Let’s start by imagining that I have a power-point projector and I present to you a photograph of a live cow. For even greater visual clarity, lets it’s a black and white dairy cow. Now, if I asked you who created the cow, most people would say that “God created the cow.” This may be true in a sense, but God also had a lot of “help” in creating the dairy cow. The dairy cow that we are so familiar with has descended or evolved over thousands of years from the ancient Aurochs to meet man’s desires or needs. And over the last few thousand years, mankind looked upon God’s creation and original design and without really knowing what they were doing – they redesigned it and continued to redesign it. They looked at how the parts of the Aurochs might be optimized or enhanced for their personal needs and began to reverse engineer this magnificent beast.

The modern dairy cow and the modern church are similar in that both have evolved from their original design and intent. Both have a biological or organic base. Both have become domesticated and reliant upon man for their survival. And as earlier stated, both have been systematically redesigned over the course of many years. The reverse engineering of modern Christianity and the church (just as the dairy cow) has created a mutation that perpetually provides milk and even meat. These aren’t necessarily bad and can actually be good and have “some” benefits. There are elements in the church that are also “good.” However, when we look at the history of the church and its results – is “what is good” really how the Lord designed us for spiritual growth and the Body of Christ to operate?

Prophetic gatherings of manifest sons and daughters from around the world are connecting and renewing hope. This sense of connecting and birthing is the manifestation of the Lord’s work in restoring the church, the Body of Christ, back to its original Kingdom design and government…Just as the Aurochs had been originally designed for preparing the ancient fields for the harvest, a task for which the dairy cow is ill-equipped.

“Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals; and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder, “Come and see.” And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.” Revelation 6:1-2

Prophecy can be expressed in many different mediums such as music, psalm, dance and writing to name a few. Prophecy, when spoken in alignment with the Lord, is uniquely powerful. Research information regarding supersonic sound testing has revealed an awesome supernatural or universal law. It has been found and authenticated by science that radio sound bites as far back as the 1930’s are still detectable within the inner edge of space and our atmosphere.

This is awesome and biblical confirming in many ways. The Bible states that every word that has been spoken from our tongues will be proclaimed from the rooftops. It’s not so much as an indictment as it is a part of God’s creative order and promises. Sound waves that are spoken, whether good or bad, just don’t come to a stop or have an end point. They possess a powerful force. The same non-stopping force holds true for other waves such as light and radiation. Waves continue to move through space and time as we know it – perpetually existing in this creative order until the age is consummated by fire and everything is rightly judged.

The unseen battle being waged in the atmosphere of space and time with the Prince of the Air has begun in a whole new way as I believe the First Seal may have recently been opened and the revelation of the Army of the White Horse is being assembled and trained in a new dynamic of warfare. With this said, the church will need spirit-led prophecy and much of our prophetic understanding will have its relevancy built upon the much neglected power and understanding of history. The Lord is opening our eyes and ears to the past to clearly understanding the present and to accurately forth-tell the future.

The season in which we live in my opinion is A-Historical. For instance, the founding fathers of the United States understood and possessed a unique philosophical view as well as a prophetic view of history. To them, past history was viewed as a means for understanding the present condition and looking into the future. This is vital to our understanding and is foundational in realizing the prophetic gifting moving toward maturity. The founding fathers of the United States were profoundly influenced by the past. What I find extraordinary is that the founders believed that no society or country was immune or exempt from the process of historical decay which leads us to the million dollar prophetic question: What about America and where does it fit in the biblical framework and future? How many modern “prophets” are really prepared to answer this question with accuracy and spirit led anointing? Will America pass away as “all” other great societies have? Will teachers one day teach about the rise and fall of America as we have Egypt, Babylonia, Greece, or Rome?

