So many agendas work against finding the kingdom that the current state of church-based religiosity has given way to a cynical statement: “God handed down the truth and the devil said, ‘let me organize it.’”

Yet the spiritual direction to the kingdom can be followed regardless of obstacles and dogmatic barriers that been erected by man over generations. Once we stop seeking after man’s inventions of “god,” a different view of life takes place which moves us into the power of spiritual transcendence. To “transcend” is not a hokie new age term but simply means to go beyond our current state of natural being and natural awareness that are limited to the flesh. We move into the kingdom order where our spirit-man and spiritual awareness take precedent over the various circumstances of life. We become the church in motion; more than conquerors; as a life of invisible faith transitions or transcends into a visible reality to be witnessed by others.

When a 3 year old throws a tantrum in the attempt to get his or her way, a parent or guardian does not sink down to the level of the childish demands. The parent, for example, knows that something else is at work. The child is most likely, tired, upset, or anxious. The parent transcends the context created by the tantrum and goes to different level of experience and maturity.

Christ reflected the same approach to a suffering, lost, and bewildered humanity. He did not promote pleasure, comfort, ease, or money based formula as a replacement for various pains and needs. He pointed to solutions which went beyond the level of the problem. Without transcendence, which is moving in alignment with the Father through the Holy Spirit, our level of suffering, needs, and outlook on life will never change.

All around us lay infinite possibilities, destinies, and the abundant life which is separated from many by only the thinnest veil. The catch is that these veils are made of conscious behaviors from our past that are blocking or constricting our spiritual path to the kingdom. The veil is not only the unnecessary quilt and fears that many carry, but also the unnecessary dogmas or mind-sets that we refuse to let go of. It kind of reminds me as you drive west and approach the Rocky Mountains. The grandeur and awe of the tallest peaks are many times blocked by a haze or a thin veil of clouds. Once the clouded veil has lifted or is passed by, the majesty of what comes into view is exhilarating and life changing. The spiritual direction that the Lord is directing in this hour is about tearing and moving beyond the veils that have been erected like ever-increasing scaffolding in our lives whose foundation is pride and fear.

I wrote this message 3-30-2012 during lunch and had to revise it when I awoke 3-31-2012 as the Lord directed me. I removed the words “spiritual path” and replaced it with “spiritual direction” as the Lord spoke the following to my heart: “Remove the word path from this message for not nearly enough of my people have traveled in this direction to create a path or a marker for others to follow. I am searching over the face of the earth for sons and daughters whom will truly appreciate the wonder and beauty of life and how precious it is to me…So precious that I forfeited my own for it. Love one another as I have loved you. To love in the midst of fire because you love me, is worship that is pleasing to the Father as the host of heaven rejoices.”

In a remote town lived a gifted sculptor. His work decorated the town streets and parks and everyone agreed that it was extraordinarily beautiful. But the artist was reclusive and remained out of sight. One day a visitor arrived and so admired the statues that he insisted on meeting the sculptor. But no one could tell him how to find the artist he sought. In fact it turned out that none of the town’s people had actually met him…The sculptures had just appeared as if on their own one morning. Then an old man stepped forward and said that he had been fortunate enough to meet the elusive sculptor. How did you manage that the visitor asked? The old man replied, “I stood before these wonderful works of art and kept admiring them. The more I gazed, the more I saw. There was intricacy and subtlety beyond anything that I had ever observed before. I couldn’t stop marveling. Somehow the sculptor must have become aware of my rapture for to my astonishment he appeared by my side. I said, “why did you pick me to show yourself to when no one else found you regardless of how hard they searched?” He said, “No creator can resist appearing when his work is loved as intensely as you love mine.”

I’m sure that most reading this understand that the greatest treasure and creation of God is not immaterial objects such as the statues created by the master sculptor. God’s greatest design and treasure as a master sculptor, is you and I for we are created in his spiritual likeness and essence. God spoke everything in the universe into existence except man which he formed by his own hands. When we, like the old man, move into a place where we can stand in awe and see how extraordinarily beautiful life is and how priceless the souls of humanity are – it will be at time that the Lord will likewise not be able to resist appearing to you when his work (humanity) is viewed and loved as intensely.

Many have wondered through the ages why God has been so mysteriously distant or hard to find. The church constantly cries out for the Lord to show or to reveal himself. Maybe, just maybe, the problem isn’t God hiding from man, but the hiding of mankind’s love toward itself which is created in his IMAGE.



First, I want to thank you for taking the time to invest in a somewhat lengthy message. While I believe that it is prophetic, it is written or expressed in a different manner which does not simply stab at a end time event, but provides the state of our societies and what I believe are the opportunities and mandates that the Spirit is speaking to the churches today to provide a better tomorrow for individual lives. What the world needs from the prophetic community is not open-ended statements, unanswered questions, vague mysticisms, natural disaster predictions, and hyper-spiritual catch phrases.  The world and the church are listening and looking for solid solutions and concrete answers.  dk

Whether you tilt toward the political right, the political left, or simply don’t care, people in today’s world share certain assumptions and beliefs. Those with spiritual and prophetic discernment recognize that the same contrasts or varying viewpoints are also reflected in the church. Both politics and religion have very individualistic, world, local, and social viewpoints. For instance, many, if not most predominately black churches are democratic and many if not most white churches are republican or libertarian. I realize that this is not all inclusive, but true in regard to majority leanings. Why is this the case when both platforms are now so diametrically opposed? Are Christians to be in one accord?  Regardless, both religion and politics have evolved to assume that “society” is a kind of weird social contract between autonomous and independent individuals. Both are on a straight road which promotes “policies” designed to expand individual choice. Our individualistic tendencies will cause great harm as the days unfold unless the church embraces the social blessing of family, connection, community, and genuine love for others. Much of today’s politics (a “true” reflection of its people) is recognizably shallow in regard to deep bonds, friendships, and what I call the “invisible norms.” This will become more clear as the message progresses.

