Even in the age of great scientific and technological advancements – mankind still does not know why there is gravity. Why does something, anything, and everything have weight? Why do we stay seated in a chair on the floor rather than float off through space?

Why should Earth sending its gravitons to the Moon and the Moon sending its gravitons to the Earth lock the one in orbit about the other? Why does this unseen transfer cause attraction between these bulks of matter? Yet, the Moon floats, held by an invisible tether, a force generated by unknown processes with imagined particles. By what unlikely and fine tuned principle and power does it work?

Perhaps, like a particle dancing around an atom, a atom dancing around a molecule, a planet dancing around a solar system, or a galaxy dancing in harmony within our universe – mankind was created to dance in a relationship with its Creator. I find it interesting that everything in the universe moves in a similar harmony of orbit, attraction, and relationship. Perhaps, the face to face intimacy of the “dance” is what mankind is missing in the modern culture of “self.” Maybe, just maybe, “gravity” is what we need most in this hour? Could it be that gravitating toward each other and toward the reality of eternity is more worthy of solving than gravity itself?

The dance has always been a prophetic expression of God’s wonder and love when in alignment of face to face intimacy. I believe that everything in the universe, including man, was created to dance or move in intimate relationship with whom created it. When we delight and serve someone else, we enter into a dynamic orbit around him or her – we center on a the interests and desires of the other. This creates a dance, particularly if there are three persons, each of whom moves around the other two (We can see this dance perfected in the relationship within the Trinity). Each of us centers upon others with Christ and none of us demands that others revolve around us. Each voluntarily circles the other two, pouring forth love, joy, and strength. For example, each person of the Trinity loves, adores, defers to, and rejoices in the others. This action creates a dynamic, pulsar-like dance of joy and love. The early leaders of the Greek church had a word for this expression – “perichoresis.” Note the word “choreography” within it. It means to “dance or flow around.”

The example of God’s triune love, whether demonstrated in the gravity of the universe or upon the cross – is our template for life. The unseen power that expresses itself in love, that gravitates us toward each other, should cause us to pause in wonder. How could the simple dust of the earth and a mass of elements create such a powerfully attractive force through raw evolution? All of creation is now groaning as it ends its long dance with its Creator for the manifestation of the sons of God. All of the universe is “gravitating” toward mankind – created in God’s very image, with great expectation as redemption draws nigh and the end of days unfold.