The unregenerate DNA of our country, regional societies, and culture are “Greek” in origin. The values of Plato and the writings of Sophocles provided the mortar for the European culture we reside in. I realize that many different countries and cultures have added to the richness and value of America. However, the language is European. The writing and alphabet structure is European. Our educational system and its very societal ideals are European. In other words, America’s biblical future is umbilically corded or connected to the cultural DNA of Europe and our biblical destiny resides in the fate of Europe. It is no mistake that the Lord chose the Greek language to present salvation to the unsaved as a blatant expression of redemption. The message of salvation was injected into the natural body and DNA of the European culture as they would possess the technological means to bring the salvation message around the world. The sad part is that man in his greed and lust brought a corrupted message beginning in 1492 and began creating its own spiritual “dairy cow.” The hope and potential of God’s design was exchanged for slavery, greed, and bondage in the form of religious spirits and the antichrist agenda.

Obviously, no one wants to admit the potential fall of America and neither did they during the time of the Roman Empire. Certainly, the same mind-set permeated Rome and her emperors declared that Rome was “Aeternus” (Eternal) and would last forever. But we know that this wasn’t true and Rome like every other power in history eventually fell to its knees. We are now led to another question: Why did the seemingly invincible Rome fall? Many have been conditioned in the modern church to believe that it was based on immorality and that moral decay ate like a cancer within Rome to its demise. If this were true, then there would not be a country or society standing today! Rome was blindsided as I hope we shall spiritually see and prophetically understand. America will be blindsided if we fail to recognize the historical parallels and to rightly discern the genuine prophetic voice.

The Bible states: “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” Freedom has been expressed by many with a lack of prophetic understanding of its true value and treasure. Freedom is a spiritual attribute and cannot be realized by natural or carnal means and conditions. I will explain what I mean in detail when I discuss what will truly take place in Egypt and the rest of the Middle East as the days unfold and how it will affect the marketplace, economics, and human nature. (Added 4-21-2014 – Please note that this message was originally shared at a Prophetic Gathering in Hinesville, Georgia and via teleconference in Dec 2010 and spoken to the body 3-19-2011 well before most of what has unfolded in Middle East.)

Rome, like America, started humbly as a small society on the banks of the Tiber River. Rome eventually grew stronger into a culture that promoted “freedom and individual rights.” However, Rome would soon surrender many of its freedoms when it desired to become a “superpower.” Rome and the United States are the only true superpowers, in my opinion that have existed since the time of Christ. I make this statement in regard to domination of cultural influence, literacy, democracy, military power, etc. However, for Rome to be superpower, it forfeited many of its societal freedoms to the Emperor “Caesar.” (This is the governmental and political type and system of antichrist.)

The Caesar’s, particularly Augustus and Julius, evolved Rome into a superpower by conquering lands to and fro in all directions. Rome would soon be a multicultural power that would need to develop a form of government that would hold the empire together while still being palatable for the diverse cultures it had absorbed. The stroke of Augustus’ brilliance was in adopting the Greek republican system of representation to accommodate a perception of freedom and prosperity. However, within this cultural “freedom” – it wasn’t long before seats in the Roman Senate were being bought and sold to the highest bidder and lobby. This occurred because a democratic society and government can only succeed in regard to the willingness of its citizens to be patriotic, accountable, and responsible. Human nature in its unregenerate and unsaved state will eventually prevail and greed and pride takes root.

Once a cultural entity or organism becomes “super” in its size and influence, the attributes of its true patriotic qualities begins to decrease and they must embrace a more centralized government to maintain order and coherence which is the beginning of the forfeiting of true freedom and liberty. Thus, the buying of Senate seats produced inequality of representation in many areas of the empire and most importantly affected strategic and foreign policies. This is the by-product or manifestation of the breakdown in patriotic cohesion, responsibility, and accountability that is the life-blood of a democratic republic. The corruption in the Roman government went unaddressed as long as the people of the empire felt secure, had entertainment, and bread to eat.