Conservative and religious activists embrace individualism of the market and the individualism of personal pride. They react with fury against any effort by the state to erode individual economic choice and “religion” reacts with even greater fury when its sacred cows and doctrines are refuted. Benjamin Franklin was ostracized by the traditional church of his day in stating that lightning was simply negative and positive charges in the atmosphere. The  church persecuted Franklin even up to the late 1700’s, because it still believed that lightning was a kind of sign reflecting God’s “mood” rather than submit to proven science and common sense. Many dogmas and sacred cows that many hold on to with white knuckles will seem rather primal tomorrow as the genuine prophetic article begins bringing the messy and murkiness of life into clear view. Conservatives create and adopt policies designed to maximize economic freedom with little to no personal accountability. Likewise, many in the grip of religious spirits desire freedom without spiritual accountability and leadership. The days of humility have arrived and the events of the last days will demand strong leadership and an even greater demand for hearts that are humble, contrite, open to correction, and willing to recognize the Lord’s authority. The days of entitlement are over for humanity, the church, and political agenda. You are entitled to nothing from another! You have been granted freedom in Christ which does entitle you to His power which works mightily through you to accomplish “possibilities” and fulfill your destiny.

Political conservatives want lower tax rates but yet, religious conservatives are the least philanthropic via reliable data and create a myriad of excuses to not drop a buck to support communal goodness. These conservatives want to keep “their” hard earned money and privatize Social Security so folks can control more of their own pensions.  Yet, so many I know in the religious camp barely have two nickels to rub together because of a culture of entitlement, natural laziness, and spiritual excuses. The right-wing wants voucher programs so parents can choose schools for their children, yet America still reflects some of the highest dropout rates for both high school and college within advanced societies. Yes, we want a lot of superficial ideologies without understanding the root causes of why we want these things and why the need is still prevalent.

Liberals embrace individualism, but in a strange moral sense. They also react with fury against any attempt by the state to erode choices about marriage, family structure, the role of women, and aspects of life and death. Yet, just as tragic – the divorce rate, pornography, and luke-warmness are the same or just as prevalent in the “church.” The left-wing gravitates and embraces policies designed to maximize social freedom. Thus, they rationalize that individuals should be free to make their own choices about abortion, euthanasia, and similar social matters. The left essentially assumes the role of God (the highest form of idolatry) while denying God and in course turns to a shade of gray what is moral and immoral within a society and country. Likewise, the church has also preformed the role of “god” very well throughout history and our stains throughout history are many and clearly documented.

Activist groups on the left protect the rights and “choices” of what the majority of Americans consider immoral or barbaric but the same group will not protect the rights of free expression in regard to a cross, menorah, a Christmas manger, or any other religious symbol under the excuse as not to impinge upon another conscience. Since when did “consciousness” become a one way street? Is there a “conscious” reason that a Christian would vote for a candidate that supports abortion? Will Christians continue to support demonic and anti-Christian values void of definitive morality? I believe that many “Christians” (especially in minority laden churches) will continue to support the left agenda because as I stated earlier, it serves their “individual” interests rather than the interests of the kingdom of God. This is the spirit of religion and the power of its deception. The day of reckoning is at hand and blood is upon the hands of many regardless of ethnicity or race. It would be better in that day if you had not voted than to support the murder of millions; a system of government reliance; and socialist tendencies which have proven through history to have deathly side affects.  Ignorance will not change the verdict nor blood guilt which is coming upon us.

The extreme individualism of the right and left have produced three successful political movements in modern history which are clearly defined: The Civil War era, the early 1960’s, and then again in the 1980’s. The church in the west has likewise produced three successful movements:  The Great Awakening, The Holy Spirit Outpouring of 1900/1901, and the Charismatic Movement of the late 1960’s. The prevailing winds of the last two political movements blew strongly in the direction of autonomy, individualism, and personal freedom. The warming winds of communal trust, social obligations, and relational bonds were overcome by the cold winds of individualism and a whirlwind or tornado of cultural disaster was left in its path.

Ultimately, this points towards materialistic and mechanical mindsets. Both liberals and conservatives in our culture are drawn toward economic explanations for any social problem and usually come up with various solutions to these problems that involve “MONEY.” The right argues for child tax credits to somehow restore marriage, low tax shelters to combat urban poverty and plight, and school vouchers to somehow improve education. The left gravitates toward the opposite side of fiscal responsibility and prefers spending money they do not have. They attempt to direct more dollars to fix broken schools and spend on programs to enhance student aid in the strange belief that it will solve college graduation rates which is currently at an all-time low. Ironic? “No Child Left Behind” under the republican watch is not the answer. How can a teacher generate acceptable test scores when half of their time is spent on teaching English or comprehension and addressing parental deficiencies?

As strange as it seems, both sides assume that there is a direct relationship between improving material conditions and problem solving. However, both sides have neglected the essential and godly matters of character, culture, and defining morality as the core solution.

The church is very similar in its approach. It compromises its culture and witness by promoting material wealth as a means of spiritual success. Religion promotes one program after another believing that it will fix the state of humanity without addressing the root area of the soul and building relationships. The religious politic send missionaries around the world to evangelize and enforce dogmas not led by the Spirit and the end result is reliance and poverty. So called “third world countries” could always rely upon what God provided in nature to live a life of provision with a lack of stress. However, the spirit of religion demands conformance, utter reliance, and bondage which leads to the stealing of culture and slavery to an economic machine which stated earlier – leads the indigenous into natural poverty.

It is interesting that the majority of white American Christians reflect a socio-political perspective that falls in line with those who embrace guns, banks, war, and monetary budgets. Somehow, we are convinced that a president or cabinet of elected officials which reflect these core values can solve our nation’s issues. Really? Without the Spirit God and a understanding of kingdom government principles – we will continue to taste cultural and economic shortcomings. On the other hand, folks who embrace or lean toward family policy, early childhood education, and community relationships are strangely labeled as tree huggers and liberal crack-pots. I bet that if I pulled a senator or state representative aside and try to talk to him or her about the importance of maternal bonds for future human development – that individual would look at me like I was nuts and maybe trying to raise money for the Dali Lama! Of course, he or she would gravitate toward something much more subliminally “important” like a tax bill, military contract, or pet project. The political and religious arena have much in common. They both promote the stated doctrines, dogma, and policies which sound good on the surface, but lack the understanding of the human soul. They both think in terms that are mechanical rather than spiritual because they need to quantify or measure (metric) their results. This is a tragedy that is continuing to evolve and is birthing its offspring. The human soul is complex and cannot be measured (See my blog article titled the “Prophetic Soul.”). We only need to take stock and review the myriad of policies in both political and religious institutions which have been disastrous for humanity.

