” to His people. In the New and better covenant; Jesus Christ alone is our high priest. The true church and ministers of the Lord are those who make disciples of Christ rather than taking the place of Christ in the lives of others. In today’s modern church, many have created disciples of themselves – The Word comes through “their” teaching. The healing comes through “their” hands. The abundant life and prosperity comes through the tithing and offering into “their” ministry. Spiritual promotion and growth comes through obedience to “their” vision. Thus the emphasis of what “man” can do becomes the barometer of spiritual affirmation rather than simple obedience to Christ and His Word. I have stated in previous articles that “the highest form of worship is simple obedience to God’s Word and voice.” Isn’t this what it all boils down to? To go into all of the world and create disciples of Jesus, the following fruit will be produced: We will teach and encourage all believers who are willing to share and preach the Word, and provide them a platform for growth. We will send out equipped believers to lay hands on the sick and pray for those in need. We will encourage an interest in each other’s vision, spiritual gifts and talents and cheerfully give to their success. This sounds like the ministry of Christ and the model that He gave us for the church.

The system of man-centered religion led to the downfall of Korah and his followers. It is interesting that out of these three men, two were not even Levites, yet were “ministering” before the Lord and His people. We can conclude that two thirds of the ministers present at this “church” service were not ordained by the Lord. Whether we want to believe it or not, there are those who are ordained by God and those who are ordained by man. Somehow, we have been brainwashed into believing that all men and women who are “ordained” or went to some school and received a piece a paper to hang on the wall are ministers. Beloved, God does not validate “titles.” He validates and affirms function and anointing. We are all ministers of reconciliation, submitted to one another and no person is head or above another.

The “Korite” doctrine that has made its way back into the assembly of God’s people manifests itself in the focus and support of a counterfeit temple (Much of today’s church). The Old Testament Temple was a type and shadow of the finished work of Christ. It would be a people redeemed by His blood that would become a living temple and dwelling place of the Lord’s Spirit and presence. The New Testament temple is you and me. The Korite doctrine focuses and spends its resources and energy on the preservation of the present religious system and its structures. If today’s present “leaders” were truly led and ordained by God, then I believe we would witness a whole lot of change and shaking going on. The Bible states in Matthew 25:31-46 that our resources, focus and energy should be meeting the needs of each other as God’s people. As a matter of fact, the Bible goes on to say that we will be judged by how we meet these needs. However, it seems that much of our focus has been conditioned to turn to the supporting and sowing into the ordained of man for the purpose of reaping both earthly and eternal blessing rather than simply meeting the needs of those who cross our path in life.

The spirit of Anti-Christ ( The Anti- Anointing — for Christ means “Anointed One) within the church and the leadership model of today is drawing to a close. It will be the “servants” who will arise with a heart to restore the church back into the hands of the Lord and her original meaning and function. For far too long we have “played” church and performed our way into irrelevance to a world that is searching for something real. Those who are in the present church system, know in the core of their heart the frustration and the sense that something is incomplete and unfulfilling. The spiritual loneliness and irrelevancy that many are experiencing in the church is the failure of others to take an interest in their vision. We can blame many things for this. However, we must take the blame ourselves. We have created an environment that spiritual validation and calling is recognized and “released” by the “system.” Maybe its time we start encouraging and releasing one another. Better yet, let’s start taking an interest in one another. This is the TRUE church…