It wasn’t long and just before the time of Christ that the Roman people had lost all form of confidence in their corrupt government. At this time in history, they just wanted peace! So the Romans slowly forfeited more and more of their personal liberties for national security and gave more and more powers to those would now become more like dictators than senators and would even regress more into absolute despotism in the form of emperor “gods.” (the manifestation of antichrist spirit). The Roman people were willing to give up their liberties to become a superpower or a new order to possess a sense of security. Rome’s carnal foreign policies continued to primarily focus on Iran (Parthia) in the Middle East, which was the greatest thorn to its security.

Parthia (Modern Iran and Syria)was the arch-enemy of the Roman Empire in the east, limiting Rome’s expansion beyond Cappadocia (central Anatolia or modern Turkey). By using a heavily armed and armored cataphract cavalry, and lightly armed but highly mobile mounted archers, the Parthians held their own against Rome for almost 300 years. Rome’s acclaimed general Mark Antony led a disastrous campaign against the Parthians in 36 BC, in which he lost 32,000 men. By this time, Parthia had acquired an assortment of golden eagles, the cherished standards of Rome’s legions, captured from Mark Antony, and Crassus, who suffered a defeat at Carrhae in 53 BC.

The “Middle East” issue would continue to plague the great and “eternal” Roman Empire so much so, that even a Roman Emperor would be taken back to Parthia and flayed alive. Rome’s policies toward the Middle East would continue to change course as elections were bought and sold. Vast resources of money and manpower would be sent to “fix” the Middle East problem. This all sounds familiar and justifiable from a Roman’s, and maybe even from a modern American’s point of view. However, with all of the focus and resources that were being poured into the Middle East, a greater danger was quietly building strength and strategy to the north that would take advantage of Rome’s narrow vision and lack of historical understanding. Rome had become so preoccupied with a Middle East solution that its backside became vulnerable and would be the main ingredient of its demise and fall.

To Rome’s north and northeast was the home of the Teutonic and Slavic peoples who would blindside Rome in its Middle East preoccupation and much depleted resources. Today, we know this area as parts of eastern Poland, Ukraine, and eastern Russia (armies from the north – Gog and Magog). America’s focus and ever changing policies in regard to the Middle East are the beginning of a deception of focus and the depletion of various resources. Many believe that we, the United States, like the Roman’s are “eternal” and bury their heads in the proverbial “sand” when asked about our “future.”

The media is presenting the dynamics in Egypt as, quote, “the transformation to democracy in the Middle East.” That’s the media’s jargon. What’s truly going on in Egypt today is simply a repetition of how regime change has happened in Egypt since the time of the Pharaohs as well as the Middle East as a whole and how it will continue as the days unfold. This time, it is the overthrow of the “Dictator Mubarak” as the media has called for him to step down. Likewise, the United States President and our current government have called for him to step down because he has tyrannized the Egyptian people for 30 years and now the populations of the Middle East, in their righteous wrath and educated by CNN, have somehow come to a sudden understanding of democracy. This is simply a fallacy and is the creation of our own media as well as the world’s media body and as an exhibition of their power over the spiritually ignorant. It is a show of power in that not only can the media make and brake politicians here in America, but they also feel that it’s their duty to topple regimes around the world.

We must understand that this was a very well orchestrated toppling of a Pro-American government that has rendered enormous help to Egypt itself, as well as to Israel. Now, I know and understand that the United States has bank-rolled the Mubarak regime because we must have friends in the Middle East to help protect Israel and to secure our economic lifeline of petroleum. However, if you were travel to Egypt and talk to the people on the street and especially to the religious leaders – two cultural positions are soon realized: Hatred for America and hatred for Israel. What is going to truly and prophetically come out of this situation is the same thing that manifested in the Iranian Revolution when the Pro-American government of the Shaw was likewise demonized by our press.

There existed a similar or initial time of chaos, an interim military authority to calm the masses, and then a fundamentalist or religious regime emerged to rule with an iron hand. This is exactly what is going to happen in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, and finally Iraq as the 2nd Seal unfolds. Soon, other countries will follow, as the preparation for the end-time world economic system intensifies.