The policies of religion and politics have interwoven since the 2nd century. These policies and dogmas have produced adverse affects for common reasons. The ideologies rearranged the material conditions in some positive ways, but they also severely undermined social relationships and the accountability of communities to each other. For instance, liberal reformers in the 1950’s and 1960’s saw run down neighborhoods with decaying homes and they vowed to replace them with brand new building projects. The prophetic insight and wisdom which the reformers lacked was that although the neighborhoods were a bit decrepit, they also possessed strong cultural support systems interwoven with community bonds of accountability that were rich and deep. When the neighborhoods were bulldozed for new projects, people’s lives may have been initially or materially better, but they were also spiritually worse. The projects would soon turn into wastelands of survival of the fittest and hopelessness expressed in its graffiti. The welfare policies of the 1970’s would continue to undermine the culture and positive habits or bonds of families. Government checks helped the material conditions, but in the midst of this cultural upheaval it also encouraged young girls to give birth out of wedlock for a quick financial gain which destroys the foundations of a happy and intact family.

Many other policy failures came from the right within the age of deregulation.  Monster store chains and corporate conglomerates have virtually destroyed local and community store owners that added to the bonds of a society. Networks of friendships and community were soon replaced by the hustle and bustle of a dollar savings. Global banking conglomerates bought out small local banks and the local trust of a town bank was replaced by an unknown board of directors a thousand miles away in a penthouse office making millions of dollars. The customer became a number and a wild-west or self-serving trading frenzy began with your hard earned money. We had the privilege to witness the S&L and the Wall Street bailouts with “your” money of which the stated frenzy precipitated. We have mega churches and television ministry conglomerates that likewise play with the hard earned money of many and like the bankers a thousand miles away – we have local churches with no more than 50 members, but only a few truly know one another. We’re just a number in the fast paced race we call life … even in the church.

We can put this in perspective when we recall how free-market experts flooded into Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They offered grandiose and superficial advice on business privatization but forgot about the soul and spirit of a man and how to build communal trust, law, and order which is the seedbed of genuine prosperity. The US invaded Iraq, believing that simply replacing the nation’s dictator and its institutions could easily remake or rebuild a nation. The minds of the invaders were oblivious to the psychological effects that a generation of tyranny had interwoven into the local cultures as well as the hatred which was simmering below the surface which quickly exploded into an ethnic bloodbath. The errors are simple to realize when seen through the lens of prophetic vision. You and I (the church) can only truly give what we truly possess. The problem is that the gift or giving of deep relationship is rarely exercised and nurtured in the church as the core solution to “life.” We are continually told so often what not to do and who not to be, that we have forgetten who we are…In Christ.

Financial deregulation promoted by the right erroneously assumed that global traders needed no protection from their own emotions, greed, and temptations. Men left to their own devices without wise regulations have produced tragedy after tragedy if you understand history. There is a man somewhere and somehow who would cut the last tree down for a profit. (Read the history of Easter Island) They still believe that reducing tax rates in inner cities will cause local economies to grow; this has been proven wrong. The left promotes scholarship programs designed to reduce college drop out rates, when the main problem is not a lack of financial aid. In fact, only about 8% of students are unable to complete college for pure financial reasons. The more important issues have to do with emotional disengagement from college and a lack of academic preparation because of a lack of parental interest and correct relationships which produced high school truancy and educational mediocrity. Once again, political entities and much of the religious base attempt to solve personal issues in a mechanical or measured manner rather than solving the issues which reside deep within the soul. Both secularism and religiosity continually attempt to fortify material development, but end up weakening the social, emotional, and spiritual development that underpins it all.

Besides the damage done to societies by government, a cultural revolution has also eroded the healthy habits of old and traditional family structures. An economic revolution has replaced neighborhood businesses and downtowns with big malls and chain stores. The information revolution has replaced community and civic organizations that reflected face to face engagement and built-in relationships. It is interesting and I speak this with prophetic clarity that many governments unknowingly played a strong supporting role in all of these revolutionary changes due to spiritual and prophetic ignorance. The end result is the false security of financial capital and the dilution of social capital. Much of the church is deceived and believes it is now more “connected” due to these technological revolutions. This cannot be farther from the truth and people have actually become much more loosely affiliated in areas that truly matter with eternity in the balance. The networks of relationship that encourage self-restraint, respect for others, and social sympathy have lost much of its power and depth. These effects may have benefited in a weird liberating way the educated and wealthy, who possessed the social capital or currency to explore this new and loosely knit world, but they were also devastating for those without that sort of capital. Family structures began to disintegrate, especially for the less educated. Out of wedlock births skyrocketed, crime rose, and trust in institutions at all levels collapsed.

The effects of these collapses are what we are experiencing today and will continue to intensify. This causes the state to step in to restore a resemblance of order. The individualist revolution in the nation and in our churches did not end up creating freedom and free societies. They produced an environment in which the state exponentially grows in the attempt to fill the gaps created by social disintegration. The less informal social constraints there are in any society, the more formal state power will be needed to address the vacuum. The current culture is what we have created as  collective citizens and Christians. The church was sleepwalking for decades and many fail to see that the elements for the spirit of antichrist are in place. Politics was playing detente during the cold war and church was playing detente with the enemy of our souls. Detente simply means: “I’m not interested in complete victory. I’m content to not mess with you if you don’t mess with me.”

We already see the state filling the social gaps in many parts of Europe where cameras are the norm to combat local crime. The UK  alone has four million security cameras just to control everyday life. Neighborhoods disintegrate and the welfare state steps in, further displacing the fabric of social networks which is far more important than the “institutionalized medicine” being served up to cure humanity’s ills. Economic markets, unconstrained by the traditions of informal and compromised standards will require more intrusive prosecutors to police them, further draining resources. If we look for a moment with honesty, we are a bipolar nation.  We have become a bureaucratic, centralized state that presides over an increasingly fragmented, disempowered and isolated citizenry. Where is church? Who really is the church? Has church become “individualized?”

