Exposing the Shades of Grey (Are You Disgusted Yet)

I often wonder about the vast differences in viewpoints and what is socially as well as morally acceptable between individuals and societies. Why do some people abhor abortion and yet others find it acceptable? Why do some people embrace communal type dependency and other people embrace strict individuality? Why do those who go by the name of “Christian” possess political views that are far left and also far right? I believe that the church has fallen out of being in “one accord” for a very obvious and specific reason that I will get to after I briefly summarize a little story titled “Flatland.”

Flatland is a two dimensional world whose inhabitants are geometric figures. The protagonist is a square and one day the square is visited by a sphere from a three dimensional world called Spaceland. However, when the sphere visits Flatland, all that is visible to the Flatlanders is the part of the sphere that lies in their two dimensional plane. In other words, they see a circle. The square suddenly becomes astonished that the circle is able to grow and shrink at will by rising or sinking into the plane of two dimensional Flatland. Even more astonishing is the ability to appear and disappear in a different place by leaving the plane and then reentering it.

The sphere tries to explain the concept of the third dimension to the two dimensional square. Although the square is skilled in two dimensional geometry, he doesn’t really get it. He cannot understand what it means to have thickness in addition to height and breadth. Nor can he understand that the circle came from up above him where “up” does not mean from the north. The sphere presents analogies and geometrical demonstrations of how to move from one dimension to two and then from two to three, but the square still finds the idea of moving “up” out of the plane of Flatland ridiculous.

In desperation, the sphere yanks the square up out of Flatland and into the third dimension so that the square can look down on his world and see it all at once. He can see inside of all the houses and the guts (or insides) of all the inhabitants. The square recalls the experience:

“An unspeakable horror seized me and there was darkness and then a dizzy sickening sensation of sight that was not like seeing. I saw space that was not space. I was myself and not myself. When I could find voice, I shrieked aloud in agony. Either this is madness or this is hell!”

The sphere calmly replied, “It is knowledge – it is three dimensions. Open your eye once again and try to look steadily.” I looked and behold – a new world! The square was awestruck and he prostrates himself before the sphere and now becomes the sphere’s disciple. Upon the squares return to Flatland, he struggles to preach the gospel and truth of three dimensions to his fellow two dimensional creatures and it all seemed in vain. But was it really?

All of humanity is much like the square before enlightenment. We have all encountered something that we fail to understand, yet smugly believe that we understood because we couldn’t conceive of the dimension to which we were blind. Then one day, something happens that makes no sense in our two dimensional world and we catch our first glimpse of another dimension or reality. The socio-moral, economic, environmental, and political issues today are continuing to degrade due to two dynamics which are only prophetically discerned. The first is that we cannot extend wisdom and supernatural (third dimensional) solutions if humanity and the church is content to live outside of God’s government and pattern for life. We are growing more impoverished as we continue to lose sight of this dimension (the Kingdom of God) and are collapsing deeper into two dimension lifestyles which is expressed in humanistic thought and humanistic government. On the other hand and at the other extreme is humanity’s “religious” efforts to create a three dimensional society which has imposed its doctrines and dogmas upon mankind without love and personal example which is the hallmark of religious fundamentalism. Secondly, humanity is methodically loosing the gift and value of “Disgust.”

I believe that many within the church have and are receiving the revelation of the church’s current immature posture as we have failed to earnestly pray for the very things which it abhors. What the church refuses to pray for in regard socio-political environments, will ultimately manifest as its greatest frustrations. The modern and especially western church would prefer to criticize rather than intercede. The two dimensions in the Flatland story can be prophetically discerned as a representation or symbolic of the flesh and soul without the Holy Spirit. The prophetic and symbolic third dimension is representative of living by the Spirit in the Feasts of Passover (Salvation), Pentecost (Empowerment of the Spirit), and Tabernacles (Intimacy with God through Christ) which defines life, empowered morality and relationship. With that said, I will not address the first dynamic or issue as others within the prophetic community are covering this rather well…I will focus on the eroding power of “Disgust”.