Religious fundamentalism in Lebanon and Egypt has grown underground exponentially. Just 20 years ago, Egypt more closely resembled a more westernized culture whereas today, radical elements are common place as women who once resembled western women are now wearing veils my cultural force and have a small part in communal decision making. The Muslim Brotherhood, which is a long standing and radicalized Islamic fundamentalist political body in Egypt, will very soon assume ultimate control and then render power to religious administrators. This is a dangerous situation and president Obama, being very weak in his foreign policy, has made the situation far more dangerous. The Middle East does not think in terms of days, months or even years. It thinks in terms of centuries and millennia to accomplish its means.

In terms of going forward into the future, religious fundamentalism and especially radical Islamic beliefs dictate that their doctrines will triumph and that western democracy is a heresy. They do not see our country (America) as a force for good, but as exporters of pornography via many mediums, corporate greed, political corruption, and that women are allowed to make decisions or allowed to play a major role that affects men. We must understand that this is heresy in much of the Middle East and many other countries under the bondage of religious spirits. The law of God to a religious fundamentalist is that God appoints the ruler through his earthly tribunals and any attempt to change the ruler is an affront to God. The million dollar question is: Where and how does democracy fit within this cultural and religious lifestyle? It doesn’t regardless of the national or media spin.

We now hear pundits in the media and in the Middle East shouting “democracy” and even many of us as believers believe that democracy is a universal value. Since the time of Woodrow Wilson, it has been accepted that we (The United States) need to make the world safe for democracy. President Bush even stated in his second inaugural address that “freedom was a universal longing of the human soul.” This sounds good on the surface, but history and prophetic discernment tells us that this is not true. If we listen and look into the past with spiritual wisdom, most people and nations throughout history have desired a strong and benevolent ruler over the responsibility and accountability of self government. The ancient “spirit” of this cultural and societal force is now beginning to grip America. Again, we must remember that “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” The anti-spirit of our freedom and liberty is the current front line in the spiritual battle that is already posturing in the spirit realm for the final conflict.

The Agenda of the Prince of Persia.

The Middle East, just like Russia and China, have chosen a strong authoritarian ruler over democracy as have most of the world populations. This historical familiarity will facilitate an antichrist type system on a global level rather easily since most of world population is already in its grip. If democracy was so highly sought after and a universal longing as stated by our past presidents – why are so many countries in South America within our own hemisphere moving toward despotism and under the controlling power of this spiritual entity?

There is absolutely no history of democracy in the Middle East except and ironically, modern Israel. Since the drafting of the Balfour Treaty (the re-establishment of Israel as a nation) the tape player of history has been pushed to fast-forward. Prior to the treaty, mankind was still waging war on horseback (as late as WWI) and did not possess the ability to destroy itself. Communications were limited and still delivered by beast or foot as it had been all through history. The sign of the times and the alignment of nations under the influence of spiritual principalities is at hand.

There has never been a democracy in China. There isn’t even an ideogram that even vaguely expresses democratic or republic based freedoms. The ancient Egyptian language did not even possess a word for “freedom.” Mesopotamia (current Iraq), Babylonia, and all other Middle East civilizations throughout history have always reflected absolute despotism. A strong military man or core (some religiously covert)in all Middle Eastern countries will take over as a pattern in the midst of the initial chaos and deception under the guise of democracy. Within just a few years, a religious leader will arise due to the fact that the only freedom that will be recognized at this time in history for these countries will be freedom from “foreign rulers”. The hatred toward America will grow ever stronger because the Middle East; the site of the great battle in the plains is bound by ancient spiritual strongholds and America’s youthful attempt by the hand of carnal man to instill democracy will result in tragic failure and will become increasingly dangerous for us economically, emotionally, and physically.