Without a healthy social and loving fabric interwoven into our cultures, politics in both secular and church government will become even more polarized. One party has evolved to represent the state and the other has evolved to represent the market and much of the church has picked both sides for a one night stand every few years. One party tries to shift institutions of power and money to government; and the other tries to shift those exact same things into various market entities. Sadly, both, including the church, neglected and ignored the greater institution:  The institution of virtue and family life. In socially deficient nations, most people begin to form their personal identities and belief systems around their political faction.

Politics (secular and religious) has become a contest pitting one ideological identity group against another. It has no longer become possible to form healthy dialog and arrive at a consensus that serves the people’s best interest because of the unconscious polarization pulling us away from God and into the snare of the antichrist system. This scenario has played itself out over and over for thousands of years but is now culminating in global strength. The result of this partisan ugliness in modern times is that public trust in government (both secular and spiritual) has rightly suffered. In a densely interconnected society, people can see the gradual chain of institutions that connect family to neighborhood, neighborhood to town, town to regional associations, regional associations to national associations, and national associations to federal government.

In a socially depleted society, the chain has been broken and the sense of connection gets broken with it. The state will continue to strengthen and manifest as almost alien and intrusive. People will continue to lose faith in the government’s ability to do the right thing and will have corrosive attitudes about their national leaders. For the church to deny the importance of national leaders, society, law, order, family structure, etc. is deception. Living under tyranny does not promote the harvest of souls nor does it provide quality of life. It’s time for church to set the example of genuine love and relationships as a template for the world to witness. These are the keys that have been placed in the church’s hands. It time we unlock the power of deep love by the Spirit of God towards each other and toward mankind. It’s time that we move in prophetic wisdom and drop the lip service and foolish mysticisms which have little to no impact on humanity.

Instead of humanity being bound by genuine loving, caring bonds, and occasionally being called for corporate or communal sacrifice for the betterment of all, a cynical persona and culture has manifested to “grab what you can get before the other guy gets it!” The result is never-ending public debt and a public unwilling to accept the sacrifice of either tax increases or spending cuts required for fiscal responsibility. Thus, neither side trusts the other to hold up to their end of the agreement. Without deep social trust and spiritual education which addresses the soul of a man, humanity will continue into a political state which reflects nothing more than brutal shoving matches that will eventually lead into ideological brawls of which will reflect and validate the culture of the end days.

With this said, I do believe that a spiritual revolution is currently taking place. The health of our societies is determined by the health of its relationships and not by the maximizing of individual choice. This is where the western church has failed in its mandate. We have gazed so far down the road that we have failed to recognize the needs right under our own nose:  family, family extended, co-workers, and neighborhoods. Politics and the church love the word “freedom” to roll of its institutional tongue. In fact, freedom should never be the ultimate end. The ultimate focus and end result in both secular and religious government should be the “character” that is fostered and encouraged from the individual level to its communal levels.

Spiritual, political, and social institutions influence the unconscious choices which under-gird human behavior. Governments can either create environments that nurture virtuous choices or they can create environments that undermine them.

Our current methods of solving humanities issues maximizes the individual. However, we can begin to truly address our global issues by putting the health of social networks and communal relations at the center of our efforts. Simply put, it’s time we move from economy-centric investments to relational-centric investments. In other words, we can pump money into poor areas, but without cultures that foster self-control, we will continue to experience social regression and cyclical behaviors. We can lower and raise tax rates, but without trust and confidence, businesses won’t form and people will not invest in each other. The bottom line is that we can have election after election, but without responsible and virtuous citizens, democracy will not flourish nor be fully realized and experienced.

Benjamin Disraeli wrote, “The spiritual nature of man is stronger than codes or constitutions. No government can endure which does not recognize that for its foundation, and no legislation last which does not flow from this foundation.”

Everything ultimately comes down to character which means that everything comes down to the quality of relationships, because relationships are the seedbed of character. The reason that both politics, spirituality, and the very core of life is so hard is because relationships are the most important. Likewise, they are also the most difficult to understand.

The word “Socialism” has been tossed around much in the United States over the last four years. It’s really strange that the 19th and 20th century political thinkers called themselves “socialists.” In fact, this word was stolen and warped by the spirit of antichrist to deceive humanity. Those who call themselves socialist are not really socialist, they are “statists” and value the state over culture and society. They are the farthest thing from a political body which would promote the social well-being, liberty, and value of a culture. “True socialism,” which the Lord is redeeming, would put social life and relationships first as the essence of life and the solution to many of our societal issues. It is character and culture that really shape behavior. Government can, in limited ways, shape culture and character. However, this must be limited to creating “possibilities.”  State power is like a fire — warming when contained and fatal when it grows too large. It is not the role of government to run people’s lives nor to dictate their experience of life. This only weakens the responsibility and virtue of its citizens. Government could, to a limited degree, provide and nurture environments that serve and foster relationships and promote the spirit of its citizens. Ironically, it has done just opposite over the last 60 years.

Much value is gained when the state simply performs the tasks that it was framed to do such as providing the blueprint for law, order, and security for the common good; defending against foreign or external attack; regulating (a bad word with right wingers, but needed anyway) economic activity and prosecuting those who cheat the market system built on fairness; protecting property rights; dictating a fair punishment for crime and providing a basic level of civic order.

Some of this can be done by reducing or eliminating the myriad of programs which weaken culture and character. The core social value woven within the soul of a man is that effort leads to reward. But very often, government rewards people who have not provided effort at the civic level. Thus, many aspects of current welfare programs discourage work. Lobbyists secure earmarks, tax breaks, and subsidies so their companies can secure revenue without having to earn it in the marketplace at the economic level. These various programs of political “good will” have actually weakened public trust and confidence and only enhance the appearance that the current political state is rigged and corrupt.

Aristotle wrote that legislators habituate citizens. Whether they mean to or not, legislators encourage certain ways of living and discourage other ways. State-craft is inevitably soul-craft.