The truth is that we can find divine and just morality within the embedded nature and expression of disgust within all geographies and people groups. Only when our triune being is established in Christ through the Holy Spirit can right from wrong and what is moral and immoral be clearly defined. Attempting to process life without moral absolutes is the embracing of chaos which always leads to destruction and a life of instability for ourselves and especially our children. If we study cultures and religions from around the world, we will find that food, sex, menstruation, and the handling of corpses is common within the nature of disgust or what is typically disgusting. I always thought that morality was how people treat each other. However, it runs much deeper and much more supernatural than I previously realized. Nor did I realize how much the eroding sense of disgust has set the course in motion for societal decay on multiple social and governmental levels (from the nuclear family to national political bodies). For instance, why are women in many cultures forbidden to enter religious temples or touch artifacts while they are menstruating or for a few weeks after giving birth? Is it a sexist effort to control women? Why is eating pork an abomination for Jews, Hindus, and Muslims? Is it a cultural and health related effort to avoid trichinosis? Of course not! If we discern with prophetic maturity, we will clearly see a pattern and logic. The logic clearly points to the powerful feelings and expressions of disgust and how it defines godliness from what is ungodly. God has placed this recognition within all mankind. However, it’s the systematic desensitizing of cultures through external sources such as the flesh laden media that has accelerated humanity’s ignorance and blindness of evil and its reality.

To many, disgust is mainly about animals and the products of animal bodies. Very few plants and inorganic products are what we would call “disgusting.” Disgusting things are interesting in that they are contagious by touch. Therefore, disgust seems to be somehow related to the concerns of organic (human and animal) body products, blood, excrement, washing, and touch. This is clear in the Old Testament, along with many other religious books, cultural writings, and traditions within most global societies. The goal of this message is to define how “disgust” impacts everyday life, as well as defining the days ahead from a prophetic vantage. Will “disgust” play a role in the church”s and humanity’s growth? Or, will the lack thereof lead to its regression and downfall?

I am convinced that disgust had a primary part to play for people to decide what to eat or nourish the body after the fall of man in Genesis. As man’s production of tools and weapons increased, so did their consumption of meat. However, when early humans decided upon eating meat, including experimenting with the carcasses left behind by other predators, they exposed themselves to a myriad or microbes and harmful parasites. (Please attempt to recognize spiritual or prophetic parallels) Most of these are contagious in a way that plant toxins are not. For instance, if a poisonous berry were to brush up against your baked potato, it wouldn’t make the potato harmful or disgusting. But what if just the antenna of cockroach brushed up against your baked potato?

The first attribute of disgust is that it is designed by the Lord as a guardian of the mouth. It gives an advantage to those who choose to go beyond the sensory (or even spiritual) limitations of a potential edible object such as, “Does it smell good?” Likewise, it triggers thought patterns such as, “Where did that come from and what did it touch?” Species that routinely feed or touch corpses, excrement, or refuse piles such as rats, vultures, buzzards, flies, maggots, and cockroaches trigger disgust in us. Simply put, we won’t eat these species although they are edible and anything that they have touched becomes contaminated. Humans are also disgusted by most of the body products of other humans — particularly excrement, blood, and respiratory mucus which may transmit diseases to other humans. Disgust distinguishes desire and physical hunger; it also motivates purifying behaviors such as washing, bathing, and vomiting if tempted or indulged. Is there a spiritual parallel?

Disgust doesn’t guard just the mouth. It also guards the body when it is recognized and revealed by the Spirit as the temple or habitation of its Creator. Disgust also plays a role in sexuality, similar to food selection, by guiding people to their socially acceptable or healthy partners as well as healthy sexual acts. Again, disgust turns off fleshly based desire and motivates fleshly separation through the means of natural cleansing through spiritual revelation which bares witness to our spirit-man.

Disgust is also stimulated or gives us a unnerving feeling when we see people with skin lesions, deformities, amputations, extreme obesity or anorexic bodies, and other violations of the culturally ideal outer envelope of the human body. Obviously, it is the exterior expression that matters if we’re to be honest with ourselves. Cancer of a lung inside the body or a missing kidney is not disgusting. But a tumor on the face or even a missing finger is. This expansion from guardian of the mouth to guardian of the body (temple) makes sense from a purely natural point of view. However, the spiritual understanding and implications going forward for the church are paramount. The recognition of disgust and what is truly disgusting must be clear and concise if the Body of Christ is to impart health to a world racked with illness and pain.

It’s imperative to understand that humans which lived and moved on the ground, rather than trees as most evolutionary text books erroneously point out, were more susceptible to the ravages of microbes or viruses and parasites which spread by physical contact. Disgust instills a sense to be careful about who or what we come in “contact with” or choose to “touch.“ This is clearly laid out in scripture as we are not to become unequally yoked. But the most fascinating aspect about disgust is that it is recruited to support so many of the norms, rituals and beliefs that cultures use to define themselves. For example, many cultures draw a sharp line between humans and animals. This inner sense or awareness of humanity’s eternal nature or longing points to God’s specific creation of man in His image and our unique place in the universe and creative order.

