As we move into the year 2017, what should be our focus and what is the Father corporately speaking? I’m sure that many of us would love to know, but why don’t you know? Maybe, we can start by understanding that although we do not live in the past, the past certainly lives in us individually and culturally in varying degrees. Warfare, conquest, and revenge is a major part of that past and has been a major developer within the cultures of world history. We experience these collective and cultural offsprings in our generation today. Wars or battles of conquest have changed languages, economies, moral and social fabrics of entire people groups which continues to the current day. The manifestations can be attributed via many mediums such as military, media propaganda, sociopolitical, and economically within the marketplace.

As a result of man’s propensity to satisfy greed through conquest, the western American hemisphere (where I live) is today a much larger natural and spiritual geography of a European civilization than Europe itself! Even those today in the western hemisphere who may dislike European ideologies express that form of displeasure in European languages and denounce it as immoral by European standards of morality. Ironic? Have we ever really or truly thought about these dynamics within a prophetic context?

The truth is that America ‘had’ to rescue Europe many times such as World War I and World War II for very specific reasons. This statement is akin to children who still unconditionally love and oddly protect their parents whom may not treat them well and even abuse them. Such is the relationship between America and Europe.

The history of conquest and man’s propensity to embrace secular, religious, and spiritual ‘armies’ and references to weaponry is not just about the past (although it has shaped the world’s cultures as I stated earlier) – it’s also very much about the present and the future as it unfolds. Warfare and conquest ultimately speaks to why we have arrived at where we are economically, intellectually, and socially. Likewise, it will define our future as the ultimate revelation.

Humanity in its spiritually unregenerate state is the offspring or first born of violence and its spirit has continued to grip many hearts (even those who are spiritually redeemed and especially of the prophetic persuasion). The flesh nature of man continually desires to conquer from both selfish agenda and perceived goodness. We need to look no further than much of today’s damning prophecies of doom directed toward mankind within the dispensation of grace and God’s love.

A true picture comes into view that after thousands and thousands of years, mankind is still juvenile and delinquent in its treatment of one another. Greed for earthly treasure which is surely to pass in our short life rules the day as it did in generations past. Humanity’s legacy is stained by the blood of religious zealots, political greed, marketplace greed, and the lust for economic cargo which is forever tied to what is earthly and temporal.

Many have wondered where and how America will be positioned and its relevance in the future as the days unfold. Why is America or the western hemisphere not specifically mentioned in most ancient texts that speak to the prophetic future? The answer may be that America is still spiritually tied to Europe and the soul-ties have never been broken due to the ‘conquest spirit’ that was inflicted upon native cultures and the soon enslavement of other peoples thereafter?

The Revelation of days will unfold for America as it will Europe who birthed her unless the ties are broken. The U.K. exiting from the E.U. is the first step of untying these spiritual and constrictive ties. Essentially, the umbilical cord of mother Europe that nourished the hostile takeover of the Americas was never severed through true and genuine repentance. America is still drinking the mother’s milk and she has never truly asked for forgiveness nor been forgiven.

We must ask ourselves why are the predominate parts or verbiage of prophetic offerings today laced with such militaristic or conquest laded wording such as “army”, “swords”, “battle” which continue on in the dispensation of grace? I believe that these militaristic messages reveal spiritual importance and are significant as I sought clarity concerning our culture, impact, and heart condition as believers in Christ and how prophecy is meant to reveal the Spirit or mind of Christ. In other words, who are we culturally in regard to identity as a prophetic church? Do we accurately reflect the culture and mandates of the kingdom? What is our true agenda and genuine spirit for this hour and generation? Could we be missing something when we look back at the lack of impact we have had upon humanity as the church? Why has the church lacked impact with such catastrophically nominal results? Are Christians really ready to have their paradigms, dogmas, and spiritual cultures turned inside-out? Maybe, as many continually cry out and seek a paradigm shift or breakthrough from God and desire change…But do we really? The answer is not yet…But we will!

The bible states in Revelation 22: “For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book; If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.”

