A 3rd day message for the 3rd day church, as the body of Christ receives resurrection and revelation power from this 3rd day event. It is declared and prophesied that the church has risen with vision and armed with the knowledge of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit whom works mightily in you. The Spirit of the Lord says, Come, for the hour has struck in which great feats will be accomplished and awesome changes will be birthed in the valleys of decision as dead dreams are resurrected to life.

“Then she ran and came to Simon Peter, and to the other disciple, whom Jesus loved, and said to them, “They have taken away the Lord out of the tomb and we do not know where they have laid Him.” (John 20:2)

The Bible states that Mary “saw” that the stone had been rolled away and that someone had “taken the Lord’s body.” First, was this an accurate statement that Mary had just spoken to the disciples? Did someone actually take the Lord’s body as Mary clearly interpreted? The answer is no.

Most reading or hearing this know and understand that Jesus had been resurrected in power. What Mary had ‘seen’ was according to her vision in the natural realm and what she discerned from a natural perspective.

In essence, Mary was formulating a belief system and a conclusion based upon her past experiences in life rather than a prophetic promise which could only be comprehended by spiritual discernment. In other words, Mary’s past natural experiences wrongly influenced her spiritual insight. The Greek word in the earliest surviving manuscripts for ‘saw’ in the original language is ‘Blepo’ which means to ‘casually or naturally see which is limited to natural observation’.


“Peter therefore went out, and the other disciple, and were going to the tomb. So they both ran together, and the other disciple outran Peter and came to the tomb first. And he, stooping down and looking in, saw the linen cloths lying there; yet he did not go in.” (John 20:4)

The original intent and context for what John ‘saw’ in this verse is the same word ‘Blepo’ that Mary had previously based her assumptions on. We see very little progress in discerning the resurrection and the supernatural events Jesus had foretold concerning Himself and the future of the church. We also notice that John did not go into the tomb. Because of this perspective, John’s spiritual understanding would be limited to what he ‘saw’ with his natural eyes and past frames of reference.

“Then Simon Peter came, following him, and went into the tomb; and he saw the linen cloths lying there, and the handkerchief that had been around His head, not lying with the linen cloths, but folded together in a place by itself.” (John 20:6-7)

We now recognize that Peter chooses to go into the tomb. The original context in which Peter ‘saw’ is the Greek word ‘Thereo’ which is the obvious Greek equivalent of the modern word ‘theory’. Peter is pondering the facts that he is witnessing and we do have some progress. But we do not base our faith and prophetic discernment on theory, assumption and worse yet -presumption.

“Then the other disciple, who came to the tomb first, went in also; and he SAW and BELIEVED.” (John 20:8)

John “saw and believed” and something spiritually snapped in the blink of an eye. The Greek word for ‘saw’ in this verse is ‘Eido’ which means to see with understanding and knowledge or revelation. It’s no accident or mistake that we have three different Greek words for the same modern translation of ‘saw’ in this short passage and historical event. This is the prophetic and spiritual vision that the Lord desires that you and I possess as we continue to experience the kingdom of God on earth moving in power. (Remember the statement: Kingdom of God on “earth”. It is important that we understand that the earth is evolving as more and more corrupt by the sons of perdition and is crying out for the redeeming of the sons of God). John saw into the reality, power, and love of the Spirit realm and this anointing of prophetic vision would continue to increase and mature in John’s life, culminating in the Revelation of Jesus Christ – The Spirit of prophecy.

We must come to terms that revelation whether heard or experienced is only active when its power is possessed or revealed in our own lives. If revelation is not manifested in our lives – it is nothing more than just good information. Our first step is stepping into the invisible realm of faith is recognizing what is possible and at arm’s reach because it has been proclaimed and promised by the Spirit of God.

The Lord is calling forth a people with prophetic vision and revelation to understand his heart…A people who see clearly that the same resurrection power that raised Christ from the dead and the same mighty power of the Holy Spirit have already enabled the church to advance the kingdom on earth. Social resistance and even persecution on various institutional levels will continue to wage war upon truth. But our current trials will propel God’s people into great and awesome acts of evangelism which will define the eternal legacy of the bride as she awaits her bridegroom.