The human body and the Body of Christ in scripture is referred to as a “Temple” which houses or contains what is divine – the Holy Spirit. “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you which you have from God and that you are not your own. Therefore, glorify God in your body.” (1 Corinthians 6:19 – 20). The Spirit of God within us has provided us a guardian in regard to what we ingest by mouth which points to what is both naturally and spiritually ingested. The Spirit of God is also guardian over the body in general and is representative as the church founded in Christ. Morality is defined and set in stone within the nature and power of disgust which our spirit-man bares witness with the Spirit of God in defining the government and conduct of kingdom life.

Imagine visiting a town where people wear no clothes, never bathe, have sex doggy style in public in front of others humans, defecate openly, and eat raw meat directly off the carcass. The truth is that all people, whether they were Christians, heretics, agnostics, atheists, or everything in between, would naturally feel degraded or brought low (earthly) in a very real and substantial measure. We cannot ignore this feeling and it’s there for a reason! Most sane people would feel disgust at this behavior stemming from other human beings which verifies our uniqueness in God’s image. We would instantly and intimately know that there was something very wrong about these people and their behaviors.

The body or temple can get dirty by what is received internally, accepted externally, and what we have been desensitized or numbed to embrace as socially unacceptable. The point of this message is that the internal and external lines (spiritually and naturally) are no longer defined, but have become obscure and even unrecognizable within much of mankind as media and social desensitizing has eroded the instant recognition of disgust. As stated earlier, disgust is the guardian of the temple, which is our natural body and soul; it is confirmed within our spirit by the Spirit of God when we are in communion and one accord in Christ. In this soulish and imaginary town that I painted which humans more resembles animals, the guardians have been killed and the temples are overgrown with the tares of compromise. Communion in Christ is nonexistent in a godless society and man has become a god unto himself continually seeking soulish and selfish pleasures with no regard what another may think. These cultural evolutions toward evil represent Sodom and Magog and the great falling away in Scripture and is happening before our eyes. Although we should pray for and expect a great revival of souls…The Bible does not confirm this. However, a great falling away is confirmed and our posture should be of drawing souls unto eternal life by the expression of morals and the defining of disgust in our lives. Our garment was never meant to be a shade of grey.

The Lord is not concerned with the old adage, “cleanliness is next to godliness” in regard to our physical bodies. He is concerned about the internal cleanliness of our hearts and the outward expression of that cleanliness. However, if we do not perceive the “third dimension” as the square did upon visiting Spaceland (or should we say, the spiritual or kingdom reality), then disgust fails to reflect the true revelation of Jacob’s Ladder as it is rooted in the Earth by our biological constraints, but leads people toward heaven to a place that is “up!”

I wholeheartedly believe that much of the decay that we see in cultures, societies, and governmental institutions today around the world is advanced and spread by the decline or erosion in what we recognize as disgusting. Without a prophetic understanding in regard to the power of disgust, it will be difficult to proclaim and intercede with accuracy the events and political/societal decisions which are set to unfold. Nothing will truly bring lasting change or repentance on both a corporate and personal level unless the full degree of disgust has taken root in the consciousness of mankind and the church.

We are abhorred at the expressions of abortion, prostitution, slavery, child pornography, human abuse, women’s rights, socialist agendas, extractive political and economic institutions, persecution of Israel, and the list goes on and on. However, until nuclear families, local societies, states, and national governments become disgusted with the paths we have chosen, we are dancing with the evil and the spirit which is the antithesis of Christ.



Moses, although living in the frontier of Egypt under the roof of Pharaoh in material luxury and among pagan gods, knew that he had a “calling” from the Most High God. However, when Moses attempted to move or minister in the position of his “calling,” he failed miserably – even trying to help the Hebrews (the people of God) who were in bondage. Their “thank-you” was, “Who made you ruler and judge over us?” Certainly, times have not changed! It wasn’t until Moses received a revelation of God’s voice, that he moved from being “called” to being “commissioned.” Once commissioned, Moses was empowered and sent with authority. My pastor just this past week detailed a similar difference from those who are converted to those who are disciples; there is a difference.

