The Decline of Christianity

The decline of Christianity as I hope to reflect has many historical parallels. I have also utilized Rome as an example or blueprint in a previous article titled “America in the End of Days.” However, this will be a bit different in that this offering will parallel Rome to define the causes and decline of the man-centered system known by the world as “Christianity.” Please note that this message is not to be confused with nor to offend those who may truly love God, and use the term “Christian” as a frame of reference or belief. The core purpose of this message is to communicate the necessary decline of the spirit of religion which has deceptively operated under the “Christian” banner. A defining of Light and Darkness is at hand. The true church and body will be defined as will those who are in opposition.

Christianity, when reviewed shortly after its conception until the current time is a caricature of what Jesus Christ left within the doctrine of the apostles through the unction of the Holy Spirit as well as the words he spoke in scripture. The face of Christianity to the world is wrinkled and weathered under its generations of persecution and warfare grossly inflicted in the name of “Christ.” It’s eyes are glazed with cataracts through generations of false visions in its lust and greed for wealth. Its ears are waxed with deafness as the voice of the Holy Spirit and prophecy has been neglected and delegated to a time past or even heresy. The fragrance of Christ has been replaced by a loss of smell and replaced by the stench of death as its end draws near. The time is at hand and the kingdom of God is advancing upon the hearts and systems of man. The Lord is not only coming back for a bride whose garment is without spot and wrinkle, but a bride who is beautiful and pleasing to his eyes.

Rome, which gradually entrusted the role of defending the Empire to barbarian mercenaries (hirelings), would eventually turn on them in their self serving and humanistic interests. Sadly, Christianity contributed to this shift by making the populace less interested in the worldly “here-and-now” because it was willing or rationalized that it was God’s will to simply wait for the rewards of heaven rather than to occupy, steward, and govern what Christ had won at the cross. We see this mindset woven in the fabric of not only traditional religiosity…but also within the community or economy of believers who understand the kingdom mandate. Our spiritual legacy of which will be presented in the Book of Life to the Lord can only be defined by our spiritual goodness expressed as natural goodness in our generation. The church and the true body of Christ are defined by the generation that stewards it. We have been silent by-standers long enough and our excuses, spiritual laziness, and the familiar “waiting on the Lord” no longer holds water. The Holy Spirit is speaking with a loud voice and is directing the people God’s army into activity and creativity which will provide inspiring solutions at a global level as the days unfold. Anything less is simply another form of escapism hidden under the mask of religion and spiritual apathy.

The decline of Rome was the natural and inevitable effect of immoderate greatness. Similarly, the historical church has produced immoderate greatness but after 2000 years of existence, the gift and power of the Holy Spirit, and the Word as a prophetic road map; why has the “religion” of Christianity not produced the end results of unconditional love, fruition, and maturity?

We must recognize that some moderate gains have been made or restored such as the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the usage of instruments and various forms of expression in the corporate worship gathering. However, these are not new spiritual dynamics and is only making up ground that the church has previously lost or forfeited. Ungodly and warped prosperity ripened the principle of decay for Rome. The causes of destruction multiplied with the extent of conquest; and as soon as time or exposure had removed the artificial supports, the man-made fabric yielded to the pressure of its own weight.

Writing in the 5th century, the Roman historian Vegetius pleaded for reform of what must have been a greatly weakened army. On the same hand, many prophets, intercessors, and those with prophetic insight are pleading for the same reforms within a weakened spiritual army and warning for preparation as the days unfold and as demonically influenced enemies approach our spiritual boarders.

The Roman Empire – particularly the military – declined largely as a result of an influx of hirelings into the ranks of the natural born legions. This “Germanization” and the resultant cultural dilution led not only to a decline in the standard of drill (order) and overall military preparedness within the Empire, but also to a decline of loyalty to the government in favor of loyalty to local or regional commanders. The similarity is striking in regard to the current church system with its multiple denominations and man-based loyalties which have superseded the loyalty to the kingdom and the leading or government order of the Holy Spirit.

The Roman Empire itself was a corrupt and doomed system from its inception, and the entire imperial era was one of steady decay of institutions or systems founded by the republic of which the Romans thought would last forever. The Roman Empire could never have lasted longer than it did without radical reforms of which no single Emperor would implement. Sadly, congregations whose reliance and structure is built around a singular decision making entity will likewise fall at the hands of local loyalties and agendas. God will not rescind on the gift of authority. However, many religious “emperors” are and will continue to be removed by the hands of man…Just like the emperors of the Roman Empire.