We should consider if these relatively modern types of prophetic and militaristic proclamations are essentially “adding to the book” since the Revelation has been declared, determined, and sealed. As a prophetic individual or generation, we can only justify our declarations of ‘judgement’ by stating that we have not added to the ‘words’ of the Revelation as it has been decreed and sealed. To clarify: First, does it really matter? Yes! Doesn’t the words we speak or pen reflect our true heart condition and culture in usurping the position of God in rendering judgement upon another as a supplement to ‘this prophecy’ as stated in scripture? This is interesting since we are all likewise sinners saved by grace, and to have received grace ourselves as filthy rags and then to turn and cast judgment upon another(s) via prophecy is questionable and should at least be prayerfully considered.

Secondly, the Bible states this directive: “To everyone who hears the words of this prophecy.” It would seem that adding to prophecy through the actual letter or Word via pen was and is not the intent or meaning since the far majority of folks (especially the saved) were not skilled in writing or literate at the time of this inspiration anyway. The warning was clearly directed to “everyone who heard” the prophecy and understood its meaning. In other words, it was not only adding to the canon of scripture that instituted the warning – but adding to it’s intent and purpose in our hearts as well!

Most prophetic utterances of judgement regarding family, people groups, countries, political leaders etc., generate from frustration. This is understandable and hinges from the wickedness and debauchery in the world today…I get it. Although there are certainly many areas which are tragic in the cultures of humanity as a whole, we have actually come a long way in regard to civilization and how we interact with one another (especially across ethnic, social and cultural boundaries). Just a generation ago, the United States was still exhibiting strong elements of racism and prejudice under a warped guise of ‘Christianity’. Native Americans were annihilated under the banner of manifest destiny. Private properties were confiscated under abusive immanent domain laws, and the judicial government under the Hoover years were much more abusive / intrusive in spirit in regards to personal privacy.

If we look back from the time of Christ’s burial and resurrection which ushered in the dispensation of grace, we can easily see a trend toward improved global behavioral and cultural improvement. Slavery and forced labor was common and accepted in all cultures and societies around the world. Human brutality, chronic rape, serfdom, child sacrifice, superstition, mythology, fear mongering, no rights for women, blood revenge, manhood rituals, taxation without representation, despotism, and continual warfare were the norm and expected rather than unexpected on every square mile of dirt on the planet.

How can we as a prophetic generation declare with a clear conscience that the world is so much more evil and wicked than any other time previous in history? This is simply not true and negates the authenticity of the prophecy at its conception and inception. Sin still ravages the world, but this is to be expected as long as souls encased in flesh and bone walks upon it! However, we have a choice to make moving forward in regard to how the prophetic voice (the Spirit of Christ) views the world, views its people, and how it translates the purpose and power of the cross.

The sacrifice and power of the cross must not be declared as having no effect. It is still active, powerful and cuts to the core of soul and spirit. As Ambassadors of Christ, the same mighty power to affect others resides in us as believers. But yet, many prophesy and declare judgement and disaster upon humanity and geographies because we fail to see results in our frustration. The core problem is that we have created a vicious cycle of judgement and plagues upon ourselves because we have not heeded the warning in Revelation 22 and have “added to these prophecies” in casting retribution upon others no different than ourselves – except that we have been saved and transformed by grace and not of our own merit. Many easily declare that the hearts and intentions of others will be revealed…But do we want ours revealed for all to see as well? Self-righteousness is the seed-bed which easily grows full bloom into pride and spiritual arrogance.

Man’s seeking for judgement upon another man rather than justice tempered with mercy always develops into a cycle of retribution. We can clearly see through history to the present day that if a wrong is committed against a certain individual – that individual will usually desire equal or oftentimes a more severe punishment than the crime committed against them. We know this as punitive nature which is ingrained in the flesh of man. This spirals out of control not only at the personal level, but at societal and national levels as well. These are the punitive retributions that most wars are made of. Humanity’s impulse and propensity for others to pay dearly for their crimes is an overwhelming one which we must take note of and wonder if it has affected our persona and culture (spiritually as much as naturally)?

The good news is that we can rest in Christ because we know that we serve a Lord and God who will make all things right at the end. This has been the overarching power that has held mankind back from destroying itself generations ago. The judgement and justice of God is awesome in both power and intense love. We see this attribute exhibited in the redeemed man in that we can possess wrath and anger not in spite, but because we love so deeply. Anger is not the opposite of love. Hate is. The final form of hate is indifference which many prophetic offerings sadly possess.

