A capable, intelligent and virtuous woman — who is he who can find her? She is far more precious than jewels and her value if far above rubies and pearls. Proverbs 31:10

The hour is at hand for women of blessing to arise and shine as the days grow darker. Years of service that may have felt like bondage will be redeemed and unleashed in righteousness and power. Your legacy is quickly unfolding and the events and conversations that lay before you must be seized with humility and the heart of a handmaiden. I will provide a true short story below that will reflect the mantle and anointing that you must come under…For it will not come over you.

“Now Naaman, commander of the army of the king of Syria was a great and honorable man in the eyes of his master, because by him the LORD had given victory to Syria.  He was also a mighty man of valor, but a leper.  And the Syrians had gone out on raids, and had brought back captive a young girl from the land of Israel.  She waited on Naaman’s wife.  Then she said to her mistress, “If only my master were with the prophet who is in Samaria, ‘For he would heal him of his leprosy.’”

If we really take the time to look at his account a little closer, it is truly a dramatic and compelling story.  The story reflects a Syrian decorated general who is held in great esteem but at some time in his life, he had contacted leprosy.  He obviously was able to hide it for a time, but as time went on, it became a life-changing trauma that would eventually lead to his death. He was also and most likely at a time in his life where it was becoming difficult to hide his issue and infirmity. (Note: This is a type and picture of many natural and spiritual institutions of authority)

The time is at hand in which the Lord is bringing deep issues, suppression, and hurts in the hearts of women to the surface. (This must happen or take place before you are able to come under the Handmaiden’s Mantle). It will become hard to continue hiding the issues and hurts of insecurity and rejection. The Spirit is speaking in love and gentleness for the need to simply let it come to the surface regardless of how complex and difficult it may seem. The Lord can only shine the light of his love upon us when we allow what is buried deep and hurtful within us to surface. Like Naaman, it will be very difficult because of the fear of being exposed.  The Lord will not embarrass us – but we must come to him and even to one another exposed if we desire true freedom and inner healing as we move into our destiny.

We also notice that in one of Naaman’s campaigns or raids into Israel, he captured a young Jewish girl whom would become a slave or servant.  In this story we always seem to focus on either Naaman or the prophet Elisha. But I would like to share a little about this young lady and share a few things prophetically which will unfold throughout the remainder of the year 2013 in those who have a servant’s heart.

What really strikes me was her conscious willingness to help Naaman. It’s important to remember that this girl was taken captive by Naaman and given to his wife as a slave.  She was torn from her family and all whom she knew and dragged into a foreign and strange land.  She must have been extremely lonely and felt isolated.  Many of us, (men included) are lonely even through many people may be constantly around us.  I spoke a prophetic word once in a congregation that I attended several years ago concerning women who were lonely. The front of the church was immediately full with broken and tender hearts as well as terribly lonely hearts.  Much of this was easily discerned due to the lack of tender and compassionate love from husbands, relatives, and friends. Our modern era has produced a busyness whose offspring is superficiality. The Lord desires to remove the spiritual paralysis of loneliness today. Not only is the Lord supplying a deep work in the lives and hearts of women, He is also performing a supernatural work in the hearts of husbands, friendships, and past separations to understand the value of genuine care. Like Naaman, the most unpredictable people will begin speaking life and love into our souls and spirit. It’s vital to note that the dynamics of life must come in the natural before the spiritual power unfolds.

“And it shall be in that day, Says the Lord, that you will call Me: ‘My Husband’ And no longer call Me ‘my Master.’ I will betroth you to Me forever; Yes, I will betroth you to Me in righteousness and justice, in loving-kindness and mercy; I will betroth you to Me in faithfulness, And you shall know Me.”

You may be living in a situation like the servant girl who was without hope for a husband or meaningful relationships.  You may be single and wondering if a godly and loving-kind man even exists.  On the other hand, you may be married and have everything you could ever ask for in a family, but have a deep spiritual loneliness. One of the deepest hurts is to have a vision from God that nobody else shares in or supports.  But take note that your prayers have been heard and lives will be changed because your Bridegroom has become the apple of your eye and your greatest treasure. Yes, you will be rich with contentment, purpose, destiny, and know that he will work all things out together for your good.  He desires that not only you be rich in relationship with Him, but that it is the seedbed of relationship with others.

As time would go on, this young lady was lonely and certainly hurt. However, her commitment to the Lord birthed a supernatural compassion in her – even for her captor and unjust authority. Her job as a servant did not afford her the freedoms and comforts of many others she saw in her life. She had the mundane job of a house servant and on the surface would seem that she had little to nothing to offer anybody except a “yes mam” or “yes sir.” She may felt that her only words that were heard were, “I’ll get right to it”, “It’s almost done” or “I’ll be right there.”  Sound familiar?