This will be the church’s greatest hour as petroleum prices will eventually sky-rocket as the by-product of this great spiritual battle to sway the loyalties of man. Gasoline prices in the future at just $10.00 per gallon will inflict transportation and logistical problems in the world’s marketplace for every product that we have become reliant upon. Currency will be of little value as products of what we perceive as a necessity will not be available. If money is printed to make-up the cost; hyper-inflation which is even more catastrophic, will bankrupt much of what we know as capitalism. It is within this hour that the “state” will step in to save the day and provide peace for your “soul.”

The social and economic situation will be exacerbated due to the denial of the historical value of the Constitution and its prophetic wisdom. America has chosen to forfeit her individual freedoms and like Rome, has methodically embraced state dependency in the guise of national goodness, personal welfare, and security. We must strengthen the brethren today to be prepared and strong for tomorrow. Remember, in the midst of tribulation, our witness and testimony will be the catalyst of a tremendous harvest of souls. Our connecting, creativity, inventiveness, and economic vision which are being refined in prophetic gatherings around the world will play an awesome role in establishing the Kingdom of God upon the earth in strategic power. It is at this point that the Army of the White Horse will rejoice in victory as they have endured to the end and finished strong. The true body of Jesus Christ will bring love and comfort to those who are without as the Seals give way to the Bowls.

Natural and spiritual entrepreneurship is being imparted in this hour and within these writings and gatherings. Impartations through divine connections will produce answers and practical solutions in bringing great hope to humanity. Supernatural ideas and creativity are being birthed and imparted by the Spirit to intersect heaven and earth. It is meant for us TODAY as businesses and individuals will be rightly connected and postured to be a tremendous blessing.



In the mid 1990′s, a mainline Protestant denomination held a theological conference in which one speaker stated, quote: “I don’t think we need a theory of atonement at all. I don’t think we need folks hanging on crosses and blood dripping and weird stuff.” End quote.

Between the lines of breath and voice, the speaker was essentially conveying – Why can’t we just camp out on the teaching about how God is a God of love? The answer to this question is that if we take away the cross of Christ – A God of love ceases to exist.

In the real world of personal relationships, it is impossible to genuinely love people with a problem or a need without in some way sharing or even changing places with them. All real, life-changing and deep rooted love involves some form of exchange or standing in the place of identification with another. Very little is required of us to love a person who is pulled together and happy. In other words, it’s easy to be loving when everything is lovely and going our way in relation to others. But if we think of emotionally scarred and wounded people – It becomes clear that it is very difficult to listen and genuinely love people with deep emotional wounds, compulsive behaviors, addictive tendencies and yet stay completely and emotionally intact ourselves.

It may be that they feel stronger and more affirmed as you engage and talk, but genuine life change will not happen without you being quite emotionally drained yourself. The truth, plain and simple – it is either them or you! To bring them up emotionally and healed from their wounds and issues, you must be willing to be drained emotionally as well and maybe even wounded by the very people who are being healed by God through your sacrifice.

Imagine for a moment if you were to come into contact with a person who is innocent of a criminal charge but yet is being hunted down by let’s say, secret agents or by the government or by some other powerful organization. The person reaches out to you for help and the choices are clear – If you don’t help him, he will probably die. But if you ally with him, you – who are perfectly safe and secure, will be in mortal danger staring death in the face. I know that this is the stuff that movie plots are made of. But the point is that it’s either them or you! He or she in this scenario will experience increased safety and security through your involvement. But it’s only because you are willing to enter into his or her insecurity and vulnerability.

If we consider parenting – children come into the world in a condition of complete and utter dependency. They cannot function as self-sufficient or independent persons unless their parents give up much of their own independence and personal freedoms for an investment that lasts a lifetime. If we don’t allow our children to hinder our freedom let’s say after work, at leisure, (time in general) and if you only get to your children’s needs when it doesn’t inconvenience you – your children will grow up physically only. On the same hand and in a variety of ways they will remain emotionally needy, troubled, over-dependent, and eventually co-dependent. The choice is clear. We can either sacrifice our freedom or theirs or we don’t. Once again, it’s them or you! To love your children well and in the love of God, you must decrease that they may increase. You must be willing to enter into their dependency upon you at this time in their lives so eventually they can experience the same freedom and emotional stability that you have through the mind of Christ.