God’s wrath is not a mean explosion, but His intense opposition to the spiritual cancer which is eating out the insides of the human race which He loves with his whole being. If I don’t believe that there is a God who will eventually put all things right and in order, my flesh will take up the sword and will be sucked into the endless vortex of retaliation. Only if I am sure that there is a God who will right all wrongs and settle all accounts perfectly do I have the power to refrain. This not only includes physical violence, but the violence we declare from our words that so easily roll off our tongues which may be the the most powerful weapon of all…

We don’t need to judge and condemn the world, our countries, our societies, political leaders and others. They are already judging themselves in knowingly rejecting His grace and love. Our position is to proclaim truth in the spirit of faith, hope, and love. Our ‘culture’ is to extend love and hope in bringing them to faith in Christ in 2017.



Please note that this message is not filled with spiritual catch phrases and actually does not reflect any scripture. However, this shouldn’t prevent us from comprehending the prophetic applications. It’s imperative that the church not take a back seat to politics at this hour with the understanding that the gospel of Jesus Christ is shared much more fluidly in a free and capital based society. The architecture is now in place for a communal or socialist philosophy in many liberal circles. How will we as American Christiansb respond? I ask because the earth is our inheritance and ground zero of the Kingdom decent of heaven… We’re not going anywhere beloved and we have some work to do in ensuring that we are stewarding our inheritance well. This includes weening ourselves off the reliance within the government of man and relying upon the government of God.

Contrary to what much of the American public wants to believe – big government cannot create wealth, jobs, or income. Why? Because government has to take money from somebody else before it can spend it and there is no economic gain from anything the government does. Money collected in taxes or borrowed would have been either spent or invested in the private sector. Any jobs government claims to have created are only in place of other jobs the same money would have produced if people had been allowed to spend it themselves.

Contrary to what much of the American public wants to believe – if big government provides things for free, they will end up being low quality, cost more than they should over time, and may disappear when most needed. Public education, free health care, welfare programs; does anybody think these programs are high quality, reliable, and have no tax payer waste in their budgets? Most states fund the majority of their technical and community college programs. Thus, in the recent recession, right when lots of people wanted to get some new job skills, technical and community colleges had to cut their budgets and offer fewer classes. The freebie disappeared at just the wrong time. The sad reality is; when the customer does not pay, the product is rarely any good and oftentimes piss-poor.

Contrary to what much of the American public wants to believe – big government cannot correct cosmic injustice. None of us likes to see or experience cosmic injustices such as kids with serious health problems through no fault of their own, families whose homes are destroyed in natural disasters, etc. However, when the government steps in to correct a cosmic injustice, the price must be paid by someone else—a someone else who had nothing to do with causing the injustice being addressed. Thus, every time government fixes or eases a cosmic injustice, it creates a new one by sticking somebody with the bill—either a financial one or one measured in some other form of cost. For example, each affirmative action college admission by definition mean some other applicant must be turned down. We may be willing, as a society, to bear an injustice in order to fix some cosmic injustices (e.g., many will willingly chip in to pay for a child’s medical care), but we cannot create a world free from all cosmic injustices.

Contrary to what much of the American public wants to believe – big government has lied to its people as folk’s wages are not under the thumb of corporate exploitation. In a free and democratic based country, people voluntarily accept employment, so all workers believe their current job to be the best choice from among their opportunities. If a business paid its workers much less than they were worth, a competitor would offer more and hire them away. As consumers, when we go shopping, we are happy to find low prices. We certainly do not go out of our way to pay more than we need to for things. Businesses are the same when they are ‘buying’ labor; they do not pay more than they need to pay. Businesses exist to make profit, so a business will not, and should not, pay its workers more just because it has the profits available to do so. Workers get paid more only when they become more productive or when the price of what they make goes up.

How much longer will literally half of the American public want to believe that free hand outs, unnecessary regulations, and social entitlements will really solve our issues today and tomorrow?


