I find it interesting the commonalities that all of us as humans share. I see these ‘commonalities’ as a sort of human genetic inheritance. Research has shown that all cultures begin with words for the colors – black and white. If the culture adds a word for a third color, it’s always red. All humans, for example, register the exact same basic facial expressions for fear, disgust, anger, sadness, shame, pride, and happiness. Children born without sight display emotion on their faces the same way as children born with sight. All humans divide time into past, present, and future. Just about all of mankind initially fear spiders and snakes the same way they threatened our ancestors thousands of years ago. All human cultures and societies produce and express art. They all, in theory, disapprove murder and rape. They all without exception dream of harmony and worship what they know as God.

It is not by mistake that we share so many traits across such a great gulf of miles and geography. All children fear strangers and prefer sugar solutions to plain water from birth. All mankind enjoy stories, tales, and proverbs. In all societies men engage in more group violence and travel further from home than women. In all societies, husbands are on average older than their wives. People everywhere rank one another according to prestige. People everywhere divide the world between those inside their group and those outside their group. The catch is that these tendencies are all stored in a deep place below our surface awareness. None of us live in a universal thing called ‘culture’… We live in specific cultures which differ from one another.

In some cultures drunken men get into fights, but in some cultures they almost never do. In some cultures drunken men grow more amorous, but in some cultures they do not. Although we share so many common traits – we also differ in how we steward these freedoms of conscience and choice. God has created us to know Him and has placed that desire in all of humanity. Within these choices and if we’re honest with ourselves, humanity understands the culture that it is creating, changing, and is promoting as the future unfolds. Will we create a culture of goodness and love of our Creator? Or, will we will continue to promote cultural behaviors that are self-serving, self-aggrandizing and self-idolatrous?

We share so much in common but we also must acknowledge the increasing social, cultural, and institutional polarizations and ask: “why”? God’s not dead…He has always been there to love and help us individually, culturally, and nationally if we would only ask. Could it be that developing a culture of asking for help from God is the true remedy for humanity’s ills? Humanity is crying out about many wrongs and injustices in the world today via many political and social mediums. Maybe, just maybe, we need more crying out to God rather than our fruitless attempts to change the world via social media, the media itself, and rendering hatred toward folks we don’t even know.