The fracturing and dislocations of unconscious bonds and relationships is at the root of most of humanity’s issues today. These are the “invisible norms” which I mentioned at the beginning of this message. Government can only effectively play a very limited role as I stated earlier. The core changes and initiative must be birthed within all of us and must start as the church in motion. Only the church has the power of the Holy Spirit and the prophetic insight to launch such a change in culture and attitude to take back spiritual territories and cultural landscapes which have been forfeited. Many “spiritual” people are content to hide in prayer closets and simplistically believe that God will just “handle it.”  They are unaware of the stench of natural laziness that exudes from their pores. Far too many believers are hiding behind the masks of religiosity as an excuse to do nothing and are of no earthly or practical good. Our spiritual maturity will define our legacy and this is walked out in everyday life. We are only to be separate from the world in regard to the sin nature;  We are a vital part of the rest of life and have a part to play in God’s redemptive work.

I will end by addressing terrorism and HIV which rank among the world’s foremost tragedies. The spiritual entities behind both of these “killers” are difficult to defeat as their roots are ancient. However, the weapon to defeat these demonic entities is the power of imparting virtue and purpose. Many assume that terrorism is a product of poverty and a lack of economic opportunity in various parts of the world.

Once again, we find think-tank scholars, politicians, and the media trying solve a problem by believing that the solution resides in material or mechanistic roots. Research in regard to database backgrounds of terrorists reveals that 75% of the anti-western terrorists come from middle-class homes and 63% have attended college. The problem is not materialistic, but relational and social. When we look into the eyes and soul of a terrorist through the prophetic vision of the Holy Spirit, we see that they are detached from any specific country and culture.

They are caught in a type of no-man’s land between the ancient and the modern. They invent make-believe ancient purity requirements to give their lives meaning or purpose. They take up violence in the name of jihad because it attaches them to something. Ironically, they are not usually politically active before they join a terrorist organization, but are searching for some larger creed to give their existence shape and form. These choices (many of them just children) can only be prevented if there are other causes to provide them a different route to fulfillment, affirmation, and happiness.

The end of times are upon us and millions of souls are in the balance. The days of defeating an insurgency or enemy on the battlefield by simply killing as many folks as possible are over. I believe that both Afghanistan and Iraq have proven this. True victory can only come through winning the trust of the population and every population will know us by the fruit we bare. We have much ground to make up as the church for we have sowed much terror and bloodshed within its history. Today is the day of Lord and the day the Spirit is speaking to the churches. Today is the day of new beginnings and new expressions in Christ to a lost and dying world.

The world and especially the west has thrown great technical knowledge at the problem of AIDS/HIV. We have produced drugs by the boatload, but the effectiveness of these drugs has little to no effect if the people continue to engage in unhealthy behaviors. Once again, mechanical, technical, and monetary insights do not change behavior nor resolve core human issues. Even education and raising awareness is insufficient. The truth is that all people in the most severely afflicted countries already know about the dangers of HIV, but they engage in risky behaviors anyway. Providing condoms has not solved this issue as many do not use them as current infection rates reflect.

I recently read of a village in Namibia where all the middle-aged people were dead from AIDS. The children had nursed their parents into their graves. And yet, against all of the most primal incentives of survival, the children were soon replicating the exact same behaviors that had led to their parents death.

These behaviors defy logic and self interest at a very foundational level.  But does it? Programs that focus upon logic and self-interest will never work. It is only the program of relationships in changing the culture within (the soul of a man). It is forming deep bonds of accountability through relationships that create virtuous people, who would not put themselves in the path of such destructive temptation.

“Behold, I am coming quickly, and my reward is with me, to render to every man according to what he has done.” Revelation 22:12


“In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be a propitiation for our sins … and not for ours only but also for the whole world.” (1 John 4:10; 2:2)

A prophetic declaration of the love of God to the whole world is being unleashed with a fury of fire to melt the hearts of men if they will only turn and gaze upon what burns within. We may at times forget how and even fail to love, but God “so loved the world (all cultures, creeds, and colors) that He gave His only begotten Son.” As bad as the world may seem at times, God has not forgotten nor given up on the world as many in the prophetic camp so flippantly proclaim. With a love so radical, so forgiving, so sacrificing, so fierce; how could He possibly give up on humanity at this time in history? His heart radically burns for the saved and unsaved alike. His heart is ravished for the Hindu; the Muslim; the Deist; the Buddhist; and the New Age-er. His passion is that all people would be saved in coming to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. (1 Timothy 2:4) God sends His love to us, “in that while WE were yet SINNERS, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)

There are many people in the world today that are deceived by false religions and worship false gods. When people in India and much of the Orient look into the face of their gods, they see mean and evil countenances with sharp teeth and claws. There is a sense of hatred in the faces of these hideous idols created by the imaginations and hands of man. Is this really a “god” that you could LOVE and feel LOVED by? The gods of the Egyptians, Assyrians, and other ancient cultures were even more diabolical looking and had an appetite for human flesh – even child sacrifice. How could these gods have possibly created the LOVE that burns in your heart; the love of a parent toward their child; or the love between two people? Anything, whether it is you and I or a god, can only create what is within it.

We find upon review, that all pagan religions and writings are void of a God that LOVES them. It is completely alien for the Muslim to know that God created them for a loving and intimate relationship and that He loves them unconditionally. The only benefit that Allah (a moon god in Middle Eastern religion until the time of Muhammad) could offer a pious Muslim woman would be that of a “heavenly prostitute” according to the Quran. We must ask ourselves, who is this god and what is his NATURE toward all mankind? The Greeks and Romans were serving a myriad of gods that were waiting to strike them with a lightening bolt at the first instance of weakness or failure. For the intellectual or strong Greek, these gods took great joy in trying to trick mankind so as to prove their supremacy. It was as if the gods were playing a sort of cosmic game with mankind for their amusement. How could it be that a “god” could truly LOVE them? We need to realize how revolutionary this revelation was to mankind at this time in history when Jesus came proclaiming His love for us.