On the heels of the big oil discovery in Texas, I knew that it would only be a matter of hours before I’d read prophecies of a powerful earthquake coming to middle America. This is part and parcel with the addition to increasingly dire predictions from more and more people of mass death and destruction on an apocalyptic scale. Look, an earthquake in middle America is inevitable. It’s not judgment. It’s geology 101. These things and similar natural disasters happen periodically in a roughly predictable pattern. In the winter of 1811-12, the central Mississippi Valley was struck by three of the most powerful earthquakes in U.S. history – over 8.0 on the Richter scale. It has happened. It will happen again and it may be just about due again.

That being said, we all need to be in prayer and correct spiritual posture to counter-balance all of these gloom and doom prophecies. These kinds of words have a tendency to  build up with an energy all their own. Jeremiah 23:30 contains a warning,  “‘Therefore behold, I am against the prophets,’ declares the Lord, ‘who steal My words from each other.'” We have a tendency to get caught up in the excitement and intensity of what we’re hearing from others and then build upon it until what seems to be the prophetic word has become something entirely different.

My point? Yes, there has been and will continue to be natural disasters around the world….And maybe even an increase as time goes on. Yes, we’re in for some hard times because the earth can no longer bear up under the weight of the sin and violence of mankind. But we need to back away from prophesying the level of apocalyptic mass destruction that we seem to have built up to. We’re feeding off of one another and magnifying things as we go along. The result has gone well beyond the true word of the Lord in lieu of man’s emotions wrapped in Charismatic religiosity.

God will restrain His hand until Matthew 24:14 has been fulfilled: “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.” According to Matthew 24 we will indeed see a build up of trials and troubles until that time – including earthquakes, wars and famines – but even in the midst of that increase God must preserve a world like that in Roman times, connected and peaceful enough to facilitate the spread of the gospel to every tribe, tongue and nation. As He did then, He will do now, using the world’s historic connectedness through travel and communication to reach people groups that have not yet been reached. Not all the nations have yet heard.

So back up, prophetic world. We’re being premature. On the same hand, we’re not going anywhere! The kingdom is manifesting on earth (Even in its tribulations) as it is in heaven and those who are born again are its inheritors.

Some may say: What happens IF the growing numbers of the prophetic voices issuing warnings, are right……..then what? What happens to the shepherds who failed to heed the warnings?  How many sheep will be dead because they were scattered, uncovered, and/or unprepared?

Look, our calling and commission is to preach the gospel, lead people to Jesus and be doing our Master’s work when He comes. The warning to shepherds and the way in which we must prepare is that we must lead our people to repentance, healing and selflessness while there is still time. I’ve been involved within the prophetic movement and commission for over 30 years. I remember the 1970s and early ’80s when prophetic voices were telling people that California was going slide into the sea. Pastors who trumpeted warnings about that impending apocalyptic event generated a lot of fear. Some lead their entire congregations to move en masse to places like Idaho and Colorado. I remember dire warnings of destruction if the European Union reached ten nations because that would be a fulfillment of the Revelation, the rise of a new Rome and the precursor of the end. How many are there now? 17? And nothing that was prophesied then has come to pass. I remember many well known prophetic voices predicting doom and gloom over Y2K. People began storing up food and buying survival kits. I know of people who moved to different states in anticipation of what the prophets said would happen. Whole churches mobilized. Nothing happened. Nothing at all.

So, I agree that we must prepare, but not in the way our faulty logic might dictate. This is a time to be winning souls, preaching the gospel of the Father’s love through Jesus, lovingly leading people to repentance, investing in our communities as never before and so on. Prophecies of fear tend to distract us from that focus. Matthew 6:33 stands for all time and all circumstances: “6:33  “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” If we’re absorbed in doing the Father’s will, our Lord will take care of us.

When so many prophecies of apocalyptic doom and gloom are given such press and then don’t come to pass, or when church leaders lead their people to prepare for things that never happen, credibility is lost. Much prophetic credibility has been flushed down the toilet by all the prophetic words and freshly jargon that have not come to pass. A friend of mine once said that if something doesn’t change, This latest prophetic movement wave will soon draw to a close as the Lord will not be mocked.

