If we’re honest, we can admit that all people who have a element of breath, regardless of their status, culture, and best intentions – is a liar. If you’re married – the person you are married to is a liar. Your most trusted friend is a liar. We’re all liars in some degree and fashion. I would say that just about everybody realizes this, but it is not printed very often in such naked truth nor is a prophetic application fully realized or understood. Scientific research has much to say about lying and many opinions have been formulated as to why humanity lies so often. It’s not enough from a spiritual or prophetic vantage to merely know that everybody lies and that they lie often. It’s obvious that the human race is not very interested in aggressively understanding its propensity to lie. Maybe, humanity suppresses it in a weird corporate and suppressed guilt mindset? It’s essential that truth prevails over the power and damaging results of a small or simple “slip of the tongue”. The ability to discern lies and deception while having a plan to implement truth as a countermeasure will not only lead to personal trust building, but also corporate networking which will be a source of the awakened church’s power and hopefully, a renascence of social change. Mankind is in the midst of a global regression of our social DNA. We are slowly but methodically reverting back to blood lust and the extreme fringe of warped thought and expression to satisfy our calloused consciousnesses – as did the Romans. The denial thereof is the first lie – lying to one’s self.

There are means such as reading micro expressions, body language, and lie detectors (polygraphs) that various entities and organizations use in their attempt to spot deception. As good as these techniques may be, they are simply man’s best attempt and are not full-proof by any stretch. This blog article will address the chronic effects of lying and how a prophetic generation will overcome its assault on trust, truth, and faith. Imagine witnessing a cultural and societal revolution moving in one accord built upon bold truth instead of sociopolitical and cultural influences which deceptively promote greed or control.

If you think about it; a lie really doesn’t possess any power by its mere utterance. It’s seen and unseen power resides when another agrees or believes the lie. If a lie has affected your life, it is because you have agreed to be lied to. The truth is that lying is a cooperative act. Many times, lies may seem of little harm or impact. Sometimes, we’re willing participants in the act of deception for social dignity and relational harmony such as keeping an opinion or secret that should not be kept hidden. For instance, we may say “that a movie was good” or, “yes honey, the dress looks beautiful” or, “the dinner was excellent” when in truth, we didn’t like it. Far too often, there are times when we are unwilling participants within the words of deception. It’s these few words of unseen destruction which roll so easily off of humanity ‘s tongue this message is confronting. It is confronting my life, your life, your society, and the life of the church.

Last year in the United States, the cost of lies and deception in the form of corporate fraud was over 900 billion dollars (just under a trillion dollars) This equates to 7% of business revenue. In other words, lies and deception not only damages trust; it also ‘costs’ us dearly in our pocket books and wallets. Deception moves in form of white lies, blatant lies, secrets, social media lies, corporate lies, as well as military secrets being sold via deception. The bottom line is that our personal, family, local, and national security is compromised daily as the never ending tide of lies and deception flows.

Deception has been woven into the fabric of mankind since Adam and Eve and when the first transaction was made between Able, Cain, and God. The infamous con-man Henry Oberlander was such an effective con-man that British authorities stated that he could have undermined the entire banking system of the western world. He was interviewed once, and said: “Look, I’ve got one rule. Everyone is willing to give you something. They’re ready to give you something for whatever it is they’re hungry for.” God is clearly speaking to us – If we don’t want to be deceived, we have to know what it is we crave or are hungry for. This is a large pill to swallow and we usually resist self analysis due to our fleshly nature and pride.

We wish to be better husbands; better wives, more intelligent, more powerful, a bit taller, a bit thinner, richer, and the list goes on and on. Lying is an attempt to bridge the gap of those desires and to connect our fantasies about who we wish to be. In a weird but powerful way, these desires of who we wish we could be, clash with who we really are. The supernatural battle or clash that resides in our soul and mind will manifest as a lie and deception toward another in our unregenerate state. Frankly put, humanity is very willing and very able to bridge these gaps on a daily basis.

On any given day, reliable studies reflect that you may be lied to anywhere between 10 to 200 times. As stated earlier, many of these may be white lies or social secrets to achieve or maintain peace. But these choices are in fact lies and deception. The Lord is addressing various forms of lying in our lives as well as enabling us to spot a lie before being sowed into our spirit by another.

Studies have reflected that strangers lied three times within the first 10 minutes of meeting each other. I’m sure that there may be some skepticism with this result and statement. The truth is that the numbers are true upon research taken over the composite of humanity walking the face of the earth at this time in history. The bottom line is that lying and deception has become a daily diet to feed our unquenchable insecurity and rejections.

