I believe that there will be frustration in our lives if we do not fulfill what we have been given the natural talents to do, but that frustration is even deeper when we do not fulfill our spiritual destinies. Maybe, this increasing and underlying frustration is the root of so much division we find in all levels of life – from the splitting of the nuclear family to social institutions and moral fabrics. Frustration is already a major problem in most institutions… Even the church. However, the later stages of frustration, which are boredom and lukewarmness, can be even more devastating and a greater social danger. Although anger is not the solution… At least it shows emotion and that some people do care.

When we step into the scriptures of old, we can sense a form of anger in the voices and pens of the prophets…After all, they were human and expressed emotion as they confronted the condition of their societies. History has a propensity to repeat itself from a lack of lessons learned, but the defining factor is that we don’t let frustration supplant our focus of building the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. The Day of the Lord is breaking forth on the horizon and the exercising of our natural talents and spiritual destinies has never held more importance. The throne of Christ must always supersede the thrones of frustration in our lives if we are to advance…