The War of the World Views

Who looks outside dreams and who will look within the kingdom will awaken. For spirit-led living to advance and define our future from the prophetic vantage, it must overcome a major self-inflicted disadvantage for both science and religion have discredited the genuine aspects of the supernatural. Facts have replaced real faith and mystery has been replaced by carnal knowledge within many societies. The facts and cultural shifts are stark as our youth are taught early on without rebuttal that we evolved from primates resembling apes and that everything came into existence by a big bang which is kind of like believing in the bang of gun without a gun. The truth is that carnal intelligence has dismissed the concept of a supernatural and personal God. Man, under the influence of demonic witchcraft has usurped the position of god for himself which has produced the history we have sadly created. The majority of mankind’s history (events unfolded) is the antithesis of genuine prophecy (possibilities unfolded).

I will begin by stating that religion is not the answer for humanity’s success nor salvation and is light years away from what true spirituality within the kingdom represents. In many aspects, the term “god” does not define or reflect genuine spirituality. Organized religion has many times discredited itself, but spirituality and the spirit-led life as never suffered defeat. Thousands of years ago, Christ proposed a profound view of life which was radically different than anything beforehand and that eternal life transcends our present reality of pain and struggle. The weird gods and caricatures created by what was seen in nature and put together by vain imaginations to answer the meanings of life were abolished and revolutionized by a personal relationship with the Spirit of God which provides truth and purpose in living the abundant life.

Although the eye beholds rocks, mountains, trees, and sky – this is only a veil drawn over a vast mysterious and unseen reality. Beyond the reach of our five senses resides an invisible realm of infinite possibilities and the key to unfolding its potential is relationship with the Holy Spirit through Christ. It is this promise of spirit empowered living that religion failed to deliver on. This message is a war declaration and points to the future as the kingdom of God is within as Christ declared and is advancing as prophesied. “Christ in YOU the hope of glory” resonates and points to where the true solutions of mankind’s issues reside. It is deep within you and only needs to be discovered and released in this hour to bring hope, healing, and life to a lost and dying world.

I am employed within the scientific and aerospace community and I am certainly a minority in my core and primary beliefs. I have decided in this hour to take up spiritual arms as I have been drafted to wage war against religion and the corrupted science of carnality which denies the power of the unseen, invisible, and that which requires the substance and power of “faith.”

Science loves to promote it’s successes of which many I agree with and are numerous. But the scientific and educational communities also deny or hide its even more numerous errors which are continually growing. The atomic bomb ushered us into an age of mass destruction and potential Armageddon. The environment has been disastrously intoxicated by emissions spewing from the machines that technology provides us to make life better. Yet supporters of science deny these threats as either side effects of the “better good” or failures of social policy.

Morality we are told isn’t the responsibility or by-product of science. But if you look deeper with prophetic insight, science reflects the same problem as religion. Religion lost sight of humility before God and science lost the same sense of awe as seeing nature (created by God) as a force to be opposed and conquered. It’s secrets have been stripped bare for the benefit of human-kind under the guise of human progress. Now we are paying the price. When asked if human beings are in danger of extinction, some respected scientists actually state and hope that within a few hundred years space travel will be advanced enough to let us abandon the planetary nest we are corrupting. Kind of like – off we go to destroy other moons or worlds! Sadly, people are buying into these lies from the pit of hell to callus the hearts of man of entering into the kingdom of the supernatural where genuine answers and solutions reside.

Those who possess understanding realize what’s at stake. The foreseeable future presents itself grimly over us as predicted in prophecy long ago. The standard carnal solution for our present woes is all too familiar. Science will rescue us with new technology for restoring the environment; replacing fossil fuels; curing AIDS and cancer; and ending the threat of poverty and famine. Name your malady and someone will tell and sell you of a scientific solution that is just on horizon. But let’s stop and really think about what I just stated. Aren’t today’s claims by science simply stating the rescuing of itself from the product that it created? And why is that a promise that we should trust?

The world views of science and religion which have waged war with the kingdom of God view life as essentially materialistic and has set humanity on a path which view is pleasing to flesh but will ultimately lead to a dead end. Even if we eliminated for example, the disastrous effects of pollution and waste, future generations would still be left without a template and hope of the good life except the one that has previously failed us…Endless consumption, exploitation of natural resources, and the diabolical creativity of warfare. “Civilized” countries have just about ate the whole banquet and are serving up dessert and coffee to the rest of humanity and telling them to pay for the entire meal.