One theme in understanding the prophetic calling is that all true prophetic words flow from intimacy with God and oftentimes in the midst of deep worship. I’ll close by stating that becoming or being a prophetic church does NOT mean that everybody in it goes around prophesying, but that it bears the marks of Jeremiah’s calling, 1:10, “See, I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms, To pluck up and to break down, To destroy and to overthrow, To build and to plant.” In other words, by its very existence and by the way it functions in the Lord, it causes change in the world around it, uprooting what is not God and planting what is.


In reflection, the corporate media and social media kept many well meaning folks ignorant and isolated from differing opinions. They straight up lied, manipulated, and made multitudes think that the far majority of the country was in social and political agreement, when in fact, they straight up weren’t! They used their position of authority to mislead many into believing in a false reality—in propaganda.

This is the problem with America and much of world today, the technology that was supposed to bring us together has actually isolated us into echo chambers and had drove us further apart. The by product of discord and social conditioning is currently on full display for the rest of the world to witness. 

All along while these ‘multitudes’ weren’t paying attention, Trump is actually a former Democrat. If you study his actual values he has far more in common with traditional moderate or liberal values than he does a traditional conservative ( historically speaking). In fact, Trump may even be more liberal than Hillary Clinton on several fronts.

The truth is that the media prevented any kind of discussion on real values, and rather focused on rhetoric and propaganda laced in hypocrisy. So most Americans who immediately defaulted to what the media and Clinton campaign told them never took the time to actually get to know or understand Donald Trump. They just watched the jokes on SNL and the corporate media like blind sheep without considering other sources. While I’m still unsure and have mixed feelings about Trump myself, we at least know politically he’s actually a New York style Democrat in Republican clothing (this is one of the major reasons why the Republican establishment rejected him).

All of us without exception need to consider that Donald Trump just overthrew an entire generational group of political elites who have been ruling this country for decades. He just beat the political establishment singlehandedly with essentially no inside or outside help. No matter what you think about him personally, he just accomplished something historic to become the President of the United States.

At the end of the day, this is an opportunity to learn and grow and consider other views and view points. This is a wakeup call to get out of safe spaces, safe places, politically correct thinking, shatter echo chambers, and challenge yourself to consider the other side of the fence. This is an opportunity to reach out and truly learn to understand each other.

We all have to come together to solve any real problems with our country over the next 4 years. This election was a lesson to consider all ideas equally, regardless of established authority and the agenda laden media. We need to come together, pray together, pay together and move forward together as big government is not the balm that heals us.

This country is a tremendous blessing to live in with unlimited opportunities for those who are willing to work hard and be productive citizens. Those who want to resurrect the past and demand a hand out or receive special treatment…You’re the one to blame and why we have Trump today…


It’s certainly obvious that the past few U.S. governmental elections have garnered more passion, questions, uncertainty, and outlook for the future of the United States than any other time in my life or memory. Ideologies have magnetized to extreme poles which has produced a social furnace revealing the true heart condition, moral make-up and spirit of its population. I have stated in other posts that much of the United States’ political and judicial positions are not composed of the best qualified people to administer its institutions, defense, and economy. Thus, we are essentially left to choose from a pool of candidates that are oftentimes cut from the same institutional cloth. The problem with President Trump is that he’s not cut from the same fabric. My hope is that this message will reflect both historical and prophetic vantage points to gain clarity as the days unfold. I have used a few example nations as illustration points. These examples are not exhaustive in most cases and usually point to many other nations which experience the same causes and effects. The end game is that our voice and vote are still powerful means for change and societal growth. The key is that we support and vote for candidates that represent our personal values over identity values. And, those candidates whom will promote the highest degree of encouraging and fostering ‘productive people’.

It is interesting that countries such as Mexico and Nigeria can be rather poor countries in regard to standard of living but yet rich in natural resources. On the other hand, the prosperity of countries such as Japan and Switzerland which have some of the highest standards of living in the world reflect some of the poorest availability in regard to natural resources. In my opinion, the key to success for a nation and local society (naturally or spiritually) resides in the productivity of its people and culture. Preserving a particular culture also preserves its productivity and prosperity. I believe that much of today’s social problems and issues are that many nations and local institutions (natural and spiritual institutions) fail to implement a truly productive social culture.