Most homemakers or stay at home moms realize the value they are to their families and especially if you have children.  However, I know many who also feel spiritually mundane and a feeling that they have little to offer the kingdom within the burden of their busy day.  The Lord is going to pour out a tremendous anointing upon homemakers and moms in this hour and under this anointing to not only impact their families, but also to build his kingdom.  Divine strategies and purpose will come into clarity.  Your unique gifts and talents will become manifest and he will give you the courage and strength to activate your dreams and destiny.  Many of you have a mundane job in the marketplace just like this servant girl.  But because of her commitment and love for the Lord – she would bring something to pass so inspiring that the Lord would choose to put her acts and words in “His Word.”

Naaman would never have been healed and the testimony of God’s mercy and compassion spoken through the prophet Elisha would have never happened if not for this no-name – unheard of – and very unlikely servant girl.  I am sure that she had no idea of how the Lord would use her in such a circumstance.  Please understand that you are not reading this by mistake or happenstance.  The Lord’s hand is upon your life and regardless of your circumstances, He is going to anoint, empower, and bless you for the glory of his name and kingdom.  You may not understand everything this side of heaven, but one thing is sure in that He loves you with an everlasting love and has a destiny and a purpose for your life that has eternal benefits in changing peoples lives – even bringing healing to the Naaman’s in your life.  How do I know this?  Because this servant girl with no name ever mentioned and with no reputation is being talked about today – thousands of years later!  Would she have ever thought it?  Truly, God is talking to and about “you” today.



Please note that this message is a bit complex and I only ask that you re-read and prayerfully consider before rendering an opinion or judgment. I state this with humility in that all messages (especially prophetic) should in fact be reviewed to bare witness by the saints. Also note that the terms ”reductionist” or ”reductionism” stated in this message are entrenched beliefs which reflect much of the world’s opinion and conclusion in regard to humanity’s origin, meaning, and purpose. Reductionism takes a physical entity whether a rock, plant, or a human and traces its developmental steps backward to the molecular and atomic level to explain its ”meaning.” In my opinion, the same holds true for much of modern prophetic ministry which has embraced the same concepts. This has produced superficial and tainted messages (including my own) which lack genuine meaning, purpose, and straight answers to life’s many questions. The intent of this message is to proclaim a revival of genuine prophetic application in bringing forth an awakening of our spiritual senses and destiny as this end-time generation spiritually matures.

I believe that we can acknowledge and prophesy with confidence that any physical structure or biological entity that we see with our natural eyes, does not tell the ”whole story.” If we really think about it, much of humanity’s issues in regard to itself has been the manifestation of self-righteous pride and religious dogmatism which are dynamics that are not physically seen when first birthed but are hatched in the unseen confines within the soul of a man. History speaks for itself and clearly points to ”self” and ”religion” as the greatest persecutors of freedom and the abundant life. This statement applies whether it is ancestral or present-day. Most dogmatic expressions such as man’s cruelty toward itself has been fueled by the lust for what is ”seen” in the natural or physical realm rather than the far greater rewards that resides in the spiritual realm which can only be seen with spiritual vision and understanding. Prophecy has a vital part to play at this point as it reveals the intentions of one’s heart. However, we are oftentimes if not mostly late in reaching the battle of souls and simply prophesy to other prophetic believing people.

At the most elementary levels, reductionism can only follow the physical structure of the human body, down to the molecular and atomic level. But nowhere along that journey can physical evidence or what is seen tell us why we are creative; full of wishes and dreams unique from one another and capable of memory and a host of many other things that are central to your and my individual story.

Mankind, under the guise of education is spending billions of dollars and countless hours seeking a general theory of ”everything” for physics to fully explain the physical realm of the cosmos within God’s universal order. You would think that mankind would likewise invest the same resources and time just as diligently for a general theory of ”everything” when it comes to being ”human” since it possesses a soul which is unlike anything upon our planet as I will expound upon later. Why is mankind not seeking to answer why we are so complex, different, and unique from all other physical entities upon the earth and maybe, the universe? Why are we the only species who randomly and unpredictably act the way we do? Should prophetic folks even care? In asking how and why human life arose, those who are spirit-led possess tremendous advantages over those who rely on basic carnal senses and even the great scientific minds throughout history.