Religion cannot resolve humanity’s self inflicted dilemmas and will reap what it has sown. Various religions concocted by man from around the world has had it’s chances for thousands of years and has failed. However, true spirituality and obedience to the Holy Spirit can provide solutions to not just individual lives, but also to lives at the corporate and societal level. It is not good enough that humanity believe in a “higher power.” We need to desperately search and go back to the source of what is deep within our souls and that which is calling us for relationship and a different view of reality as well as our core needs. The abundant life does not consist of outside facts and a limited physical existence. It is built upon inner wisdom and access to unbounded insight if we’ll simply search for it.

Think of someone you love. Now think of love itself. The person you love puts a face on love. Yet we know that love existed before this person was born and will survive after they pass away. In this simple example lies the difference between what is seen and what is not seen in regard to God and the spiritual reality of the kingdom. Mankind always gauges success on what it can measure or compare and misses half of the equation in figuring out life. The success of science draws its conclusions on facts that are only visible or calculated and the success of religion draws its conclusions upon the measurement of its converts. Both are at war and enmity with the Kingdom of God and that which is only spiritually discerned.

Humanity attempts to put a face on god as it has through the centuries. But I hope that we will understand that God is everywhere and the divine qualities of love, mercy, compassion, and justice extend infinitely throughout the His creation for even the rocks will cry out in praise to his goodness. Modern prophecy has severely lacked in its directive to impart knowledge and understanding as people at the individual and corporate level have been destroyed by the works of darkness because of their lack of spiritual knowledge. We expect our children without rebuttal to attain excellence in natural knowledge, but lack the same focus and expectations for our children in regard to spiritual knowledge.

If I were to ask you what you are conscious of at this minute; you would probably survey the room you are in and describe the sights, sounds, and smells around you because your physical senses have been exercised. Upon greater inner reflection, you may become aware of your mood, the sensations in your body, perhaps a hidden worry or desire that resides deeper than superficial thoughts. However, the Lord desires that we go much deeper into a kingdom reality that is not about objects “out there” or feelings and thoughts “in here.” The saints are being called to a greater spiritual vision and understanding to not only recognize the object reality of the material world and the conscious inner feelings of our soul in our present understanding of time – But the criticality of our spiritual journey which must begin to move much deeper, taking us to a kingdom reality that encompasses the wholeness in Christ that lies beyond space-time and into the realm of infinite possibilities. The first step of this journey must begin by faith and the willpower to continue believing. Nothing of value comes easy or without exercise. We must begin to exercise our spiritual senses and muscles with desperation and intensity as the battles ahead will not be waged by flesh, steel, and upon the dust of the earth. The great battles ahead will be waged in the realm of the unseen and fought with unseen weapons. Binoculars, paper maps, carnal “intelligence” will be of no effect. The Antichrist spirit behind secular science and religion has always been to shift our focus to the seen and measurable away from the unseen and immeasurable.

“That” is the state of spiritual and prophetic awareness and “This” is the state of the physical or visible universe. Both are complete in themselves within God’s creative order. Science and world religions have invested and formulated their ideals and ideologies for thousands of years by analyzing only “This.” However, the invisible wholeness that comes with spiritual maturity in Christ, underlines all of creation and it is this invisible wholeness that matters most in our short lives within this physical / visible reality.

The future that prophecy and kingdom centered spirituality promises is one of love, wisdom and fulfillment which has not diminished even if faith has declined. Reality is reality in God’s universal order – there is only one and it is permanent. This means that at some point, the inner and outer worlds must collide. A revolutionary discovery is upon us since the dispute between science and religion has persuaded almost everyone on the planet that you either face reality and deal with the tough questions of everyday life (science) Or, you passively retreat and contemplate a realm beyond everyday life (religion). This “either or” choice was forced upon mankind when “religion” failed to deliver on its promises. But prophecy through the leading of the Holy Spirit and genuine spirituality hasn’t failed and is ready to meet science and religion face to face offering answers consistent with the heart of man and the truth which resides deep within their spirit.

The battle for the souls of man has been raging for millennia. The church has been drawing upon outdated battle plans, pointless prophecies, and utilizing inferior or outdated weaponry. Our spiritual knowledge has been lacking and thus, we are fighting upon terrains and landscapes which are unfamiliar nor briefed about. The communication lines between our spiritual intelligence officers and leaders has been severed by pride and the Basalisk spirit. Leadership is lacking because religion decided to follow suit with the world and become “specialized” rather than bodily connected with each joint supplying its part.

It’s ironic that human consciousness created science and now science is discrediting its very creator. We live in a time of rude atheism whose proponents deride spirituality as superstition and a tonic for the weak. But the real target is not “religion” – It’s the inner journey and understanding of the kingdom of God through faith in Christ. It is not the attacks on “god” that should be of concern and positioning the ranks…It is the insidious superstition of materialism. The superstition of materialism which has griped and deceived mankind will only begin breaking down as the saints become rightly fit positioned, and connected. The Body of Christ actively offensive and in motion.