Whether nations, groups or individuals – it is human capital (the desire to be productive) which produces both natural and spiritual wealth. The dynamic inputs of natural based and spiritual based productivity far surpasses the monetary resources around us because of the positive legacies we leave and the blessings which manifests within creativity and productivity – people who are willing to produce for a better society. Monetary capital without human capital (productivity) is limited, short-lived, and ultimately leads to social bankruptcy.

Human capital must not be confused with formal education which is just one small slice or facet of it. Likewise, human capital must not be confused with pure economic capitalism which can only survive if another business dies at the expense and birth of another. And finally, human capital must not be confused with the intelligentsia which may either reflect a positive or a negative influence on economic development and political stability depending on the particular kinds of skills these individuals really possess and the particular attitude they take toward those with true productive capacity or ability to advance the economic level of a particular country, society, or local body.

Note: Capitalism within ‘inclusive’ or pluralistic institutions (market based) is necessary for sustained political and economic growth as history has shown. Socialist and Collective based institutions are ‘extractive’ (government based) and have arisen because of the failure of societies to embrace what I will call “Creative Destruction”. (Today’s Venezuela is a prime example) Creative Destruction must be embraced for outdated technologies and systems to die in order for new technologies and systems to take their place and promote new growth. We saw this form of social fear and protectionism manifest in the automobile and financial government based bail-outs in the last major recession.

Modern industry and commerce in the west developed at a time when the academic intelligentsia was a relatively small and non-influential group (Late 17th to early 18th century). However, many third world societies as the 20th century dawned, became independent nations led by the educated elites based on formal education and political charisma, but with little to no experience in economic matters or critical thinking aptitudes. This naturally generated hostility toward autonomous economic institutions and toward economically productive minorities in their own country. This is a common human defense mechanism and behavior pattern to justify protectionism which leads toward governmental control over a populace. However, the core issue slowly eases away from ideology and moves into greed upon tasting the bitter-sweetness of power.

Another important aspect which I found as a pattern – is that the specific kind of education received not only affects technological and economic development in a country, but also the direction of its social and political development. Education in science and technology has obvious economic benefits but not all groups or all nations have been equally drawn or interested in that type of education. In Malaysia for example, the Chinese minority received more than 400 degrees in engineering during the decade of the 1960’s while the Malay majority received just 4. Differences in core curriculum fields or quality of education have also existed between Protestant and Catholics in Ireland, Caste Hindus and Untouchables in India, Russians and Cossacks in Kazakhstan, Middle Eastern versus European in regard to religious dogmas, Jews in America versus Jews in Israel, Tamils versus Similes’ in Sri-Lanka, and Whites versus Blacks or Hispanics in the United States. Productivity lagging local groups and lagging nations trend toward the easier or soft subjects rather than such difficult fields as mathematics, science, engineering, and medicine. I do not generalize this comment lightly. I am basing my comments and opinions on researched facts. These differences not only affect their economic productivity but also their socio-political attitudes toward those who do have the skills to make a society more productive and prosperous.

Newly educated classes of people or cultures have been especially likely to specialize in softer core subjects and to be prominent among those fostering hostility toward more advanced groups while promoting ethnic identity movements. Such movements have been typically mobilized against other ethnic groups, the existing authorities, or other targets that would stand in the way of the ‘new’ agenda. In various periods of history, the intelligentsia in general and the newly educated classes of people in particular have inflamed group against group promoting discriminatory policies and or physical violence.

Whether at the level of minority activists in a given local society or at the leadership level of national revolts against external powers – promoters of socialism have been disproportionately intellectuals and intellectuals from a very limited range of fields. Very few nationalist militants, ultra-religious, or Socialist leaning politicians were and are engineers, economists, scientists, or skilled professional administrators. As an African student once quoted in regard to the generation of African leaders during the transition from colonial status to that of independent nationhood: “…K. Nakuma was a British educated lawyer, J. Kenyatta was an anthropologist, J. Kasabuvu was a teacher, and L.S. Sengor a poet just to name a few. Much the same pattern could and can be found in other parts of the world as well…” Leaders of the Basque separatist movement in Spain and the Quebec separatist movement in Canada were also birthed and promoted by soft subject intellectuals.