“Being spirit-filled is much different than being spirit-led.” In other words, as the church, many have failed to move beyond Passover (salvation) and Pentecost (spirit-filled) into Tabernacles (intimacy leading to being spirit-led). Salvation and the infilling of the Holy Spirit are gifts of grace. Being Spirit-led on the other hand, is a personal choice or act of obedience. Moses, upon hearing the Lord’s voice, moved from his position of calling and was activated into the power of commission. Moses was now moving in the Spirit realm of the 3rd – 3rd or should I say, the fullness of the Godhead and what the biblical feasts point us toward.

Moses was now creating deep mental and spiritual paths to an extraordinary life and destiny because he now moved according to the inner voice of God’s leading. We can simplify by stating that the genuine anointing of God resides within the will of God upon hearing and produces a bounty of fruit. Presumption (even wrapped in good works) is the will of man and produces little fruit and lots of frustration. The Bible says, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, THESE are the sons of God.” (Romans 8:14) This verse is speaking to Roman believers rather than unbelievers. Clay Sikes, a dear friend of mine, once spoke to this verse and stated that if this passage speaks of “these” people then there must also be “those” people within the camp of believers who are not led by the Spirit.

The disciples were CALLED by Jesus to BE “fishers of men.” As they moved beyond Pentecost and into Tabernacles within the revelation of the resurrection – they were now COMMISSIONED and anointed AS fishers of men.

Toward the middle of 3rd century the Holy Spirit’s influence upon the church began to lift. Hierarchical leaders began to rely on their own natural abilities rather than the Holy Spirit. It was at this time that the church made one of its gravest errors – It gave up the basic freedoms that had commissioned and empowered her early success, along with quenching it’s powerful ministry. The decline grew stronger by methodically forcing and deceiving the saints to abandon participatory ministry and corporate function for the place of spectator and audience. What happened to 1Cor. 12 – 14 and many other companion verses? How did the dynamic church meeting with each joint supplying its part and all involved in bringing a gift to offer turn into a “one man band” show? How did the awesome and glorious environment of the upper room turn into a theatrical production of flowing robes, swinging incense burners and man-made ritual? Please note that I state these questions with the understanding that leadership (spiritual government) and elements of guidance are essential to cohesive and spiritual order. With that said, the early church was not burdened by investing in structures made of dead stones. Their investment was spent and focused upon the spirit of living stones. Everyone was needed and valued as a vital family member. The understanding of gaining discipleship in order to disciple others was paramount to the early church and its spirit-led development.

Sadly, the family turned into the “establishment.” The great separation of clergy and the laity was created by the Edict of Milan and the paid professionals or religious elite took over. The called of God were discouraged from the commission of God and learned to sit and be quiet, stand and sing hymns when directed, put your money in the plate and listen to one joint supply his part over and over. In other words, continually living the life of the called rather than the commissioned.

The culture of the convert or disciple supplying an individual part to the church meeting was only accepted as long as it was outside of the church walls and even that became highly regulated by the time of the Middle Ages. Whereas, in the original design as seen in scripture, everyone in good and godly order had the opportunity to contribute to the church meeting as the Holy Spirit moved and led them. However, from the time of this ungodly edict and over the next 1700+ years, the Holy Spirit was thought to only move behind the pulpit or the ordained of man. Sadly, much of the church still operates in this form of religious bondage, control and lack of discipleship. We must note that we were not called and commissioned to go out into the world and make “converts.” We were called go out and make “disciples”. Making disciples is very different than conversion as discipleship requires a personal investment to recognize another grow in their spiritual walk and expression.

I believe timely prophetic messages on successful empowered ministry supported by three spiritual principals will begin flowing at an increased rate to saturate the church. The first is “vision.” The second is “change.” And the third is realizing our “inheritance.” All three of these supports (like the legs of a stool) must be in place for our individual and corporate ministries (the church) to be stable, grow, and bear fruit that remains.

I am convinced and of the belief that the face of Christianity is going to change in one generation, and that generation is the generation that you and I have been “commissioned” to impact today if we will simply embrace and believe it. There is coming upon us a wholesale change in the way the church (the body of Christ) lives, moves, and expresses its being to the world today.

We know for certain that the prophetic time-line and written words have confirmed that we are indeed in the last of the last days. With that said, the Lord could have chosen that you lived at any time in history for He knew you before the foundations of the world. However, God saved “you” for the last of the last and the most awesome days in history. Why? Because He knew that you were uniquely special, gifted and worth saving as the ending of generations unfolds to steward the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on Earth. The Lord has saved you to occupy in power, creativity, and influence until His return consummates the ages. There is a tremendous call upon our lives. Now is the time to hear God’s voice and be led by His Spirit into our commissioned destiny.