The cookies smell delicious! The cookies just came out of the oven and were piled in a bowl oozing with chocolate chips. Next to the bowl cookies on a table was also a bowl of radishes. A group of hungry students walked in, sat in front of the two bowls and submitted unknowingly to a test of their willpower or self-control that would shed light on my understanding of how self-discipline and our personal choices work. “Self-control”, one of the out-workings within the Fruit of the Spirit will be a much required resource and action as the hours of these last days tick by. Without willpower and self-control, many will fall away and even the elect will be thoroughly tested by demonic entities who are already coming disguised as angels of light.

There seems to very little conversions, teachings, and insight in regard to willpower and the value it produces in becoming virtuous and godly in our everyday life. Psychologists in the past considered willpower to be a form or type of “self-regulation” and really wasn’t a scientific field or study that generated much curiosity or insight. However, I believe that God has much interest in the power of willpower and the ongoing prophetic benefits of self-control.

Back in the 1960’s a group at Stanford University conducted an experiment with a group of 4 years olds. The kids were brought into a room and provided with a selection of beautifully colored marshmallows. They were offered a deal. They could eat one marshmallow right away. Or, if they waited 15 minutes, they could have several marshmallows. Upon the researcher leaving the room; most of the kids gave into temptation and ate the marshmallow as soon as the adult left. Only about 30% managed to ignore their urges and multiplied their treats when the researcher came back 15 minutes later. Scientists who were watching everything behind a two-way mirror kept track of which kids had enough self-control to earn a 2nd or 3rd marshmallow.

Years later they tracked down many of the study’s participants. By now they were in the later years of high school. The researchers inquired about their grades, composite test scores, ability to maintain friendships, and their ability or capacity to cope with important problems and stressful situations. They discovered that the 4 year olds who could delay instant gratification for a far better end result ended up with the best grades and SAT scores which were 210 points higher on average than the other participants. They were more highly thought of by their peers and were very much less inclined to submit to peer pressure, do drugs, or exhibit addictive behavior and co-dependancy patterns.

It seems that the children that avoided the immediate temptation of a marshmallow as a preschooler would also mature to get themselves to class on time and finish their homework as they grew older. The ability to build friendships as well as to avoid peer pressure was also clearly evident. These self-regulatory or control skills gave the kids who could resist instant or immediate gratification for a greater reward later a pronounced advantage in navigating life and it’s certain obstacles. My hope is that the prophetic application will become clearer as the message unfolds and how it will relate to the hour in which we live.

The good news is that through the power of the Holy Spirit, “willpower” is a learnable and buildable natural and spiritual “muscle” which can be taught or imparted just as a child can be taught to do math or to say, “thank you.” It is interesting that the Stanford study just fell off map shortly after its findings due to a lack of interest and did not resurface until recently. I believe that the Lord is resurrecting this simple experiment with a prophetic application to address the complexities that are now upon the earth and to instill in his people the awesome and powerful gifts of willpower and self-control. We can possess great insight and revelation but without the gift of self-control, we will certainly fall prey to the temptation of corruption which comes with power…even that which is spiritual.

I stated earlier that willpower is a “skill.” This may seem odd at first because for something to be a “skill”, it must remain constant from day to day. In other words, if you have the skill to make an omelet on Monday, you should also possess the same basic skill to make an omelet on Wednesday. However, when I meditated on this, I ran into many obstacles which reared its head in my own everyday life. In other words, why do I eat a healthy salad instead of fried chicken on Monday and then buy junk food from McDonalds or the vending machine on Wednesday simply because of my physical and emotional “feelings” such as being tired? Why do we steward our bodies well with exercise on some days and then simply have no will power to exercise the next day and just lie on the couch? If willpower is simply a skill like making an omelet, why do we fail so often in regard to continuity and consistency of choices, self-control, and willpower in many areas of our daily life? It’s as if we forget or don’t have the ability to exert willpower “all the time.” Why is it not a constant from day to day as most other skills?

The prophetic declaration is that we run the race, finish strong, and the first requirement for this to become our legacy is that we embrace the leading of the Holy Spirit rather than dead works and religion. Second, we must understand the weakness of the flesh, our natural tendencies, and how we can gain increasing strength in the areas of self-control and willpower. (The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak) Simply put, we rarely do what we “intent” to do. We all have a multitude of good “intentions” but few of these intentions are truly followed through to completion. On the other hand, we will usually always do and complete what we “desire” to do. “Intentions,” whether good or bad resides in our heads whereas, “desire” resides in our hearts and is usually acted upon. The movement of our spiritual or kingdom mandates must move from the position of our heads (carnal understanding) and into position of our hearts (spiritual understanding).