All life changing love toward people with serious needs is a substitutional sacrifice and when we become personally involved with the weak in some way, their weaknesses flow toward us as our strengths flow toward them. The essence of sin is that we as human beings substitute ourselves in the place of God, while the essence of sacrificial salvation is God substituting himself for us. You and I in our fallen state put ourselves where only God deserves to be. Yet God continues to put himself where we deserve to be.

How can God possibly be a God of love if he does not become personally involved in the suffering of loneliness, violence, oppression, grief, weakness, and pain that we experience? There are only two possible answers to this question. First, God cannot or will not enter into our needs and weakness. The second option or answer is “Christianity”. It is the faith called “Christianity” or belief in Jesus Christ’s sacrifice which has the audacity to claim that God can and in fact does enter into our needs and weaknesses.

This is the power and purpose of the Christmas and upon which we are likewise empowered because Christ is with us. Not only is he “with” us, but he is also “in” us and experiencing the same pain, disappointments, loneliness, and weakness. It is Christ in you that becomes the hope for others… Yes, a great exchange.

A woman named JoAnne Terrell once wrote about how her mother was murdered by her mother’s boyfriend. Quote: “I had to find a connection between my mom’s story, my story, and Jesus’ story.” She would end up finding this connection by understanding the cross and that Jesus did not only suffer for us, but with us, and in us. He knew what it was like (literally) to be wounded under the weight of the lash, the weight of pressure and the weight of rejection. The good news is that Christ refused to be cowed or tempted by emotions, temporal riches or short-term reward and those with influence. Thus, Christ was born for our eternal reward with his own life. He voluntarily took his place beside and with those who were without power and suffering from hurt and injustice.

John Stott summarizes my thoughts well when he wrote, “I could never myself believe in God if it were not for the cross. In the real world of pain, how could one worship a God who was immune to it?”

Therefore, the season we are in when properly understood, cannot possibly be used to encourage the oppressed to simply accept violence whether external or self-inflicted against our own bodies (various addictive and compulsive behaviors). When Jesus suffered ‘for’ us, he was honoring justice. But when Jesus suffered ‘with’ us, he was identifying with the oppressed of the world and not with their oppressors.

All life changing love reflects an exchange and a reversal of places. But here is the great reversal – God, in the place of ultimate power reverses places with the marginalized, the needy, the poor, the lonely, the oppressed, and the addicted. The prophets of old sang songs about God as the one who has “brought down rulers from their thrones but has lifted up the weak and poor.” But never could they have imagined that God himself would come down off his ultimate throne and suffer with you and me that we may be lifted up this Christmas season.

The purpose of His birth means that the world’s glorification of power, control, and status is exposed and defeated. Through the cross, Christ wins through losing, triumphs through defeat, achieves power through weakness and servanthood, and obtained eternal wealth by giving his all to others. Jesus Christ turns the values of the world upside down.

The real enemy, after all was never Rome and it is not Washington, Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Damascus, or Hollywood today. It is the powers of evil that stand behind human arrogance and violence (violence against others and violence against our own bodies in addictive behaviors and habits such as over-eating, pills, gossip, and other escapism vices). Through Christ, the kingdom of God triumphed over the kingdoms of this world and darkness by refusing to join in their spiral of external and self-inflicted violence.

Jesus would love his enemies, turn the other cheek, and go the last mile for you and me. The cool thing is that we are not alone and we can finish strong because we have the gift of a wonderful encourager and comforter who can relate greater than all others and is running right beside us. The catch is that we learn to sacrifice and run beside one another – the power and love of the CHRISTmas expressed.