A Witches Brew of Debt

Shall America awaken from the spell that it has been cast under? The American people it would seem have fallen drunk and in a deep sleep from a witch’s brew of dependency and comfort under the guise of good will. For the first time in American history, over half of its citizenry is under the yoke of some form of governmental welfare which equates to an entitlement or “right” of some form. These forms include food stamps and housing welfare along with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the multitudes now employed by local and federal governments. I have studied that this equates to approximately 166 million out of 310 million U.S. citizens.

I realize that folks may argue that they pay into Social Security which validates their Medicare “rights.” The first question we must ask ourselves is whether healthcare is a right or a privilege and we will answer that question a bit later. However, the core issue at hand is whether the grand plan of government intervention into healthcare is sustainable if the funds people depend on are not available in the near future due to unchecked government spending, foreign debt, likely inflation, and probable defaults if the current political environment holds its course. Can the government really continue to “promise” you funds tomorrow that it is spending today without future consequences? Are you that trusting of our current slate and culture of politicians?

Within our entitlement culture, we demand healthcare as a right. But let’s look at this mindset. If a person is willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for college and medical school along with possessing the skill-set to perform surgery – should his or her investment and talent be demanded to be given away as a government appropriated “right?” Should any individual be made or forced to offer a service against his or her will? Frankly, we are all appropriated to die without exception and any help provided by another man or woman to prolong that life is a gift and privilege. It is not my right to demand it.

It is important to note that the Federal Reserve is not a governmental institution or agency as many believe. It is a political and socioeconomic institution constructed within the private sector. It was set up to be a “Central Bank” with the sole purpose of financial monopoly and governmental control over finance. Thus, the small or local lenders which formed relationships and opportunity in the past are slowly eroding which undermines the power of local societies. The Federal Reserve will continue to hold interest rates at or near 0% to enable the government to continually borrow without conscious until the entire system collapses in unsustainable debt. Let’s be honest, do you see any pattern of restraint or plan to seriously curb unchecked spending? The answer is no and the results will eventually be the same as a personal household operating in the same fashion. The debt ceiling can be raised over and over and these actions are not temporary “solutions” – they are handwriting upon the walls of our nation’s eventual fiscal collapse if left in its current state. The rioting in Greece upon its financial collapse due to unsustainable debt will pale in comparison to an armed U.S. populace snared in desperation.

The questions within this article are not necessarily for those who are in agreement, but also those who are currently government dependent. You may believe in a life of entitlements such as healthcare, housing and cheese blocks at the government’s or should I say, tax payers expense. However, does this belief really matter if there isn’t any money and blood left to drain? I guess we can raise taxes just to see more businesses going off shore and into foreign countries. I guess we can raise taxes just to see more corporate welfare which I will allude to later. A citizenry that is unwilling to be productive creates a vicious cycle of dependency which leads to societal decay on all levels. Now that the U.S. is over 50% dependent on government, the founders of this republic are rolling over in their proverbial graves with disgust and unbelief. They are asking, “How could this generation be so self-absorbed, self-serving and self-righteous as to pass this culture of debt and inevitable financial collapse to the next generation?”

Even more tragic and hidden from the public view are the greasy hands which accept corporate welfare. Out of one side of the mouth they decry social welfare and on the other side they discuss subsidies, grants and pork projects. The culture of the political lobby is growing like a virus – infecting and weakening the foundations of our democracy based political and economic framework. The truth is that government spends twice as much more of tax payer dollars on corporate welfare than it does in social welfare. Indeed, the corporation and not the society is the true “welfare queen.” This is not a democrat / republican issue…It is a U.S. political and economic culture issue. The business sector from financial institutions to auto makers to agriculture are increasingly growing more and more reliant upon the government. I guess the days of companies competing on a fair playing field to produce a good product at a reasonable price is falling by the wayside in lieu of governmental contracts, pork projects, bailouts, and even buy-outs.

The U.S government can borrow resources at 0%; it can print money as fast as the mint can spit it out and it can tax you more. But the point is that our current debt and compounded interest is not going away and all of these options simply redistribute wealth at the benefit of a governmental monster that is becoming more bureaucratic, wasteful and irrationally irresponsible. The U.S government was never designed to encroach into business or the market sector. Now that they are, we are seeing the catastrophic results. So who is blame and how did we get into this mess? The answer is all of us. Until the American populace quits asking Washington for help…We will continue to be in it’s clutches and ultimate collapse. With this said, there is hope and this hope resides in our personal accountability of being productive. I understand that circumstances happen in life that requires external help. However, this should be the exception to the rule and not the rule itself which the western culture has seemed to embrace. A great nation can be passed on to the next generation tomorrow if we understand the urgency of our situation today. Our country is like a large homeowner with many children on the brink of foreclosure…What will you do about it if foreclosure and bankruptcy are longer and option? I have suffered through financial hardships at times in my own life and I write this article to myself first and foremost. I sincerely hope that you will consider it as well. Our future prosperity depends on it!


The Power of Joy

On 2-3-2013, I saw a room full of people in my mind’s eye watching what I perceived to be the super bowl since it happened to be on the same day. The people in the room were both men and women who would jump up in jubilation with boisterous sounds of praise when their team scored or made a great play. I soon realized the smiles running from ear to ear and the general sense of excitement that permeated the room.

The Lord shared with my spirit that these people were moving in elements of “praise.” I then saw a football player running into the end zone for a touchdown and upon scoring was motioning to the crowd to cheer him on and pointing to himself as many pro athletes do. This of course has always rubbed me wrong and would prefer that athletes act like they’ve been there before! However, the Lord had a few points to make with me as he would use this vision. He stated: “Have I commanded that you praise me?” I quickly responded, “Yes.”

The Lord then shared with me that it was not only essential but critical that I praise Him…Not because he needed it or required it because of heavenly self-esteem issues. He didn’t need my praise to feel good about himself; to validate his “God” status or to ensure that he had a good day and remained in a good mood. He commands and even demands that I praise him because of His deep love and care for “Me” and not because of “Him” or his need for it.

He continued to share that he created mankind in His image and has placed something very unique inside of us that is woven into the very fabric of our being…The need to praise which completes our joy. I was returned to the room of people and saw a touchdown scored and the people just sitting in their seats void of active emotion. It was surreal, weird and odd and seemed completely unnatural. Suddenly, the scene changed and the people arose and began shouting and jumping with high fives which seemed natural and alive. I knew then that the Lord was showing me that praise is essential in my life to bring completion to joy and without it; I would never truly attain it. Just as fascinating was the realization that all of people in the room and stadium would look at each other directly in the eyes as they expressed and completed their joy. Upon reflection, I can more clearly understand the vitality and purpose of corporate worship as well as understand why the eyes all around the throne of God in Ezekiel 1:15 -19 were moving and looking in all directions as the chorus of heaven explodes in praise and ultimate fullness of joy.

The Lord continued and stated that my praise for him completes not only my joy, but His joy in me. The degree or intensity of praise that I express has direct impact or correlation on the degree of my joy (The Abundant Life). It was then that I truly understood the power in the verse, “The joy of Lord is my strength” and that the degree of my strength is hinged upon my joy in Him and His joy in me.