In the 1990’s, 67 undergraduate students were told by researches to skip 2 meals and then come to the research lab for a study of “Taste Test Perceptions” (this of course was not true to conceal the actual experiment). The true goal of the experiment was to force some but not all of the students to substantially exert their willpower and self-discipline. A room was set up with a small oven cooking fresh chocolate chip cookies so the air in the room was full of the fresh baked aroma. A table was set up with a bowl of cookies and bowl of radishes. A bell and a puzzle were also on the table. One half of the very hungry students were told to eat only the cookies and ignore the radishes. The other half were told to eat the radishes and ignore the cookies. Immediately, all the students began munching as they had missed two meals and it soon became clear that the cookie eaters were in heaven and the radish eaters were miserable forcing themselves to ignore the warm cookies and the aroma streaming from the oven.

The researches noted through the two-way mirror that those who were to eat only the radishes stared and admired the cookies. Some picked them up and smelled them and reluctantly put them back. A few even licked the melting chocolate from their fingers as they put the cookies back in the bowl. After 5 minutes a researcher entered the room and the conclusion within just 5 minutes of observation was that the willpower of those eating the bitter vegetable had already been thoroughly taxed having to ignore the nearby treats. On the other hand, the cookie eaters had used hardly any of their self-discipline.

The researcher in the room stated to each participant that they needed to wait about 15 minutes for the “sensory memory of the food they ate to fade.” To pass the time, she asked them to complete a puzzle. It looked fairly simple – trace a geometric pattern without lifting your pencil from the page or going over the same line twice. If you want to quit – ring the bell. She also implied that the puzzle wouldn’t take long. In truth, the puzzle was impossible to solve. This puzzle was not a means to pass time as the participants were told but was actually the most important part of the experiment and study. It took enormous willpower and self-discipline to continue working on the puzzle particularly when each attempt was certain to fail.

The researchers wondered, would the students who had already expended their willpower by ignoring the cookies, give up on the puzzle faster? In other words, was willpower and self-control a finite (limited) rather than an infinite (unlimited) resource? From behind the two-way mirror, the researches continued to watch. The cookie eaters with their unused reservoir of willpower or self-discipline started working on the puzzle. They were relaxed and demonstrated straight-forward approaches and if they hit a road block, they would simply start it again, and again, and again! Some worked for over 30 minutes before the researchers told them to stop. On average the cookies eaters spent 20 minutes each trying to solve the puzzle before they rang the bell.

The radish eaters with their depleted willpower acted completely different. They muttered as they worked. They were generally frustrated and even used expletives to express their distain for such a stupid experiment. Some put their heads on table and closed their eyes. On average, the radish eaters only worked on the puzzle for about 8 minutes which was 60% less time than the cookie eaters before quitting. By making people use a little bit of their willpower by avoiding the cookies, they were put into a natural state where they were willing to quit much faster. More than 200 similar experiments and studies have confirmed the same results and emotional by-products. In my opinion, willpower and self-control is not only a spiritual fruit, gift and skill; it is also similar to a muscle like the muscles in our bodies and it gets more tired as it works harder. It must be trained and exercised to grow stronger.

If this understanding is not clearly and prophetically discerned in our natural and spiritual lives, we will find that we are too expended or exhausted to obey the genuine leading of the Spirit. Lacking unstanding in regard to the growth and exercising of self-control will cause rationalization and excuses to instantly weave into our conscious and unconsious choices which determine the life we create and live.

We can see the result of the lack of willpower in otherwise successful men who indulge in pornography, extramarital affairs, and adultery which usually happens late at night after an expenditure of willpower throughout the day. We recognize alcoholism, drug dependency, overeating, gossip, and many other adverse behavioral patterns arising to the surface soon after a time of natural stresses or extended focus. The reason why is simple. It is because most have not exercised the muscle of self-control nor purposely strengthened personal willpower. Willpower and self-control must be purposefully exercised and strengthened if we are to run the race and finish strong in this end time generation and sin soaked societies.

Self-control is an aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit as stated earlier, but it is also a fruit that will die on the vine if not recognized as having a need for attention to grow in strength as the days unfold. The root of sin and righteousness swing in balance upon the choice to exercise this spiritual muscle. The church (you and I) are recognized in the scriptures as fruit, oaks, wheat, grafted, vines, ect. All plants must have continuous resistance for it to survive and grow. Wind is the primary resistance for a plant which naturally strengthens the stalk for its continued growth. Without wind, a plant would simply fall over upon itself due to a lack of strength, atrophy, and biological “muscle.” This is the true revelation, applicability, and purpose of the Wind of the Spirit. The Wind of the Spirit is not only the giver of gifts such as the Fruit of the Spirit…He is also the director of resistance to strengthen our spiritual character and muscle which produces fruit that remains.

