One thing in life is certain – we will all die and consciousness will flicker back and forth like a flashlight loosing its battery life. We will sense those around us and compassion will envelop us regardless of our history and persona. Inside, our souls and minds will swirl or intertwine with those who are close by our side both naturally and spiritually. I believe that these ‘feelings’ will be shared swirls that leap across from our conscious world as we know it to the unconscious one (from a natural perspective) that awaits us. Categories fall away. Tenderness is out of control. Our ability to focus attention will end and at the same time our ability to interpenetrate the souls of others will increase. Our relationships with others at this time is more powerfully direct than any other time. There are no analytics, no reservations, no ambitions, no future desires or past difficulties. It is just ‘I and you’…A unity of being stemming from a time before creation when God knew us all in our unconscious state. Indeed, a higher state of knowledge and understanding overwhelms us and a merger of souls with others is finally realized. At this point, the questions about the meaning of life are no longer asked, but are answered.

We ruled our man-made kingdoms with a weird sense of pride and arrogance – but now we have entered into a hidden kingdom not of own hands and void of consciousness as we know it. It is the last moments where there is neither boundaries nor features. We are no longer able to wield the power of self-consciousness, but are also freed from its shackles. We have been blessed with consciousness so that we might help direct our lives and nurture the inner man who is created in God’s image…But the cost of this consciousness is the acute awareness that we will die in a vapor of time. Suddenly, we’ve lost that awareness and are past noticing or stating anything now as we enter into the realm of the unutterable.

Maybe, just maybe, we have entered into the kingdom of heaven? God’s heaven? Oddly, this is never communicated back to those by our side. Our hearts continue to beat for a few more minutes, and our lungs fill and empty with air and electochemical impulses still surge through our brains. We may even make a gesture or a twitch – which many doctors will say is involuntary, but are oftentimes more deeply felt than any other touch while conscious in this realm. One of them may even be a long squeeze of the hand which is a fitting and loving good-bye.

What had been there from the start was again there at the end, the tangle of sensations, perceptions, drives, and the needs we call somewhat antiseptically, the unconscious part of the mind. Our unconscious mind in the natural realm is not the lower part of our being. It is not some secondary feature to play second fiddle to the conscious mind. It is the core of all of us – hard to see, impossible to understand – but supreme nonetheless in the light of eternity. It’s vital that we achieve this one aspect in ‘life’ and it is that we construct a viewpoint that makes sense in light of our surroundings and our existence. Many people see life primarily as a chess match played by reasoning machines in the social cog. But at the end of it all – we will see life as a neverending interpenetration of souls and relationships. I’ll end by stating this simple question. Are you truly ready to die or would the landscape of your life be filled with the regret of unfinished business? Is there really any other life goal or achievement more important than relationships?