Strangely, humanity is essentially against or appalled at lying on the surface. But this is superficial and as I stated earlier, most of humanity resists the mirror of self analysis whether it be lying, escapisms, fantasies, ect. We lie more to strangers than we do to coworkers. Extroverts lie more than introverts. Men lie 8 times more about themselves than they do other people. On the other hand, women lie more to protect other people than lie about themselves. Reliable research has shown that the average married couple lies to their spouse about 1 out of every 10 interactions. If you’re unmarried, the percentage increases to 3 in 10 interactions.

The “truth” is that lying is complex and from generation to generation it has become a familiar ingredient of our daily and business lifestyles. Humanity and the body of Christ is ambivalent about the “truth” of “lying.” We skirt over it and recognize it on an as needed basis sometimes for the obvious implications. Sometimes we skirt it over because we simply don’t understand gaps in our lives which lead us to another truth about lying: We’re against lying, but we’re covertly for it in ways that societies have sanctioned for centuries upon centuries. In other words, lying is almost as ancient as breathing and talking as Adam and Eve so clearly illustrated. It’s a large part of both mankind’s natural and biblical history.

Lying has also evolved as humanity has grown more intelligent or “civilized.” Basic science and research has easily shown that the larger the neocortex of the brain, the more likely the species is to be deceptive. This is the primary tragedy of living in a fallen world. Lies and deception are what got us into this fallen mess and lies will also be the catalyst of the tribulation upon mankind as the end of days unfold. Again, our prophetic gifting and discernment of deception will prove to be a powerful weapon and witness for the Body of Christ.

We are hardwired with a double edge sword titled: “authority” to be more than conquerors. This sword can produce abundant life when stewarded well and can inflict harm and even death when abused. You and I have a predisposition to be leaders as more than conquerors in a particular shape or form. It begins in our lives very, very early. For instance, babies will fake a cry, pause, wait to see who’s coming, and then go right back to crying. 2 -3 year olds will simply lie outright. 5 year olds will manipulate by flattery as a means to manipulate what their minds have commanded. By the time a child is 10, he or she has mastered the art of “cover-up.”

By time a young adult enters college, they will lie to their own mother in 1 out of every 5 interactions. Finally, by the time an individual enters the employment sector, they have entered an environment and culture littered with fake friends, deceptive spam, partisan politics/media, identity thieves, and stock market ponzi scammers. What this boils down to is that our young people are entering a world culture built upon a foundation of deception as a lifestyle model. Humanity has now moved into a post truth society where lying and deception is no longer a shock but an after thought and strangely expected. These behavior patterns will soon bare dire cultural consequences if not prophetically and aggressively addressed. Lying and deception possess compound interest and humanity if about to receive the dividends in full.

Research also reflects that the average person can only spot or discern a lie 54% of the time. This must change as even the elect may be terribly deceived as the days ahead unfold. Not only can spotting or discerning a lie be greatly enhanced by natural training, it can also be enhanced to an even greater degree by spiritual training and prophetic gifting. With that said, there are indeed good liars and bad liars and the truth is that there are no real original liars. Essentially, we all fall to the same mistakes and use the same deception techniques or patterns.

Going forward, we must understand speech patterns as communicative beings. People who are overly determined or forceful in denial as to separate oneself is usually lying. For instance, Bill Clinton stated: “I did not have sexual relations with THAT WOMAN.” A person speaking the truth would have a clear conscious and recognize the person (Monica Lewinski) by name rather than a strange separation (that woman). In other words, a person lying, will move into formal speech patterns to discredit another rather than casual speech patterns which would focus on the facts.

These speech patterns are known and recognized as “qualifying language.” Qualifying language will continually discredit another in defense of oneself or offer too much detail which is unnatural when speaking the truth. Our brains react in entirely different ways of expression through speech when telling the truth and telling a lying.

Sigmund Freud stated: “No mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips.” And we all do it regardless of how powerful or super-spiritual we may think we are. All of us communicate with our appendages whether by finger tapping or leg and foot movement (body language) in a our attempt to conceal.

Before we assume that all liars fidget all of the time, many are known to freeze up their upper bodies when they lie. Chronic liars will usually not look at you in the eyes. Once again, this is a powerful brain function that is difficult to overcome and provides us a natural clue to a forthcoming lie. On the same hand, A experienced liar will also stare into your eyes too much to compensate for they already recognize is going on with the eyes.