The majority of our choices in daily life are based on habits. In other words, we formulate a response to life’s challenges based upon a queue or trigger from our past experiences and choices. Whether it’s overeating, gossiping about others to feel better about ourselves, alcohol, pharmaceutical dependencies, sexual addictions, or financial choices – We usually make choices (good and bad) based on habits that we have developed over time. The good news is that we can develop and exercise willpower and self-control to easily overcome temptation and destructive habits in becoming more than conquerors.

All of us possess queues or triggers which cause a temptation or craving for a particular action which brings a form of relief. Many times this form of relief is the antithesis to God’s best for our lives. We must recognize these queues in our lives and in the lives of others if we are to move in prophetic excellence and clarity. Life is built around habits at the conscious and unconscious level whether we want to believe it or not. God has designed us this way for very good reasons. Habits or life cycles, whether good or bad are built upon three aspects. 1. The “queue or trigger” as I’ve previously mentioned. 2. The “response” to the queue or trigger. 3. The “reward.”

We can look at gossip as an example of how the triad works. The trigger for gossip to manifest is a sense of rejection which could have arisen as a verbal assault from a spouse. It could have came through various rejections such as being continually passed over for a promotion or simply not being appreciated. The natural or fleshly response for many would be to speak negatively of another and the reward is to feel better about oneself at the expense of another.

I realize this is a somewhat generic example but I’m sure you can recognize how this can apply to various behaviorial patterns, smoking, alcohol, ect. In other words, someting such as employment stress could be the trigger to cause a response for a smoke or a drink, and a sense of escape from the pressure is the reward (both emotionally and physically when neurologically addictive)

The prophetic application for our lives and for the lives of others is that we focus on the second aspect of the triad which is our “response.” Habits are neurological patterns or synapses in the brain which look like a road map in 3D imaging. These road maps never completely disappear once created by our choices. In other words, the queues or triggers which we have created will always be a part of our lives once established. However, we do have authority over these triggers depending upon the responses we choose to replace the old ones with. Simply put, we must recognize the trigger of destructive choices (habits) and create a new response which will in turn create a new habit. Once we choose to replace an ungodly or unhealthy response with a godly or healthy response – the old habit will be superseded by a new road map of synapses in our brain which will reflect a different thought process and map when scanned. The old habit is not completely abolished as I stated earlier; it is simply overridden or layered over like the skin of an onion. We can see this in 3D imaging of the brain. The truth is that the queue or temptation will always be there. That is a fact of life and is necessary if humanity is to have freedom of choice of which love can only survive in. But our previously unhealthy responses to these queues can superseded or replaced by spiritually healthy responses because we have developed new habits through these responses. This is the essence and seedbed of how self-control and willpower are birthed, nurtured, and matured in strength. It only takes 2 to 3 weeks for a healthy habit to replace an unhealthy habit if consistency in the positive habit is exercised.

I will end by stating that the “Body” of Christ has spiritual muscles which must be exercised if we are to integrate and prophesy healthy change in families, neighbors, and communities whom we are connected to. Our prophetic mantle is not to be taken lightly and as common. Genuine New Covenant prophecy is being resurrected to impact lives. It is being revived by the Spirit of the Lord to search deep within the hearts of man and to speak life; life more abundantly; and “how” to have victory in Christ. There is simply too much irrelevancy in the prophetic community and folks are tiring of a myriad of stuff that speaks to everything except individual lives. Truth and power is raining down upon the church in this hour. The will of the Spirit is that we would use wisdom, self-control, and willpower in our daily lives. To steward it well; to run the race steady and precisely; and to finish strong. The death of all past revivals and moves of God was simply due to a lack of consistant willpower and self-control



The 3rd message for the 3rd day church, as the body receives resurrection power from this 3rd day event. It is declared and prophesied that the remnant has risen with vision and armed with the knowledge of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit whom works mightily in you. The Spirit of the Lord says, “Come, for the hour has drawn in which great decisions will be made and awesome changes will be born in the valleys of resistance and desperation.”

“Then she ran and came to Simon Peter, and to the other disciple, whom Jesus loved, and said to them, “They have taken away the Lord out of the tomb and we do not know where they have laid Him.” (John 20:2)

The Bible states that Mary “saw” that the stone had been rolled away and that someone had “taken” the Lord’s body. First, was this an accurate statement which Mary had just spoken to the disciples? Did someone actually take the Lord’s body as Mary clearly stated?

Most reading this know and understand that Jesus had been resurrected in power. What Mary had “seen” was according to her vision in the natural realm and what she discerned from a natural perspective.