In the less developed regions of Europe, the rising intellectual class in the years between the two World Wars likewise tended to concentrate on the softer subjects rather than in science or technology and sought careers in politics and government bureaucracies rather than in industry or commerce. Much of the same pattern would be seen a half a century later in Sri-Lanka which was all too typical of other Asian third world countries in having a surplus of unemployed graduates who had specialized in the humanities and the social sciences. Is there a common pattern beginning to arise in the United States? Is there a social pattern which is in common with our current political body and influence of our previous president? I strongly believe so and the soft subject elites in the United States are seeking to overthrow the sacred and economic successful ideologies with Socialist and centralized government ideologies. The political and social landscape is coming into prophetic and spiritual clarity. How we prophesy the truth and resolution will require much wisdom and I certainly do not have all the answers. However, the powers and systems which are creating the world’s economic and social sickness are coming into plain view for those who possess discernment.

History shows us that cultural and ethnic leaders would later instill and promote the breakup of Yugoslavia and the atrocities that followed in the last decade of the 20th century were again birthed by professors in the humanities, the social sciences, a novelist, and a psychiatrist. The mass slaughters in Kampuchea, under the Khmer Rouge were likewise led by intellectuals including teachers and academics. Historian A.J.P. Taylor has stated: “…that the first stage of national based socialism is led by university professors and that the second stage comes when the pupils of the professors get out into the world…” Whatever the actual sequence, the intelligentsia have played a central role in promoting inter-group and international animosities accompanied by atrocities in trying to artificially preserve, revive, or fabricate past glories. This social and political mind-set will continue to be woven into the mind and cultural fabric of the unredeemed which will escalate into the antichrist system.

Newly educated and semi-educated classes have often sought positions in law or government bureaucracies rather than in industry and commerce (marketplace) because their education has usually provided them with few skills to be useful in the marketplace. Moreover, the growth of bureaucracies is needed to accommodate or absorb such people in preventing them from becoming a political problem which is oftentimes a handicap to the genuine development of industrial, commercial, and social growth. In other words, the social and political attitudes spawned by those with diplomas and degrees but without productive skills, constitute yet another barrier to economic development and growth as well as developing a productive society which technology and spirituality grow in similitude. Spiritual dynamics must also be strongly considered as the church is oddly split along ethnic and cultural lines in regard to social policy in the U.S. The pull is so strong and deceptive, that a Bible believing individual will abhor abortion but vote for a pro-abortion candidate simply by built-in social conditioning in regard to a lack of cultural productivity. We must understand that differing cultures have varying views of productivity as some are content to live off of another if the system provides that option or choice.

It was said of Romania’s institutions of higher education between the two World Wars: “…they were numerically swollen, academically lax, politically overheated, as well as variable incubators of surplus bureaucrats, politicians, and demagogs…” The truth is that this could be said of institutions in other nations within eastern and south-eastern Europe during the same era and in various nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America in later times. The direct economic and social drain of supporting a intelligentsia with little to contribute to the economy is by no means the crux or most important cost they impose upon the rest of the people in various societies. The kinds of policies and attitudes they promote and the internal strife they generate or aggravate are the major impediments to economic advancement, spiritual harmony, and political stability.

The post-independence history of many African nations for example, have especially shown the tragic results of following policies that are diametrically the opposite of economies that developed social productivity in earlier centuries such as Japan and Malaysia. In multi-ethnic societies, confiscatory policies (to take something away) toward the most economically productive groups have been promoted for the short run benefit of those seeking a way out of their own poverty at the expense of others rather than becoming more productive themselves. Those targeted have included as a prime example, the Germans and Jews in Czechoslovakia when it existed, and Romania. I have used Czechoslovakia as an example a couple of times for a reason as it no longer exists for a reason! Other good examples are the Chinese in Malaysia and Indonesia. The Indians and Pakistanis in Kenya and Uganda among many, many others Those losing in the long run have included the poorer and less skilled masses who cannot replace the more productive groups they suppressed or driven out of the country (This will unfold within the boarders of Israel if the Palestinians are given more territory) Rome as a city did not fall due to barbarian invasion. The invasion was only the tip of the iceberg. Rome fell because the barbarians could not run the cultural and political apparatus nor repair its systems and products when broke. In other words, the barbarian invaders were not a productive nor creative people. They pillaged and took what another earned and it worked for a short-term gain. The long-term effect was slow decay and eventual ruin.