The purpose and intent of this message is that we would allow God by his Spirit to raise us up as a person with an authentic vision and understanding of what He desires to do through you in changing the landscape of an entire generation. This is not about “doing” but about “being” who we are called to be and commissioned into our unique destiny in producing fruit that remains. This is our dress rehearsal for all eternity and one of the hardest mental aspects to grow old with is “regret”. We can’t take back time, but come on man, isn’t it time to begin living life with a fresh vision of change and passion for Christ? Life is too short to simply sit back and let your destiny slip through your fingers year after year. Take a chance. Take a risk. Go for it! Today is a new day and yesterday is well – yesterday and gone. The dreams and desires inside of you came from somewhere and are not there by happenstance. Moses lived a wilderness life until he CHOSE to “turn aside from his daily routine and look at what was burning before him.” Your dreams and destiny are just as simple — turning toward what is burning from the Lord’s voice before you today and what is burning in your heart.

The forerunners that God is raising up are going to have a totally different vision and focus than previous ministries (churches) over the last 100 years. Over the last 100 years the order of ministry within the church has been that which has solely focused on the deliverance of the people out of Egypt or the world system (Passover). This is great and this is our starting point – but we have focused so much on who and what we are not supposed to be that we have forgot who and what we are. Others have jumped on the Pentecost bus and have ridden it until its tires are worn and its wheels are about to fall off. Pentecost was given by the Lord as a means of spiritual movement and empowerment to transport us to our ultimate destination as we Tabernacle with God. This, beloved is the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven.

I believe that God has unrestrained a remnant that will prophetically speak to this generation and its people – who they are and where God desires to take them in the midst of modern Egypt. This is the commission within the ministry and dynamic of Spiritual Inheritance. Spiritual Inheritance is a free gift. You cannot tithe to get it. It is not earned by your merit or good deeds. It is a gift of grace and given freely to those who choose to be “led” by the Spirit of God into their destiny. The dynamic of spiritual inheritance is also a spiritual paradox in that it is freely given by the Lord, but yet demands a mental and physical act of obedience on our part.

We have young people all over the world ironically labeled generation “X” and “Next.” This is a fleshly provided reference that sadly represents a spiritually NAMELESS generation because they have no sense of identity and purpose. They are so continually told what not to do and where not to go that they have no vision of where God is taking them and what to do. They have failed to understand their birthright and the importance of being known or recognized as a son or a daughter of God (Those who are led by the Spirit of God). Because of this, we have birthed several generations that have lacked spiritual destiny, purpose, and societal impact.

The Crushing of Esau and Jacob

The Book of Hebrews reflects the only passage that I can find that documents God’s “hatred” for a particular individual. The Bible states that God “loved Jacob”, but “hated Esau.” I cannot help but ask myself what was so tragically wrong with Esau that would warrant such a strong response from the Lord? On the surface it seems that he was faithful to all the external out-workings and functions of being a worthy family member. The issue at hand was the position and heart that both brothers had concerning the birthright of inheritance. I would like to illustrate or parallel in contemporary terms with each brother as being saved or a part of the “family” of God. On outward appearance, it would seem that Esau was the more obedient, dedicated, and hard working of the two. However, what was on the inside of these two brothers in regard to vision, change and spiritual matters revealed much.

Although Esau was faithful and dedicated, He was focused toward what was natural and of the flesh. Jacob, although burdened with many faults at this season in his life, desired and understood the spiritual principles of birthright. Thus, Jacob would obtain the position of “son” with all of its spiritual and natural benefits. Therefore, God states that “He loved Jacob.” It is the same for us today. You may have many faults and struggles. However, if you will seek and desire your place and position as a son or daughter of God because you choose to be led by the Spirit – you will find your life transforming day by day and more and more into the image of Christ who is the first born among many sons or brethren.

God is raising up an order of ministry and church whose vision and focus is not only on salvation (as great as this is), but also on imparting change of identity, birthright, and inheritance. With this understanding will come an explosion of prophetic ministry that will shake the kingdoms of this world and I believe God is going to exercise it exponentially within this generational hour.

“For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba Father.” The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs – heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ. (Romans 8:15-17)

“For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.” (Romans 8:19)