Essentially, Mary was formulating a belief system and a conclusion based on her past experiences in life rather than a prophetic promise which could only be comprehended by faith and spiritual discernment. In other words, Mary’s past natural experiences wrongly influenced her spiritual insight. The Greek word in the earliest surviving manuscripts (Codex Sinaiticus & Masoretic Text) for “saw” in the original language is “Blepo”, which means to “casually or naturally see.”

“Peter therefore went out, and the other disciple, and were going to the tomb. So they both ran together, and the other disciple outran Peter and came to the tomb first. And he, stooping down and “looking” in, “saw” the linen cloths lying there; yet he did not go in. (John 20:4)

The word or context for “saw” that is used in this verse for the vision of John is the same word “Blepo” that Mary had previously based her assumption on. We see little progress as of yet in discerning the resurrection and the supernatural events Jesus had foretold concerning Himself. We also notice that John did not go into the tomb (A picture and type of dying to oneself). Because of this perspective, John’s spiritual understanding would be limited to what he “saw” with his natural senses or at a distance.

“Then Simon Peter came, following him, and went into the tomb; and he saw the linen cloths lying there, and the handkerchief that had been around His head, not lying with the linen cloths, but folded together in a place by itself. (John 20:6-7)

We now read and recognize that Peter chose to go into the tomb. The original context in which Peter “saw” is the Greek word “Thereo.” It should be obvious that the old world text “Thereo” reflects the more recent English translation of the word “theory” in our modern vocabulary. Peter is pondering the facts that he is witnessing and we do have some progress, but we do not base our faith and prophetic discernment on “theory” and assumption.

“Then the other disciple, who came to the tomb first, went in also; and he SAW and BELIEVED.” (John 20:8)

John “saw” and believed! The Greek word for “saw” in this verse is “Eido”, which means to “see with understanding” or revelation. It is no accident or mistake that we have three different Greek words for the same modern translation “saw” in this short passage and event. This is the prophetic and spiritual vision that the Lord desires we possess as we continue to experience the kingdom of God on earth moving in power. John saw into the reality, power, and love of the Spirit realm. This anointing would continue to increase and mature in John’s life, culminating in the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

 We must come to terms that revelation is only active when its power is revealed in our lives. We can only give what we have. Anything less is just good information. However, the first step is recognizing and seeing by faith what can be possessed or possible because it has been spiritually proclaimed.

The Lord is calling forth a people with prophetic vision and revelation…A people who understand and see clearly that the same resurrection power that raised Christ from the dead and the same mighty power of the Holy Spirit which created the universe is the same mighty power that resides and works within those who believe and desperately call upon His name. Resistance and desperation are and will drive God’s people into great and awesome acts of love, goodness, charity, and the miraculous which will define the eternal legacy of the true bride as she awaits her bridegroom.

John moved from the realm of the natural and into the supernatural in just a brief moment of time. Maybe just a matter of a few seconds. A very similar prophetic insight and parallel played out a long time ago in history in the natural life of Elisha. Elisha would see; make a decision; and speak a prophetic declaration within a matter of seconds which would change the course of history and save the life of thousands, including his own! Our prophetic template going forward as the days unfold are woven within the scriptures and following revelation.

“And it happened after this that Ben-Hadad king of Syria gathered all his army, and went up and besieged Samaria. And there was a great famine in Samaria; and indeed they besieged it until a donkey’s head was sold for eighty shekels of silver, and one-forth of a kab ( about a half of a cup) of dove droppings for five shekels of silver.” (2 Kings 6:24-25)

This event is one of the most desperate situations that I have ever read or heard about. It is vitally important that we are led by the Spirit and move with spiritual vision into these biblical passages as history will repeat itself very soon.

Ben-Hadad (A type of Antichrist spirit) was waging war on Israel (A type of the Church) and had finally pushed on to the capital of Samaria. What is interesting is that some time prior to this (2 Kings 6:8-22), Ben Hadad attempted to conquer Samaria — only to have his band of raiders blinded by the prophet Elisha. The blind men were led into Samaria and instead of being killed, were given grace in the form of a meal and sent home. This is incredible considering these were enemy combatants. Why did Elisha direct the king to let the Syrian raiders go? I personally do not know at this time and I can only speculate that it was a prophetic signpost of the Lord’s patience, love, and mercy — even for the rebellious. However, there is a clear prophetic word for the body of Christ in this hour as we continue in this historical event.

We need to understand what a spiritual and a natural “siege” is. A siege is when nothing of value gets IN to an environment and nothing gets OUT of that same environment. When the kingdom of heaven is not received “in” to our individual and corporate lives…Nothing of eternal or kingdom value is released “outwardly.” In a spiritual siege, the enemy of our individual souls camps outside the walls of our mind with the intent to starve us to death manifesting as a spiritual holocaust at the corporate level. In this event, nothing and nobody was allowed to get into this city and nothing or nobody was allowed to leave. The Samarians were led astray by inept leadership (both natural and spiritual) into a defensive posture. Demonic entities, always prefer de’tente rather than open warfare as to mask their weakness and to neutralize our strength.