Preston Eby tells a famous Confucian story that some missionaries discovered when they got to China. It is a story of a young man of a wealthy father, who one day stole a large portion of his father’s wealth and ran away from home. He took the money and wasted it in riotous living. The years passed and finally it was all gone and he came into destitution. Finally, through an intermediary, he appealed to his father to take him back again. With open arms, his father accepted him back into the home and prepared for him a great feast. Does this sound familiar from a biblical story we all know? As they sat feasting together, all eyes were fixed upon the son. There was a big smile beaming on the face of the father which broadened as a look of horror suddenly spread across the countenance of the son. The son grasped at his throat, finally realizing too late that he had been poisoned! And Confucius says, “So it shall be with every son that dishonors his father.” How infinite is the gap between this story and the story that Jesus told of the prodigal son. Jesus came to REVEAL and display the Father’s LOVE to humanity. Jesus stated that He came not to condemn the world, but to save it. (John 3:17).

The heart of the Lord and His word to the church today is simple. Humanity will become like and resemble in their actions the gods that they serve. I believe that it was Alexander Hamilton who said: “people deserve the government that they have, for it is a reflection of who they really are.” Trying to change a country to a form of democracy and tolerance will never work as long as the people remain violent and prejudiced in their core religious and societal beliefs. Violently religious people produce violent governments – whether secular or spiritual. We not only take on the nature of the god we worship, we take on their countenance as well. Jesus came to PERSONALIZE a loving Father and God to humanity – His creation. People seem to have a difficult time moving in the pure beauty of faith and need to see and experience things with their natural senses for it to truly take root. God even overlooked our lack of faith and completely revealed Himself in Jesus Christ that we could look and gaze upon His love for us. Jesus shows us what the NATURE of God is like.

Jesus showed us a love so fierce and so powerful that it would have to finish its course on a cross dying for our well being and salvation. Has another “god” ever proclaimed his love in such tenderness and depth, let alone suffer death on his creation’s behalf? This astounded the world at this time with utter shock. Does it still today? I seriously doubt it. We are casual and numbed to the love of God by the cloud and pollution of religiosity that has created religious duty rather than spontaneous and passionate love.
Suppose that I came home to my wife Carole with a dozen long stemmed roses. Carole says, “Oh Danny, thank you. They are beautiful.” As she is about to hug me, I hold out my hand and say, “Don’t mention it. It’s my duty.” My actions were simple but yet would have a devastating effect upon my wife. The roses only have meaning if they are given spontaneously from my heart. Actually, without the spontaneity of passionate love, the roses actually belittle her. God did not perform a duty in His appointment with the cross. No. The Rose Of Sharon died for us out of a passionate love for relationship. On the other hand, the “dutiful religion” we see and experience so much in the world today is a far cry from the dying to ourselves that Christ set as an example of love for us to follow.

I realize that many reading this have been beaten down and abused by the trials of life. A great many people, even though surrounded by many, are still lonely and feel isolated in the purpose and meaning to life. I know more than a few believers who are in financial difficulty and wonder if anybody really cares. Some have suffered lay-offs and job closings after years of faithful commitment and may even feel that God has abandoned them. Many of us have natural and spiritual children who have hurt and wounded us. But yet our love reaches and extends out in the midst of every facet of need. It even extends to a child who is wayward and has run away. We can try to imagine the love of the greatest and most caring parents, but it pales in comparison to the measure and unimaginable depth of God’s love for you.

Because of His great love toward us, we hold within us the greatest of treasures and inheritance – His Holy Spirit. We are the New Testament Ark of His covenant. What made the Old Testament Ark of value was not the acacia wood overlaid with gold. Nor was it the tablets (God’s law), Aaron’s rod that blossomed (God’s power and authority), or the jars of manna (God’s provision). It was the manifest presence of God.
No other “god” has given humanity the gift and inheritance of His Words, power, authority, and perfect provision. Even the essence of His holiness – God has given to us who believe. “Be holy for I am holy.” (1 Peter 1:16) But the most astounding gift is that He gave us Himself! Like the Ark of old, His presence gives us value, meaning, and purpose. Of all that God could have chosen to call Himself, He simply said, “I am LOVE.” When God fills us with His Spirit, He fills us with Himself – His love. God is telling us in His Word who He is. These words leap off the pages revealing to us His very nature. When we speak of caring we know that God is charitable, but He is not “charity.” When we think of justice, we know that God is just, but He is not “justice.” However, love is different. God IS love. Love is the revelation of the Father’s very nature and being.

 “And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in Him.” (1 John 4:16)

Finally, we have those who do not believe or have faith in any “god.” Actually, these individuals exhibit some of the “greatest faith” among the peoples of the earth. The Bible says that we are all without excuse and that God has revealed Himself to every man through something down deep in the spirit of within us. (Romans 1:20) To BELIEVE that there that is no God takes a tremendous amount faith considering the complexity of LOVE.

I can understand the scientific argument for evolution or the Big Bang theory. It makes perfect sense to me as a technical mind guy when I contemplate it on the surface. But as I dig deeper with spiritual UNDERSTANDING into the complexities of everyday life, I find serious faults and discrepancies in this “faith.” Imagine if I were to take all of the atomic and molecular particles in the entire expanding universe and combine it into one massive entity. In our scientific and natural understanding, we would obviously have the greatest source of power and mass conceivable. With this tremendous entity of power, could we or “it” produce just one drop of LOVE? Even those who believe in evolution must hold that everything has a starting place or origin. The question that the faithful atheist must answer is, “where was the origin of love and emotion?” Where did the freedom to experience and have passion come from? ¡°Where did ability to not believe come from?

The most intellectual and brilliant minds of men can justify and argue against the origins of God’s creation. However, trapped within the confines of their finite mind, they have failed to UNDERSTAND the origin of the greatest gift given to man – the LOVE of God. “God IS love” and the love we express and experience from others can only have its origins within the heart and nature of a Creator who made it all possible. It is His love for the whole world that permeates the hearts of mankind and gives them the ABILITY to love.

The Commissioning

“For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.” (Romans 8:19)

When Moses was living in Egypt under the roof of Pharaoh in luxury and among pagan gods; he recognized and knew that he had a “calling” from the Most High God. However, when Moses attempted to move or act in the position of his “calling”, he failed miserably – even trying to help the Hebrew people who believed in the one true God. Their “thank-you” was: “Who made you ruler and judge over us?” It wasn’t until Moses received a revelation of God’s voice that he moved from being called to that of being commissioned. Once commissioned – Moses was empowered!