The genuine spirit-led life embraces randomness or ”unpredictability” in God’s universal and prophetic plan which I’m sure will raise some eyebrows by a few reading this. In my opinion, the universe is not serious and stern, but a whimsical and wonderfully creative expression of a joyful God and creator. The element of spontaneity cannot be ignored nor dismissed from the human story. For instance, the chance of a prophetic word coming to reality in your life can be as much as a 100% or as little as one in a million. “All” of the children of Israel coming out of Egypt were prophesied a land flowing with milk and honey. However, only two men out of two-million partook of this declaration. Prophecy moves within God’s universal order / government and much of what we experience in life hinges not so much on what we believe but on how we act in daily life and how we deal with the snare of fear and rationalization which produces spiritual death. Our open and concealed acts predicate our true heart condition.

Researchers in a laboratory, can make mice happy by feeding them and every time a specific pleasure center in the mice’s brain will light up. Researchers can even go a step further and train mice to expect food every time they hear a bell or buzzer. This is very similar to the Pavlonian conditioning of dogs. When the subject mice simply hear the sound of bell; the pleasure centers in the brain show that mice can actually anticipate pleasure just as we do as humans when we think of an upcoming vacation or the perfect gift.

Brain structures of mice and men (no book pun intended) are analogous to a degree as we are created beings from the same creative maker. However, this similarity quickly becomes superficial; presents very little; and once again, does not tell the ”whole story.” For example, when a person is shown a plate of food, a human being can say: ”I’m on a diet, ’It’s too rare, I like my meat well done, I’m to busy to eat, and what about the starving children in Africa?”

Unlike all other animal or biological species on the planet, man’s brain cannot be mapped as all other animals due to its complexity of unpredictable thought and behavior patterns. Humans are special in that we were created in God’s image and we can have numerous or multiple expressions to the same stimuli. No model or matrix of the human brain can predict what response you and I will choose and this is not just relegated to one food serving, but to everything in life.

The power of genuine prophecy goes beyond the natural or seen details of a person. It penetrates the supernatural parts of the soul that what would otherwise be impossible to foretell because of mankind’s unpredictability. Genuine prophecy has the innate ability to decipher the naturally unpredictable and undecipherable. Sadly, much of modern prophecy does not truly address the soul of a man nor speak to the core of what is unpredictable in one’s unseen heart or soul. Modern and immature prophecy speaks to what is predictable and seen such as natural occurring events in life, disasters, judgment, and self righteous declarations which have already been declared within the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Christ clearly stated: ”It is finished.” Yet, many prophets find it fitting to add upon the words of Jesus which brings a judgment and a perpetual plague upon prophetic ministry. This is the cause and affect of why humanity has not seen the gift of prophecy demonstrated in wonder and power. The warning of adding ”to these things” (judgments upon mankind) as stated in Rev. 22:18-19 is not only in the written letter. It is also a directive in what is proclaimed from our mouths and heart to another. Once Christ had risen from the grave and salvation came by grace – the fate of mankind was sealed through faith. His Revelation to mankind provided the end result of our unpredictable choices. Yet, as a community of believers and prophets, we bite at the tempting fruit of the enemy and partake of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because as Gen. 3:6 states: ”it is pleasant to the eyes (what is seen) and to make one seem as wise.” Simply put, we have no business casting or proclaiming judgments and disasters upon mankind. This has already been clearly decreed by the Spirit and sealed. Why do we need to add to His words when have been warned not to?

Just as the dispensation of bulls and goats has been abolished for the forgiveness of sins, so has the proclamations of judgments which have been decreed by the Spirit through the Revelation of Christ. To continue adding to the preordained judgments of God is the highest form of idolatry for we cast ourselves as the ”righteous judge.” We must consider that none of us are righteous, not one, lest any should boast. We are all as filthy rags and made whole through the shed blood of our redeemer. As a side note, those in the prophetic camp who state that they have been to heaven and have physically seen God – I am very cautious with these declarations and will state that this is somewhat contrary to scripture and not even John who penned the revelation was so casual as he fell at his feet as dead. Again, it is the propensity of the flesh to add what is seen (reductionism) or to reduce the kingdom to physical events birthed by our carnal senses in order to bring natural and spiritual meaning to what is unseen. I am truly sorry if this offends some. My heart is not to hurt but to mend truth in advancing the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Prophecy and the kingdom will only advance in unadulterated truth and righteousness.  

