Generation E

It’s rather obvious from my observation that for young people, the gap between what they have and what they want has never been greater. I wonder what the outcome will be within the “entitled generation”? After all, don’t most kids expect an allowance rather than truly busting their butt or giving back to the family or community? The lives of many great men and women were built upon a far different social responsibility than today’s culture of parental denial and compulsive giving to impulsive children.

As a society, we need to rethink the chronic habit of telling kids and especially students they are special or giving them a prize just for participating in an activity. Praise and reward based on “nothing” only encourages an inflated ego and unrealistic expectations. The purpose of participation in the home, society and educational programs is for children to learn, not for them to feel good about themselves all the time.

The western world is traveling a steep slope and danger of producing individuals who are experts at knowing how they feel rather than truly educated individuals who know how to think and work hard for achievement. I believe that young people will naturally “feel” good about themselves when they develop genuine skills, manners, work ethic and learn something. This demands relentless parental consistency which is sorely lacking in the age of dual income earners and broken homes.

Adults and parents need to be good role models by getting involved in the culture of our communities and helping those less fortunate and without. We need to encourage children and youth to volunteer with their peers as our example exhibits. Research has proved that volunteering helps youth learn valuable skills in a low-risk setting which lays a solid foundation for success, social responsibility, and genuine leadership.

As parents, we owe it to our children to help them understand and learn how to deal with criticism now in preparation for the inevitable day when it is not delivered as gently as we – or they – would like. Maybe, the first step is avoiding our natural tendency to step in and make them feel better and hold them accountable.



Re-post of prophetic messages in Hinesville, GA.

NOTE: These messages were received in 2009 and spoken in 2010. 7 years have passed now, but I believe that the relevance is still applicable and worthy of thought.

I realize that this offering for your discernment is somewhat lengthy. As stated, I received the majority of this message in December 2009, declared the message December 2010, and have since shared it over a dozen times with some positive feedback as events have indeed fallen in place as taught and prophesied. Please note that this is not necessarily biblical doctrine and I am at a point in my life where I truly understand my humanity and propensity to error…This is simply what I believe the Lord has spoken into my spirit and is open for the Body of Christ to discern, accept, and even reject.

Revelation 6:1-2

“Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals; and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder, Come and see. And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.”

Prophecy (1/5th of the fivefold ministry gifts from Christ) can be expressed in many different mediums such as music, psalm, dance and writing. However, prophecy, when ‘verbally’ spoken in alignment with the Lord, is uniquely powerful. I’ve had the privilege to have been intimate with research information regarding supersonic sound testing and it has been found and authenticated by several scientific agencies that radio sound bites as far back as the 1930’s are still detectable within the edge of space just inside of our atmosphere.

This is awesome and yet terrifying in many ways. The Bible states that every word that has been spoken will be proclaimed from the rooftops. It’s not so much an indictment as it is a part of God’s creative order. Sound waves (spoken by the tongue of man), whether for good or for bad, just doesn’t stop traveling or have an end point. The same holds true for all other waves such as light and radiation. Waves continue to move through space and time as we know it – perpetually existing in this creative order.

The unseen battle being waged in the atmosphere of space and time with the prince of the air has intensified in my opinion in a whole new and dynamic way. It’s worth discussion whether the First Seal may have been opened or revealed and the revelation of the White Horse’s Army may be primed for arising. Many began to receive this revelation by the Spirit 3 years ago. (This would have been stated in 2010 as the Army has been cleansed and mobilizing for 7 years) It is also significant that we understand that space and time does not exist in heaven. Time is an element in God’s creative order and we cannot prophetically declare events within specific years or hours in regard to biblical prophecy. A day is as a thousand years to the Lord and a thousand years as a day. We cannot pick and choose how we desire to apply this truth. We can only declare what the Father speaks to us and shows us. However, the timing is of the Lord and the time at hand is unprecedented in regard to the activity of regional principalities. How this unfolds for America – I am not sure.

With this said, the church will need spirit-led prophetic insight and much of our prophetic understanding will have its relevancy built upon the much neglected power of “history.” The Lord is opening our eyes and ears to the past to better understand the present and to forth-tell the future. The season in which we live, in my opinion, is “A-Historical.” For instance, the founding fathers of the United States understood and possessed a unique philosophical as well as a prophetic view of history. To them, past history was viewed as a means for understanding the present condition and looking into the future. This is vital to our understanding in this hour and is foundational in realizing the prophetic gifting moving toward maturity.