Being spirit-filled is much different than being spirit-led. In other words, as the church, many have failed to move beyond Pentecost (spirit-filled) and into the position of Tabernacles (spirit-led). Moses, upon hearing God’s voice moved from the place of calling and was activated into the posture of commission. In other words, we are filled with the Spirit as a promise at our confession of faith in Christ. However, many who are saved can choose not to be led by the Spirit of God in their daily life choices, thus, greatly affecting their lives.

Moses was now on the road to an abundant life and destiny because he chose to move according to the voice of God’s leading by the Spirit. The true anointing of God resides within the will of God and produces spiritual fruit. Presumption is the will of man and produces the fruit of frustration. The Bible states, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, THESE are the sons of God.” (Romans 8:14)

The disciples were CALLED by Jesus to BE “fishers of men” upon their acceptance of him as Messiah. But as the disciples moved beyond Pentecost and into Tabernacles within the revelation of the resurrection – a vision of the risen Lord, they were COMMISSIONED. The disciples were now empowered and anointed AS fishers of men.
Toward the middle of 3rd century, the Holy Spirit’s influence upon the church began to lift in the midst of man’s choices. Leaders beguiled by presumption began to rely on their own abilities rather than the Holy Spirit. It was at this time that the church made one of its gravest errors…It gave up the basic freedoms that had commissioned and empowered her early success, along with quenching its powerful ministry. The saints were essentially forced or deceived to abandon participatory ministry and corporate function for the place and position of spectator and audience. What happened to the church dynamic as reflected in 1Cor. 12, 13, & 14? How did this dynamic church meeting with each joint supplying its part and all involved of imparting a gift and a blessing, turn into a one-man-band show or religious hierachy?

To begin with, the early church was not burdened by investing in dead cement stone buildings which crumble under the grip of time. Their investment was spent and focused upon living stones which is eternal and everlasting. Everyone and every part of the body was needed and valued as a family member. Sadly, the family evolved into the “establishment.” The establishment of clergy and the laity was soon created by the Edict of Milan and the “Paid Professionals” took over. The called of God were discouraged from the commission and learned to sit, be quiet; when to stand; sing when directed; put your money in the plate; and listen to one joint supply his part over and over. (Continually living the life of the called.)

The supplying of an individual part was accepted as long as it was outside of church walls and gathering. Whereas, in the original design as seen in scripture; everyone, in good and godly order, had the opportunity to contribute to the church meeting as the Holy Spirit moved them. From the time of this ungodly edict, and for the next 1700 years, the Holy Spirit was thought to only move behind the pulpit. Sadly, far too much of the church still operates in this form of religious bondage and control.

I am convinced and of the belief that the face of Christianity is going to change in one generation, and that generation is the generation that we have been “commissioned” to impact today if we will simply embrace and believe it. There is coming upon us a wholesale change in the way the church – the body of Christ lives and functions. I believe that the start of 2012 awakened something within multitudes that was uniquely different, hopeful, and powerful. I believe that within our hearts, we know for certain and the prophetic timeline and words have confirmed that we are indeed in the last of the last days. With that said, the Lord could have chosen that you lived at any time in history.

(He knew you before the foundations of the world). However, God saved “you” for the last of the last, and the most awesome days in history! Why? Because He knew that you were uniquely special and worth saving for the ending of generations to welcome His return and steward the greatest harvest that is ripened white before us. The souls of man must not be left to rot in the fields of spiritual poverty and lack of commission. There is a tremendous call upon our lives…Now is the time to hear God’s voice and be led by His Spirit into our commissioned destiny. The transition from calling to commission is the stirring that resonates within us.

Allow the Spirit of Christ to raise you up as a person with an authentic vision and understanding of what He desires to do through you in changing the landscape of an entire generation. Remember, this is your dress rehearsal for all eternity. There are no “take two’s” One of the hardest things to grow older with is regret. It is the Lord’s desire that today be the day that you begin living life with a fresh vision and passion for His vision for you as well as others. Life is too short to be idle; playing détente with the enemy of your soul and let your destiny slip through your fingers year after year. Take a chance. Take a risk. Go for it! Today is a new day and yesterday is well, yesterday and is gone. The dreams and desires inside of you came from somewhere – Moses lived a wilderness and wandering life until he chose to “turn and look at what was burning before him.” Your dreams and destiny is a simple turning toward the burning of the Lord’s voice today.

The forerunners that God is and has raised up possess a totally different vision and focus than previous ministries over the last 100 years. Over the last 100 years the order of ministry within the church has been that which has primarily focused on the deliverance of the people out of Egypt or the world system. This is great and this is our starting point; but we have focused so much on who and what we are not supposed to be that we have forgot who and what we are.
I believe God desires to raise up a people that will prophetically speak to this generation and its people who they truly are and where God desires to take them. This my friends, is the ministry of inheritance. Spiritual inheritance is a free gift.
You cannot tithe to get it. It is not earned by your merit. It is a gift of grace given freely to those who are led by the Spirit of God into their destiny.

Young people all over the world are strangely and ironically labeled generation “X” and “Y.” This is a natural and spiritual term that sadly represents a NAMELESS generation because they have no sense of identity and purpose. They are continually told or lectured what not to do and where not to go that they have no vision of where God is taking them. They have failed to understand their birthright and the importance of being known or recognized as a son or a daughter of God (Those who a led by the Spirit of God) Because of this, we have birthed several generations that have lacked spiritual destiny and purpose.

In the book of Hebrews, God states in the only passage that I can find in the Bible that mentions his hatred for a particular individual. The Bible states that God “loved Jacob”, but “hated Esau.” What was wrong with Esau that would warrant such a strong response from the Lord? It seems that he was faithful to all the externals and functions of being a faithful family (church) member. The issue at hand was the position and heart that both brothers had concerning their “birthright” of inheritance. I would like to illustrate both brothers in analogy as being saved or a part of the family of God. On outward appearance, it would seem that Esau was the more obedient and dedicated of the two. However, what was on the inside of these two brothers revealed much.