The unpredictability of humanity destroys the yokes of determinism (fixed processes) and this is fatal for physical and natural explanations because physical systems are ruled by fixed processes. For instance, a carbon atom cannot choose whether or not to bond with an oxygen atom. When they meet, their interaction is fully determined and they must join. On the other hand, when two humans meet, they might not have any ”chemistry” at all. We need to ask ourselves: Where did this uniquely human trait or choice come into existence? Natural or Physical Science would have us believe that all of the sudden and out of the blue that one Neanderthal looked over to another one day and finally asked if he could have a bite of their Mastodon rib! At what stage of evolution or development did this take place? What is physically seen cannot determine the mind (soul) and heart of a man. We can trace back our life all the way back to where we were just one cell splitting into two cells and nowhere along that journey can we explain or see where the uniqueness of the human mind or our consciousness came from and what physical process brought forth our soul and spirit into reality.

The unseen soul of a man is the battle field and there are many great battles currently being waged with eternity hanging in the balance at the individual level. The genuine prophetic anointing understands the plans of the enemy along with when and where to strike. How? As I stated earlier, genuine prophecy cuts deep into the heart of a man; divides soul from spirit and foretells what would have been previously or naturally unpredictable. The prophetic community has been lured to sleep or bated by demonic forces into word skirmishes designed to waste our resources and the gift of our short time on earth (our dress rehearsal for eternity). The real battle is unseen in the natural but is directly before our spiritual eyes and right under our nose. Generation after generation is slowly being conditioned to accept the rise and development of humanity back to an inferior biological species or even a joining of elements and atoms from a primordial soup which ultimately produced our existence. We all know this, but many have not understood how important to the forces of darkness this tactic is and how the end result is eternally playing out. Just in time that you have read this message tens of thousands of people have been processed through the gates of hell.

The spiritual dynamics at play is not the physically obvious and the greatest battle which is waging in the heavenlies is not a fight against Physical Science, Darwinism or Natural Selection. (Although these educational indoctrinations or “religions” have not helped) The major front and unseen battle is the methodical conditioning man to reject his or her human uniqueness created in the image and likeness of their creator. When this understanding is stripped from mankind; humanity becomes spiritually orphaned and all of the associated traits of rejection, selfishness, greed, and various physical pleasures to mask inner pain begin to manifest within its various cultures. Sin ultimately surfaces when we loose identity through the forfeiting of our birthright. This why the Lord stated: “Jacob I love, Esau I hate…”

Prophecy is maturing and is gaining the value and understanding of “experience.” This maturation process will embrace the richness of spiritual experience as a gift meant to be imparted as mantles are freely passed for the corporate well being of the church. Prophetic mantles in the dispensation of Christ are not passed or imparted upon death but immediately upon reception. Inheritances are not for the dead, but for the living. Spiritual inheritances within the kingdom of God are not passed on after death, but meant to be enjoyed by both the giver and the reciever of the gift.

Science can breakdown any brain response to action and reaction; stimulus and response. Imagine a lemon with a knife placed next to it. In your mind’s eye, envision a hand coming down which will pick up the knife up and cut the lemon in half. Then, watch the juice slowly being squeezed out. Almost everybody will salivate while doing this mind exercise. This means to the reductionists (which encompass most of modern thought) that we as humans are like Pavlov’s dogs which salivated when they heard a bell. But dogs and apes don’t salivate to imaginary lemons! Humans, on the other hand, do that and much, much more. We create whole and whimsical worlds in our imagination just like our creator! The richness of inner experience is what prophecy must embrace as it defines everything that is human. It defines us corporately as human beings and individually as a unique person.

You and I thrive on meaning and purpose and we spiritually atrophy in its absence. Neuroscience attempts to probe for these processes in brain tissue and with diodes. It’s world view and its methods require such a physical or reductionist approach to apease the natural mind. However, this gives rise to a strange spiritual blindness. Reductionists cannot be talked out of believing in a world of what is physical can eventually explain ”meaning” and ”purpose.” However, the world would be better served by realizing a simple fact: You cannot start from a meaningless cosmos of a singularity and get to the rich meaning and complexity of human life regardless of how the reductionist desires to twist the facts. The spirit led and those within the kingdom life have turned the telescope around and gazes at experience first rather than theory. Then, if we are asked where human life and consciousness originated? The answer is simple in that what really matters has no beginning or end…Human life is embedded within the sternal spirit and breath of God. It is only when we are one in communion with his spirit can we fully comprehend the heart, meaning, and purpose of man. Genuine prophecy requires this understanding. Much of modern prophecy is in the talons of reductionist thought and mind-sets. It’s time that we break free from the shackles of what is seen and already declared by the Lord in regard to mankind and move with purpose in understanding the true condition of man’s heart. This is where prophecy will find it’s home and a home is where the heart is…