Now, being open to deeper revelation does not mean being unscriptural. All revelation must be line upon line and biblically founded rather than simply following the crowd of modern and strange end-time doctrines. All of the scriptures speaking of people being separated and removed from the earth refer to evil ones and not believers. Maybe, just maybe, you are not the one’s taken – but the one’s left in the field to continue the Lord’s work and harvest? Why would we leave to immediately come back and reign with Christ for a millennium? Our work has just begun and a new anointing and mantle of prophetic evangelism is resting upon us. This message is to prophetically confirm the releasing of the evangelistic commission and the soon arrival of the five-fold manifestation to seal it.

A prophetic empowered evangelistic expression has been commissioned and we will need to be prepared for its arrival. The Lover of souls will promote and confirm those who have been called into the power of the commissioned. The Lord will answer the prayers of his elders and fulfill the five-fold power, promise and commission of souls to the church.

Moses was ‘called’ in the wilderness to proclaim the liberation and freedom of God’s people but when he acted upon his calling in Egypt without a commission and in a spirit of presumption – he was rejected by the very people he came to set free. It wasn’t until Moses moved from his calling and into his commission, that the anointing and power of God was manifested. We (the church) must expediently move from calling toward our commission as the days unfold and the windows of promises are opened.

I saw a vision on the way to church with my family in late October 2013. I saw a massive fire spreading across a large expanse of land leaving behind what looked like charred death. As I turned my eyes back toward what had already burned, I saw new growth and sprouts of life slowing rising up toward the sun. I looked back again toward the spreading fire and the fire was now moving across what looked like a giant human heart.

As I meditated upon what I was seeing with my spiritual eyes open – Moses and Pharaoh instantly came to my mind. Moses heard a prophetic message from the Lord in the form of a burning bush to set his people free to worship him – even in the midst of a wilderness setting. Pharaoh heard the exact same message in the form of a prophet. As the same fire of God’s prophetic word spread across the landscape of their hearts, something very telling happened. Moses had a heart like wax and when the fire of God’s word touched it – it melted as transparent and pliable. Pharaoh on the other hand, had a heart like clay and when the same fire of God’s word touched it – it became hard like stone. God states in his word that he would harden Pharaoh’s heart. At first ‘glance’ (Blepo or Thereo) this violates our individual freedoms of choice and the ability to love in God’s economy. Did God actually infringe upon Pharaoh’s free-will and conscious to purposely harden his heart? The answer is yes with a large caveat. God did in essence harden Pharaoh’s heart – but it was the precondition of Pharaoh’s heart that caused it to harden as stone upon contact with the fire of God’s word.

How’s your heart condition? Is it like wax or like clay when the fire of God presents itself right now?

God is rising up a prophetic generation, a great and creative people, the like of which the world has never seen and most importantly – never seen before. They will be so completely in love with the Lord that their very presence will speak andn. It states that the servants to whom Christ reveals the full revelation of himself will be the ones who will see the things written that will “shortly come to pass”. These servants of Christ are a unique people because they are the first generation fully able to receive the revelation of Jesus Christ. Had any previous generation been given the revelation, they would have seen the “things which must shortly come to pass.” Yet, generations have come and gone and the events spoken of in the book of Revelation have not yet come to pass. Therefore, we must understand with full assurance and anticipation that the opening of revelation knowledge (prophecy) per the Book of Revelation is a new experience in human history. It also means that this generation (you and I) to whom God has chosen to reveal this message are the “Manifest Sons” spoken of in Romans 8:19 and the great company of God spoken of in Joel 2.

However, for Joel 2 to fully come into fruition, the fullness or requirement of the book must be embraced as the days unfold. The word states that God will pour out his spirit upon all flesh. What does this pouring out upon “all flesh” mean if there is also a great falling away or apostasy in the later days that even the faith of the elect will be tried? It means that the Lord is now pouring out his spirit upon all of our ‘flesh’ nature and that which is carnal or earthy. It is the sin which is birthed in and by the dust of a cursed earth.