America’s founding fathers were profoundly influenced by the past. What I find extraordinary, is that the founders believed that no society or country was immune or exempt from the process of historical decay – which leads us to the million dollar question from a prophetic vantage: What about America and where does it fit in the biblical future? Are the church’s prophets really prepared to answer this question with accuracy and spirit led anointing? Will America pass away as all other great societies have? Will teachers one day teach about the rise and fall of America as we do Egypt, Babylonia, Greece, or Rome today?

The unregenerate societal DNA of America and its regional societies and culture are Greek at its roots. The values of Plato and the writings of Sophocles provided the social mortar for the European culture we reside in. I realize that many different countries and cultures have added to the richness and value of America. However, the language is European. The writing and alphabet structure is European. Our political, educational system, and its very ideals are European. America’s biblical future in my opinion is umbilical corded or still connected to the mother’s milk of Europe and our biblical destiny resides in the fate of Europe unless the umbilical is spiritually severed. Elements of social policy, morality, our evolved health care, etc. have their origin in Europe which has inconspicuously nourished what she has conceived. It is no mistake that the Lord chose the Greek or contemporary European language of its day to present salvation through Christ to the unsaved and why America is not mentioned or referred to in scripture.

Nobody today in America wants to admit it and neither did the Romans during the time of the Roman Empire of a potential fall. Certainly, the same mind-set permeated Rome and her emperors declared that Rome was “aeternus” (Eternal) and would last forever. But we know that this is not true and Rome like every other power in history eventually fell. Again, we are led to another question: Why did Rome fall? Many have been conditioned in the church to believe that it was based on immorality and that moral decay ate like a cancer within Rome to its demise. If this were true, then there would not be a country or society standing today. Rome was tactically and spiritually blindsided – as I sincerely hope we shall prophetically understand. America will also be blindsided if we fail to recognize the historical parallels and to rightly discern the genuine prophetic voice which refects the Spirit of Christ. Most importantly – that we learn to prioritize the myriad of prophetic based messages today and develop a corporate strategy through prayer.

The Bible states: “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom”. The word “freedom” has been expressed by many with a lack of prophetic understanding of its true value and treasure. Freedom is a spiritual attribute and cannot be realized by natural or carnal means and conditions. I will explain what I mean in detail when I discuss what will truly take place in Egypt and the rest of the Middle East as the days unfold and how it will affect the marketplace, economics, human nature, and humanity itself. Rome, like America, started humbly as a small society on the banks of a river. Rome eventually grew stronger along the banks of the Tiber into a culture that promoted freedom and individual rights. However, Rome would soon surrender many of its freedoms when it desired to become a superpower. Rome and the United States are the only true superpowers in my opinion that have existed since the time of Christ in regard to dominance in all societal institutions on a global level. However, for Rome to be a superpower, it forfeited many of its societal freedoms to the emperor – Caesar. (“Caesar” is a form of governmental and political system under the antichrist banner.) Note the similarities between Rome and Nazi Germany in regard to distinct salutations, crests, standards, etc. The salutations of antichrist expressions is again resurrecting its mandate to destroy the bride and authentic freedoms.

The Caesar’s, particularly Augustus and Julius, evolved Rome into a superpower by conquering lands close and wide in all directions. Rome would soon be a multicultural power that would need to develop a form of government that would hold the empire together while still being palatable for diverse cultures. The stroke of Augustus’ brilliance was in adopting the Greek republican system of representation to accommodate a perception of freedom and prosperity. However, within this perceived freedom, it wasn’t long before seats in the Roman Senate were being bought and sold to the highest bidder or shall we say “lobby”. This occurred because a republic based society and government can only succeed in regard to the willingness of its citizens to be patriotic, accountable, and responsible.

Once a cultural or societal organism becomes “super” in its size and influence, the attributes of its true patriotic qualities begin to decrease and they must embrace a more centralized government to maintain order and coherence. The seedbed and beginning of the forfeiting of true freedom had now began in Rome. Thus, the buying of Senate seats produced inequality of representation in many areas of the empire and most importantly affected strategic and foreign policies. This is the by-product or manifestation of the breakdown in patriotic cohesion and accountability that is the life-blood of a democratically elected republic. The corruption in the Roman government went unaddressed as long as the people of the empire felt secure, had readily available entertainment, and had bread provided to eat.