Although Esau was faithful and dedicated…He was focused toward what was natural and of the flesh. Jacob, although burdened with many faults at this season in his life, desired and understood the spiritual principles of birthright. Thus, Jacob would take the position of “son” with all of its benefits. Therefore, God states, that “He loved Jacob.” It is the same for us today. You may have many faults and struggles. However, if you will seek and desire your place and position as a son or daughter of God, you will find your life transforming day by day and more and more into the image of Christ.

God is raising up an order of body ministry that’s vision and focus is not only on salvation but on imparting identity, acceptance, birthright, and inheritance. And with this understanding will come an explosion of prophetic ministry that will shake the kingdoms of this world and I believe God is going to exercise it exponentially this year.

“For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, ‘Abba Father.’ The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs — heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ. (Romans 8:15-17)

Winds From The East

I realize that there are multiple expressions under the prophetic umbrella such as speaking; writing; painting; musical; and dance just to name a few of many. However, I believe that a greater awareness of prophetic expression in regard to perception and enhanced vision are being imparted from believers within the Body of Christ in the Far East. A powerful impartation is blowing across the world in a very unlikely way and from a very unlikely geographical region. Truly, a spiritual and prophetic tsunami is about to break upon the western church.

Styles of cognition and perception differ depending on our geographic or cultural regions. There are stark differences between how Eastern and Western people perceive the canvas of life which leads to thought and how we define our surroundings. A spiritual blessing is currently being imparted to peoples of Western or European culture by Easterners or East Asian (including China, Korea, and Japan). Please note that this message has nothing to do with Eastern mysticism, thought, and religious ideologies but a genuine prophetic impartation in how we see and formulate our perceptions. This impartation is to provide us with a greater awareness of our natural surroundings to produce greater spiritual accuracy and understanding. There will be a reciprocal blessing or impartation from the West to the East which will be defined in another message.

Being Greek myself, I know first hand that individual identity is a strong by-product of Ancient or classical Greek cultural development. On the other hand the Ancient Chinese developed or nurtured a culture of collectiveness and harmony.

I believe it best to look deeply at our cultural roots which comprise who we truly are. I understand that we are born again and become a new person through Christ and that the in-filling of the Holy Spirit is a type of cultural impartation at our salvation. However, this does not change our core personality or unconscious traits which define our individuality. For reference sake, let’s compare the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Chinese as signposts of Western and Eastern perceptions respectively. I can ensure you that it will be to your prophetic benefit to know and understand these differences as the days before us unfold.

Several years ago a series of famous experiments were conducted in which pictures of a fish tank were shown to Americans and East Asians and asked them to describe what they saw. In case after case the Americans described the biggest and most prominent fish in the tank. The East Asians made 60% more references to the contrast and background elements of the scene like the water, rocks, bubbles, and plants in the tank. The research conclusions were that westerners tend to focus narrowly on individuals taking actions while Asians are more likely to focus on context and relationships.

At least since the time of classical Greece, western thought has emphasized individual action, permanent character traits, formal logic and clearly delineated categories. For an even longer span of history, Asian thought has emphasized context, relationships, harmony, interdependence, paradox, and uncontrolled influences.

To the East Asian, the world is a complex place composed of continuous substances understandable in terms of the whole rather than in terms of the individual parts and subject more to collective than personal control. The church will require this mind-set going forward. The church has had minimal impact throughout its history from the first century due to its individualistic culture and nature. Believe me in that we will soon need each other collectively (both naturally and spiritually) more than ever as history moves forward and the nations align according to prophecy. For instance, I have read studies which clearly define that English speaking parents emphasize nouns and categories when talking with their children. East Asian parents emphasize verbs and relationships. When asked to describe video clips of a complex airport scene, Japanese students pick out many more background details than American students. When shown a picture of a chicken, a cow, and some grass and asked to categorize the objects, American students usually lump together the chicken and the cow because they are both animals. Chinese students are more likely to lump the cow and grass because cows eat grass and so have a form of relationship with it. When children are asked to describe their day, American 6 year olds make 3 times more references to themselves than Chinese 6 year olds.

Research has shown that Western and East Asian peoples use different scanning patterns when looking at an object or scene. For instance, when looking at something like the Mona Lisa, Americans tend to spend more time looking at her face. Whereas, the Chinese eyes perform more saccades (jerky eye movements between the focal object and the background objects). This provides a more holistic or a deepening sense of the scene. On the other hand, separate research has found that East Asians have a difficult time distinguishing fearful from surprised expressions and disgusted from angry expressions because East Asians spend less time studying the expressions of the face and especially those around the mouth. Note: This will be a part of the Western blessing to the East Asian Body of Christ as they continue to seek the Lord’s face.

Producing fruit and the Fruit of the Spirit is paralleled with agriculture many times in scripture as relational and by no accident. The agricultural basis of Eastern societies required social responsibility and interdependency upon one another. In contrast, the location of Greece and its culture was a crossroads between Europe and the Middle East which encouraged the trading of goods and produced a strong focus on individuality and independence. These differences have evolved and manifested throughout the generations as unique world views or how one perceives their environment and economy – both natural and spiritual. Many Asians view themselves as part of a larger whole or bigger picture and strive to maintain harmony while Europeans are more apt to see themselves as individuals. Perception of our environment as a whole and how we interact with it is essential for prophetic growth and continued maturity. The hour and day in which we are living will demand that the church – the Body of Christ become holistic in relationships rather than individualistic set on individual agendas and dogmas. We need to look and perceive the contrast, texture, and background of individual lives to prophecy with accuracy and to build a sense of genuine care and love.

The compass, papermaking, and printing so useful to lives today were invented in the Far East. A part of this blessing will be far greater prophetic precision as our spiritual compasses are better utilized. Prophetic direction and directives will be clearly defined by the Holy Spirit because of increased spiritual perception. Prophetic expression reflected in writing by many of you within this community will witness an increased impact and impartation upon others. Many have stated throughout history that the pen is mightier than the sword. This is true in natural history, but the pen when combined with the sword of the spirit is what defines us as more than conquers within our spiritual history and legacy.