A new anointing of prophetic evangelism is pouring forth upon the church and Christ desires to be revealed in and through each of us which accomplishes the personal transformation of the church that is fulfilling the mystery of God. The mystery is “Christ in us, the hope of glory” which is the visible hope for mankind. The second coming of Christ is Christ in you and revealed in you. The third / third or third return of Christ is the bodily manifestation of Christ returning to the glorious church entering into Tabernacles without spot and wrinkle.

In the meantime (which is the most important time), we have a call and commission to complete the mystery of Christ and his most precious salvation. The first thunder has begun resonating in the ears of the prophetically discerning. Christ in you is coming to claim the victory that he earned at the cross, conquering the earth (carnality) which has spotted and stained the church. The challenge of this revelation is to show the church that the true enemy of Lord and his church is not Satan but the carnality or earthiness in us that feeds him.

In Genesis we recognize that Satan was not cast out of the Garden but sentenced to an existence where he is forced to eat from the dust of the earth. This reveals that our carnality is keeping Satan nourished and alive and that the only power Satan has in our lives is through our stinking thinking. “Christ in us” destroys the source of all sin which is the carnal mind and replaces it with the mind of Christ. Romans 8:7 states that our carnal mind is at enmity against God. This means the carnal mind hates God and is the opposite of all that is God. The passage goes on say that the carnal mind cannot obey or be guided by God. This is God’s enemy! Therefore, God is sending a particular judgment upon both the church and the earth and all that hinders Christ’s appearing will be revealed. This is the power and tenant of prophetic evangelism. It is a revived evangelism that is being resurrected for prophetic based churches and individuals.

Within the same vision that I spoke of earlier – I saw a large dust storm that instantly reminded me of the Great Dust Bowl of the 1930’s which swept through the plains of the United States. The Great Dust Bowl was not caused by the hand of God nor nature. It was caused by mankind due to ignorant farming practices and the vital importance of understanding the natural contour of the land.

People from the east coast cities came to the plains upon the invention of the mechanized tractor and plowed the virgin grasses in huge swaths. (These folks would later be known as sod busters) The plains grasses have root systems up to 6 feet deep that would ensure its survival in seasons of drought that would occur for several years without notice. The so-called farmers from the east would come and plow poker straight rows from the Texas panhandle to South Dakota with no regard to the contour of the land. They came – they plowed – they sowed their wheat crop (Ironically, it was always wheat) and would return back east to their familiar ease and comfort. When fall arrived, they would return for the harvest and collect their easy profit. These individuals would go down in history as the “Suitcase Farmers”.

The Suitcase Farmers were ignorant to contour plowing which would protect the fertile soil from wind erosion, flooding run-off and the ability to withstand resistance. They failed to stay and tend what they had sowed and left the fragile sprouts to fend for themselves. And you know what? The “system” worked for few seasons and fattened their wallets and bellies. However, when the certain winds of adversity and drought began to come upon the freshly sown sprouts in 1933 – destruction, illness and death soon followed that would last until drastic changes were made. The Dust Bowl has been identified as the “most extreme natural event in last 350 years”.

The root cause is that the natural course of life on the plains could not endure European style farming. The heart and culture of the land was plowed in a ridged or straight deep cut rather than following the natural contour and individuality of the land. Seed was sown and was not tended nor weeded to ensure the health and well-being for future generations because of the lust for quick results and greed. The ground was plowed – the seed was sown – and the sower simply left.

The vision and picture should be clear. The church throughout the generations have straight plowed the hearts of humanity with religion and no regard for cultural and societal uniqueness. We have held our crusades and conferences and planted a multitude of seeds which have been simply left to fend for their own survival among the tares and seasons of drought. We have left what we have planted and returned to our places of comfort in ignorance and unaware that the certain storms adversity are destroying the fragile sprouts that are struggling to lift themselves from the confines and weight of the “earth”. A cursed earth is only becoming more cursed and all of creation is groaning ever louder for man’s redemption and revelation. Indeed, a new anointing of prophetic evangelism is upon us. Christ in you, the hope of others!