It wasn’t long before the time of Christ that the Roman people had lost all form of confidence in their corrupt government. At this time in history, they just wanted peace! So they slowly forfeited more of their personal liberties for national security and gave more and more powers to those would now become more like dictators than senators and would even regress more into absolute despotism in the form of emperor gods (the antichrist spirit). The Roman people were willing to give up their liberties to become a superpower, a new world order – to have a sense of security.

Rome’s carnal foreign policies continued to primarily focus on Iran (Parthia) in the Middle East, which was the greatest thorn to its security. Parthia was the arch-enemy of the Roman Empire in the east, limiting Rome’s expansion beyond Cappadocia (central Anatolia). By using a heavily armed and armored cataphract cavalry, and lightly armed but highly mobile mounted archers, the Parthian’s held their own against Rome for almost 300 years. Rome’s acclaimed general Mark Antony led a disastrous campaign against the Parthians in 36 BC, in which he lost 32,000 men. By this time, Parthia had acquired an assortment of golden eagles, the cherished standards of Rome’s legions (Germany cherished the exact same golden eagle standard) captured from Mark Antony, and Crassus, who suffered a defeat at Carrhae in 53 BC. End quote.

The “Middle East” issue would continue to plague the great and “eternal” Roman Empire, so much so, that even a Roman Emperor would be taken back to Parthia (Iran) and flayed alive. Rome’s policies toward the Middle East would continue to change course as elections were bought and sold. Vast resources of money and manpower would be sent to “fix” the Middle East problem and this all sounds familiar and justifiable from a Roman’s, and maybe even from an American’s, point of view. However, with all of the focus and resources that were being poured into the Middle East, a greater danger was quietly building strength and strategy to the north that would take advantage of Rome’s narrow vision and lack of historical understanding. Rome had become so preoccupied with a Middle East solution that its backside became vulnerable and would be the main ingredient of its demise and fall.

To Rome’s north and northeast was the home of the Slavic people who would blindside Rome in its Middle East preoccupation and much depleted resources. Today, we know this area as parts of eastern Poland, Belarus, and Russia (armies from the north – Gog and Magog). America’s focus and ever changing policies in regard to the Middle East are the beginning of a deception of focus and the depletion of various resources. Many believe that we (United States), like the Roman’s are “eternal” and bury their heads when asked about our future. Russia has been a bear that has only slept for a season in hibernation…

The media is presenting the dynamics in Egypt as quote: “the transformation to democracy in the Middle East.” This is the media’s jargon. What’s truly going on in Egypt today is simply a repetition of how regime change has happened in Egypt since the time of the Pharaohs as well as the Middle East as a whole, and how it will continue as the days unfold. This time, it is the overthrow of the “Dictator Mubarak” as the media has called for him to step down. Likewise, the United States President and our current government have called for him to step down because he has tyrannized the Egyptian people for 30 years – and now the populations of the Middle East, in their righteous wrath and educated by CNN, have somehow come to a sudden understanding of democracy. This is simply not true and is the creation of our own media, as well as the world’s media system, and as an exhibition of their power over the spiritually ignorant. It is a show of power in that not only can the media make and break politicians here in America, but they also feel that it’s their duty to topple regimes around the world. The media onslaught will affect every avenue of life from individual freedoms to team sports. We must understand that this was a very well orchestrated toppling of a Pro-American government that has rendered enormous help to Egypt itself, as well as to Israel. Now, I know and understand that the US has bank-rolled this regime because we must have friends in the Middle East to help protect Israel and our economic lifeline of petroleum dependency. However, if we were travel to Egypt today and talk to the people on the street and especially to the religious leaders, two cultural positions are soon realized – hatred for America and hatred for Israel. What is going to prophetically manifest out of this situation is the same thing that manifested in the Iranian Revolution when the Pro-American government of the Shaw was likewise demonized by the western and American press.

The social-political and spiritual pattern and die has always been set: There will exist an initial and similar time of chaos, an interim military authority to calm the masses, and then a fundamentalist or religious regime will eventually emerge to rule with an iron hand of Islamic bondage. This is exactly what is going to happen in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, and finally Iran and Iraq as the 2nd Seal will be rolled opened. Soon other countries to follow, as the preparation for the end-time world economic system intensifies.