Those who are prophetically gifted and discerning can correctly decipher a genuine or fake smile. Again, our conditioned brains are programmed to interpret a smile as to convey honesty or sincerity. However, as we all know and as history as shown, many lies are masked in the false comfort of a smile. You can fake a smile by contracting the muscles in your cheeks. But a real or genuine smile is in the eyes or the ‘crow’s feet’ area of the face. This area of the face cannot be consciously manipulated or contracted without the genuine messages from the brain bring birthing a real smile. Those who walk in the truth and joy of the Lord radiate naturally from the eyes. The multitude of eyes in the throne room of God is the manifestation of eternal joy and worship in spirit and truth.

The Lord’s desire is that we rightly discern what is happening within a conversation or within any other form of communication. The natural or obvious discrepancies begin with differences between a person’s words and their actions. (The lying to oneself by our acts in a self-deceived state) Any form of communication which you discern is laced deception can easily be determined by the spirit of their attitude. In other words, the spirit within you hasn’t bore witness or connect with another due to the lack of God’s Spirit in the exchange. A person’s attitude (spirit) is a paramount indicator of falsehood.

On the other hand, an honest person will reflect a  cooperative spirit even when accused of something they may not have done. They will usually assist and help in determining or finding the truth. A truth teller will always brain storm to a conclusion and provide details of which a lie teller or deceiver will not. As stated earlier, we must note that a deceiver will pepper the conversation with far too much detail, speak in a lower voice, and use a strict chronological order when explaining a story or event within a conversation or communication. This is why trained interrogators eventually ask a suspect to repeat a conversed chain of events in reverse order. The reverse order will manifest as slight body squirms

and nervous hand motions when a lie arises in the chain of events. The catch is that we can rehearse our words, but we can never rehearse our body motions or gestures. The differences in the body language between the chronological and reverse order will immediately surface the lie.

Science has produced a multitude of indicators to expose deceptive behaviors. We know that liars shift their blink rate, point their feet toward an exit, and place barriers in the form of an object between themselves and the person their speaking to. Liars will alter or deepen their voice tone. All of these traits are just behavior patterns and not solid proof of deception. However, they are behavioral flags and can be brought to certainty through prophetic gifting and hearing the spirit of truth within us. All of us may exhibit some these same traits at times throughout the course of everyday life. It’s when the behavior patterns come in clusters that discernment is required to navigate on the path of truth.

The acceptance of a lie into our spirit may seem common place and not of our fault or concern. But it is! Words (sound waves) spoken into the environment and atmosphere do not simply disappear. A light and sound wave does not simply come to stop or fail to exist. They transform into a wave length that we cannot hear and see but are nonetheless, still very active and “alive.” The Bible states that every word spoken by mankind will be proclaimed from the rooftops. This is not only a spiritual reality, but a natural reality. NASA and other joint organizations have detected broadcast recordings from the 1920’s & 1930’s locked and active in the threshold between the earth’s atmosphere and space. Truly, not one of our words will fall to the ground and are forever “speaking” once spoken. The environments in which we live are the direct result of the words (truth or lies) that have been sown into it.

It will be very important that we ask hard questions as the future and prophecy reveals itself. We need to be a mode of spiritual knowledge and understanding. We need to be people who are curious and possess dignity with a clear conscious. In confronting lies and liars, we must not become “religious lawyers” and self-righteous judges as we are all guilty ourselves in one degree to another. We must first get our own lives and behaviors in order. It is then that we will have the wisdom to rightly discern and to promote truth in our families, societies, and nations in a spirit of genuine care and love. We cannot change a person regardless how hard we try. We must let the power of truth and love revealed in our lives change the environment and hearts in the spheres of our influence.

What does truth look like? Does it have a face and power? Truth does not reflect false emotion and always reflects an authentic expression. When we are led by the Spirit, truth will always bare witness with our spirit. Truth will always gravitate toward the spirit of truth and only those who are led by the spirit can rightly discern. Truth does not claim to understand everything nor to over explain in detail.

Social Media has only added fuel to the already raging fire upon the tongue of man. In the Bible, James states that the man who fails to bridle his tongue deceives own heart. People lie to promote an image of oneself that has its roots in past rejections, affirmation fantasies, and escapism. Others lie with the rationalization that they are maintaining order or to protect another for a greater good in the ‘bigger picture’. This mindset is what’s so frightening…That mankind relies upon others for truth rather than seeking it for themselves.