The Romans lacked a budgetary system built upon wisdom and accountability and thus wasted whatever resources they had available. The well-being of the Empire was largely based on a plunder economy based on looting existing resources within arms reach rather than producing new dynamics and creativity to advance the lives of its people. Today’s Christianity is likewise failing to generate new and creative ideas which will change the spiritual landscape of its people and all of mankind. We all understand that all men are drawn by the Holy Spirit and not by man. However, the Lord has always chosen or preferred to work and move through man to impact the lives of others; to change the world for what is good; and which is our witness in practical ways. It is not the continuous begging or manipulating for “plunder” to satisfy the spending habits of the religious elite. Prosperity is much different than mansions, corporate jets, and Bentleys. The lies of a false propserity and rationalization built upon the doctrine of man has run its course and is now being judged by external economic forces.

The Empire relied on the spoils of conquest from conquered territories and this source of revenue would cease with the end of Roman territorial and forced expansion. A inequitable pattern of tax collection drove small-scale farmers (the common man) into destitution and would compound which required even more exactions upon those who could not escape taxation which only served the agenda of another man’s “building project.” This ultimately would lead into a dependency upon the political state and landed elite who were exempt from the same requirements. With the cessation of tribute from conquered territories, the full cost of their system survival had to be borne by the citizenry. The citizenry would eventually buckle under the armies of barbarian invaders from the north and would be helpless in their pampered and unprepared state. The same will hold true today for those who have been deceived and pampered by religion. They will likewise be deceived by angels of light and will buckle in denying their faith under the economic pressures which will continue to invade their personal “territories.”

Lead poisoning contributed to the decline of the Roman empire. The ancient Romans who had few sweeteners besides honey, would boil what was called “must” in lead pots to produce a reduced sugar syrup called “defrutum” which would be further concentrated again into what was called “sapa.” This syrup was used to some degree to sweeten wine and food. If the acidic must is boiled within lead vessels which would have been common, the sweet syrup it yield would contain a quantity of Pb(C2H3O2)2 or Lead(II) acetate.

Lead was also leached from the glazes on pottery, pewter drinking vessels, cookware, and from lead piping used for municipal water supplies and baths. Note that the atomic symbol for lead is Pb, from the Latin word “plumbum”, of which the common and well known word plumbing is also derived.

As I earlier stated, the main culinary use of defrutum was to sweeten wine, but it was also added to fruit and meat dishes as a sweetening and souring agent and even given to feed animals such as suckling pig and duck to improve the taste of their flesh. Defrutum was mixed with garum to make the popular condiment oenogarum and as such was one of Rome’s most popular condiments. Quince and melon were preserved in defrutum and honey through the winter, and some Roman women used defrutum or sapa as a cosmetic. And finally, defrutum was often used as a food preservative in provisions for Roman troops.

The adherents of religion under the guise of Christianity have been drinking a tainted message and doctrine which is slowly poisoning the body of its believers. The messages have been delivered by unclean conduits lined with unsuspecting poison which looks and tastes harmless on the surface. People throughout the generations have been desperate for the true washing and untainted water of the word and message of the kingdom but have settled for what has been conveniently piped in to promote or feed the “empire.”

The good news is that an exodus from religion is taking place in God’s mercy. Moses and the children of Israel (people just delivered from bondage) were traveling through the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land. They just left the wilderness of Sin and by the Lord’s command they made camp in Rephidim, about 15 miles away from Horeb. Remember, that Mt. Horeb is where the burning bush was and God told Moses that He would be with him, and as a sign of that, Moses would return with the children of Israel to the same mountain to serve Him. Yes, God is returning the hearts of those who have been deceived and in religious bondage back to himself!

There was no water for the people to drink and they blamed Moses. Give us water so we can drink, they said to him. Moses answered, Why do you blame me? Why do you tempt the Lord? They grumbled against Moses and said, Why did you bring us out of Egypt, to kill us and our children and cattle with thirst? Moses cried to the Lord, saying, What can I do for your people? They’re ready to stone me. And the Lord said to him, Go ahead of the people and take your staff that you struck the river with. Also take the elders of Israel with you. I’ll stand in front of you on the rock in Horeb and you will strike the rock. Water will come out of it so the people can drink.

People get ready. Strike the Rock! Generations of people have been desperate for the clean and pure water of truth. The driving spiritual thrist within has caused many to drink from the bitter waters of Meribah in desperation…This is about to change!