Religious fundamentalism in Egypt has grown underground exponentially. Just 20 years ago, Egypt more closely resembled a more westernized culture whereas today, radical elements are common place as women who once resembled western women are now wearing veils and have a miniscule part in communal decision making. The Muslim Brotherhood, which is a long standing Islamic fundamentalist political body in Egypt, will very soon assume ultimate control. This is a dangerous situation and president Obama, being so weak in his foreign policy, has made the situation far more dangerous. The Middle East does not think in terms of days, months or even years. It thinks in terms of centuries and millennium to accomplish its means. (The Muslim Brotherhood did take control of Egypt a year after writing this message. Egypt’s political and social future going forward from 2014 has not been revealed to me. But I would not be surprised to see ISIS gain momentum in Egypt as the ISIS principality joins spiritual forces with the prince of Persia. This is a new dynamic of spiritual warfare in that consolidation or joining of principalities may finally force the church to become of one accord. God is coming back for a glorious and victorious church – it will happen somehow and someway!)

In terms of going forward into the future, religious fundamentalism and especially Islamist beliefs dictate that their doctrines will triumph and that western democracy and republic based political institutions are a heresy. They do not see our country (America) as a force for good, but as exporters of pornography, addicts, and that women are allowed to make decisions or allowed to play a major role that affect men. This is heresy in much of the Middle East and many other countries and many other countries around the world. The law of god to a Muslim is that god appoints the ruler through his earthly tribunals and any attempt to change the ruler is an affront to god. We must ask ourselves: Where and how does democracy or republican based culture fit within fundamental Islamist cultural and religious lifestyle?

We now hear pundits in the media and in the Middle East shouting “democracy” and even many of us as believers of Christ believe that democracy is a universal value. Since the time of Woodrow Wilson, it has been accepted that we (The United States) need to make the world safe for democracy. President Bush even stated in his second inaugural address that “freedom was a universal longing of the human soul.” That sounds good on the surface but history and prophetic discernment tells us that this is not true. If we listen and look into the past with spiritual wisdom, most people and nations throughout history have desired a strong and benevolent ruler over the responsibility and accountability of self government. The ancient spirit of this dynamic is beginning to grip America as the 2nd Seal is ready to open. Remember: “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” The anti-spirit of our freedom and liberty is the current front line in the spiritual battle that is already globally posturing in the spirit realm for the final conflict. Many “skirmishes”are on the horizon and should not be taken lightly as they will be deadly to the unprepared, unarmed, and blind.

The Middle East, just like Russia and China, have chosen a strong authoritarian ruler over a republic based democracy as have most of the world populations. Why? This historical familiarity will facilitate an antichrist type system on a global level rather easily. If democracy was so highly sought after and a universal longing as spoken by so many American and European presidents – why are so many countries in South America (our own hemisphere) moving toward social despotism and under the power of this spiritual entity?

There is absolutely no history of democracy in the Middle East, except and ironically, modern Israel. Since the drafting of the Balfour Treaty (the re-establishment of Israel as a nation) the tape player of history has been pushed to fast-forward. Prior to the treaty, mankind was still waging war on horseback (as late as WWI) and did not possess the ability to destroy itself. Communications were limited and still delivered by beast or foot as it had been all through history. There has never been a democracy in China. There isn’t even an ideogram that even vaguely expresses democratic freedom. The ancient Egyptian language did not possess a word for “freedom.” Mesopotamia (current Iraq), Babylonia, and all other Middle East civilizations throughout history have always reflected absolute despotism without exception.

A strong military man (some covertly under the guise of secular tolerance) in all Middle Eastern countries will take over as a political pattern in the midst of the initial natural chaos and spiritual deception. Within a year or two, a religious leader will arise due to the fact that the only freedom that will be recognized at this time in history for these countries will be freedom from foreign rulers and hatred toward America will grow ever stronger. The Middle East, the site of the great battle in the plains, is bound by ancient spiritual principalities and strongholds and America’s youthful attempt by the hand of carnal man to instill democracy will result in a tragic failure and will become increasingly dangerous for us both economically, emotionally, and physically.

NOTE: I reluctantly shared the spiritual entities behind ISIS at my dear friend, Clay Sikes’ home about a half a year ago and recognized the prophetic aspects and spiritual positioning of this principality’s directed assault to freedom. This revelation was unknown waters for me as I had no idea what “ISIS” was at that time except that the Lord showed me clearly on the way that Sunday morning that we (the church) needed to pray and understand the end game. I will summarize by stating that I believe dark princes and yes, princesses are combining forces. Is this the Lord’s way to finally shake the church into agreement and solidarity against evil? We shall see…

Revelation 6:3 “When he opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, Come and see. Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword.”