The Bible states that this famine was “great.” The situation concerning this great famine within the city walls was so desperate that to buy a donkeys head for food would have cost you about $10,000.00. And a half a cup of bird droppings would have cost you a mere $800.00. A natural and spiritual siege utilizes economic systems that have enslaved people to influence behavior patterns that would otherwise never occur as we shall read and witness. These patterns will certainly unfold in the not so distant future. This was a desperate situation; however, it gets even more desperate.

“Then, as the king of Israel was passing by on the wall, a woman cried out to him, saying, “Help my lord, O king!” And he said, “If the Lord does not help you, where can I find help for you – From the threshing floor or from the winepress? Then the king said to her, “What is troubling you?” And she answered, “This woman said to me, ‘Give your son that we may eat him today, and we will eat my son tomorrow.’ And I said to her on the next day, “Give your son that we may eat him”; but she has hidden her son.”

The situation and time had become so desperate that there was not even a morsel left on the threshing floor. The granaries were empty and the winepresses were dry. Water (A type of the Holy Spirit) at this time was evaporating from the city and the people were moving into areas or acts of literal insane behavior. People were actually eating their own children for self-preservation.

I realize this is hard to digest or even read, but it is in God’s Word and presented by the Holy Spirit for a reason such a time as this.¡¡We need to understand what the Spirit of the Lord is speaking to the churches and why¡¡the Lord¡¡chose to put this desperate and almost unbelievable event in His Word.

What is amazing is that this woman, even after having an entire day to reflect upon her actions, did not show remorse or repentance. I see a parallel at numerous times in our own societies with this same mindsets. Much of humanity and believers alike, are willing to “devour” others for their own perceived survival as many have cornered or enslaved themselves into the world system of debt and economic reliance.

Humanity’s greatest weapon in killing or devouring the hope and dreams of the church’s mandate are the words that are spoken or proclaimed against another. The root word for “gossip” in its original English translation was derived from “diablo” which means “demonic.” The seemingly minor but very demonic activity of gossip will be one of the church’s greatest temptations as tribulations and travail come upon the earth. The overcoming of this warped emotional issue will have a direct effect upon the power and impact of latter day church; our personal well-being; and the harvest.

“Now it happened, when the king heard the words of the woman, that he tore his clothes; and as he passed by on the wall, the people looked, and there underneath he had sackcloth on his body. Then he said, “God do so to me and more also, if the head of Elisha the son of Shaphat remains on him today!” (2 Kings 6:30-31)

We can see that the situation is becoming worse and more and more desperate by the hour. We read that the prophet Elisha, the one who may have had the words and answers from God to save the city, was now a marked man! The king most likely was recalling back to when he had the Syrian army within his city walls, blind and at his will to be killed. We recall that Elisha commanded that they be given grace and released. This must have angered the king to the point of rage, especially after witnessing what he just heard from the woman who along with another ate her own child. This is an incredibly desperate situation. But it gets even more desperate.

It is interesting that Elisha prophetically “saw” and understood that the king was on his way with an officer to take his head off! Elisha in the midst of desperation had to come up with something quick or his head was coming off!

“Then Elisha said, “Hear the word of the Lord. Thus says the Lord: ‘Tomorrow about this time a seah of fine flour shall be sold for a shekel and two seahs of barley for a shekel, at the gate of Samaria.” (2Kings 7:1)

Note that Elijah (Elisha’s spiritual father and mentor) prophesied both drought and rain. But here we are in the midst of a great famine with no rain, no food, and people eating each other under a siege by a demonic principality. Obviously, Elisha’s prophetic gifting was still intact because he knew the king was coming to take his head off. However, where was the “double portion” of Elijah’s mantle which should have brought rain and relief?

I believe it is clear and is clarion to the church today – It wasn’t until Elisha became personally desperate that he brought forth the “true” or genuine word of the Lord. If you think about it, this was a prophetic word that was both ridiculous and incredible. Not only would provisions miraculously appear, but it would also be in abundance and inexpensive as well. It wasn’t until he was desperate that God took ownership of his words and brought forth what was supernatural and would bring glory to his name. This prophetic declaration was so ridiculous and incredible that only the Lord could bring to it to pass.

I believe that like most of us, Elisha became spiritually complacent until he truly realized how desperate the situation really was around him. Is it today?

It is interesting that we read of Elisha just casually sitting around with the elders of the “church” while people were desperately eating themselves (both in word and deed). Is the prophetic voice today striving for approval by speaking elementary and irrelevant words? Or, are we on the opposite spectrum proclaiming declarations of self righteous judgment? Much of the prophetic voice is weak or ineffective because many fear man  for acceptance rather than being fearless in proclaiming and speaking to both the spiritual and natural needs of mankind. Our abstract spiritual lingo and self-righteous declarations of judgment find no place in the hearts of the lost and unsaved. It time that we cease proclaiming from Blepo (our past experiences), Thereo (our hyper spiritual theories), and declare with “Eido” (proclaiming revelation and resurrection to that which is dead).

Many in the Body of Christ fear others because they are too much in love with themselves. Many times, we fail to see or realize this and we are all guilty to some degree. When the Lord deals with the love of one’s self — He simultaneously addresses the fear of man. Simply put, the fear of man is but a symptom of self(ish) love. Overcoming our love and protection of “self” is an important key to our prophetic understanding and destination.

The story continues with the governmental officer’s rebuttal to Elisha’s prophetic word: “So an officer on whose hand the king leaned answered the man of God and said, “Look, if the Lord would make windows in heaven, could this thing be?” And he said (Elisha), “In fact, you shall see it with your own eyes, but you shall not eat of it.”

This man obviously did not believe the words of the now desperate prophet and his fate would be sealed by his arrogance and disbelief of what the Lord declared. I have stated many times that our chances of experiencing a genuine prophetic word coming to fulfillment in our lives can be as much as 100% or as little as 2 in a million. Only 2 out of at least a million coming out of Egypt (Joshua and Caleb) would witness the prophetic word of a promised land fulfilled in their lives.

Two men, regardless of the situation or what they “saw in the natural” based on past experiences believed God and had faith that He would fulfill His promises through the prophetic voice. God has promised an abundant life to every individual who enters into the Kingdom Life of Jesus Christ. It is our position to prophetically declare it and believe it by faith. The story does not end here, it gets even more desperate as if that were possible.
“Now there were four leprous men at the entrance of the gate; and they said to one another, “Why are we sitting here until we die? If we say, ‘We will enter the city,’ the famine is in the city and we shall die there. And if we sit here, we die also. Now therefore, come, let us surrender to the army of the Syrians. If they keep us alive, we shall live; and if they kill us, we shall only die.” (2 Kings 7:3-4)

The event and history unfolds with four pitifully and desperate leprous men. They cannot go into the city for there is nothing or nobody there to help sustain them. Beside that, they were considered unclean and would have to beg in their desperate condition which was no different from those inside the city.

So, here we have these pitiful men standing with their backs against the city walls and the Syrian army facing them as if they were “sitting ducks.” These men were at a point of such desperation in their lives that they felt they had nothing to lose and everything to gain! We read that these desperate men went right into the heart of the enemy’s camp.

It would be this willingness and mind-set that the Lord would use to bring fulfillment of the words spoken by the prophet! God would use the most desperate and reliant to fulfill His purposes — ­Even that which may seem incredible and even ridiculous to our natural senses. God would use four desperate leprous men who were completely reliant and broken to extend His grace and kindness to a disobedient and rebellious people.
The bible states that these four leprous men arose at “twilight” to go to the Syrian camp. As they came to the outskirts of the camp, they were surprised that no one was there. Amazingly, the Lord had caused the army of the Syrians to hear the noise of chariots and horses of a great army. The sound was so tremendous that the Syrian army thought that it was not only one, but two of the greatest armies of the world in that time – the Hittite and Egyptian. (Ref. 2 Kings 7:5-8)

The Bible continues saying that the Syrians fled in haste and fear; leaving food, clothing, and provisions at “TWILIGHT!” For every step that those desperate men took at twilight, their steps were as the sounds of a GREAT ARMY to the hordes of the enemy. It would be through these desperate and reliant men that the words of a desperate prophet and the purposes of God would be fulfilled. Sure enough, just as the prophet spoke — the officer saw the abundance of food at the city gate, but was trampled to death by the people and would not partake of it because of his lack of faith in the Lord’s provision. (2 Kings 7:17-18)

The situation in Samaria as described in 2 Kings was a terrible time in history such as it is today. Many prophetic lessons are to be gleaned from this story. Israel, like the church was and has been warned prophetically that national and corporate disobedience would reduce the people to these terrible acts (see Leviticus 26:29 and Deuteronomy 28:53, 57). We witnessed tragedy unfolding and continuing to worsen as the prophet sat in a comfortable or spiritually complacent position. We also “see” that it is through desperate and reliant men and women that the Lord delights and fulfills His purposes on the earth as the power of the resurrection is realized and becomes a reality.