Both internally and internationally, western intellectuals have for centuries romanticized noble savages, barbarians, and warlords in various parts of the world. People who supposedly lived in some sort Eden before evil was introduced from the outside by modern western society. In fact, many Islamist nations refer to the United states as “The Great Satan” However, facts about the carnage, oppression, or brutality in such societies have been glided over, totally ignored, or brazenly denied by those pursuing a vision and disseminating that vision through their educational writings, teachings, motion pictures, media, and other channels to the extent that they are successful in creating a virtual reality different from the factual realities. These falsehoods produce false public policies (now globally) with dire consequences upon the particular nations or societal populace. This causes such policies to be misdirected, ineffective, and even counter-productive. Sometimes a foreign “Eden” is ideologically defined such as the Middle Eastern Spring, the Soviet Union under Stalin or China under Mao. Again, a wonderfully fluffy virtual reality has for decades, completely submerged facts that included the slaughter of millions. In these and other ways, an intelligentsia can make policies less informed as well as misinformed and less intelligent than otherwise dreamed of. The catch, is that it is not too late. God still deeply loves us and desires His best for our lives. Let’s not curse our country and world with judgment. Rather, let’s pray as we have been directed for our national and world leaders and that those who are truly called and commissioned would come forth in authority and power to declare faith, hope, and love for all humanity.

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  1. Danny, Much thanks to you for this paper. We appreciate your inspired notions which obviously come from contact with the Holy Spirit. Keep up the good work of the Lord. Today only the bold and fearless are listened to, not the hesitant and shy.
    Much Love to you and your family.
    Ken and Carole McEahern, in Hickory, NC

    • Thank you so much for your kind and affirming words. They are greatly appreciated. Hoping that y’all are well and full of grace. Love you guys and hope to cross paths soon. Please note that your more than welcome to visit us here on the coast. We have plenty of room.

  2. Danny – As a student of current events, and their relationship to our prophetic future, this writing is the most ‘seasoned and inspiring’ work I have read to date. Uniquely, you tie the extraordinary events of our time to relative prophetic insight, magnetising your points with testimony from past history. Deep spiritual insight into the events of this critical hour reveal truth to those who have ears to ear, separating the noise of rhetoric and over exposed hype. Not only have you produced a meaningful piece of revelatory truth, but of greater importance, inspired a new prophetic art form – contemporary prophetic journalism. In an age of vast deception, society has hungered for an ‘information age’ transmitter of truth – perhaps you have found it!

    In His Service,

    Clay Sikes

    • Clay,

      Thank you so much for the kind and affirming words. Coming from you, whom I sincerely trust in all matters – it carries much weight.

      I have never thought with precision of the prophetic gifting as a medium of daily or timely journalistic expression. I believe you are right on and that we will see and experience this form of prophecy grow in addressing the ever-increasing events and fallacies of our day. Since I read your reply, the Lord has quickened to my spirit that although prophetic types of books and periodicals are of our value, these offerings usually help equip and encourage the saints. However, the everyday spiritual application is limited in that the “front line” has already moved on in regard to timing and the time it takes to publish such material.

      Prophetic journalism would confront, accomplish, and transmit matters while still fresh, active, and relevant to the hour. We have moved beyond spiritual seasons and into spiritual hours…The timing of events will soon move into minutes as the signs accelerate and our prophetic response will require the same expediency. I also believe that this will benefit the saved and those yet to be saved in a powerful and relevant way.”

      In His Amazing Love,


  3. Danny,
    Thanks for this article. It is so insightful. You might want to look at the story of Nobel prize winner Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh, called banker for the poor, for having founded Grameen Bank. Prof. Yunus used to be head of the Department of Economics at the University of Chittagong in Bangladesh. He is a Muslim, but his work at empowering the poor of Bangladesh by tapping the desire of people to help improve the lives of others is very inspiring. My husband and I, former banking and I/T professionals and resigned church pastors, are currently asking Father for instructions on how we can serve our own nation the Philippines the way Prof. Yunus have been serving his country.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read this offering. Also, thank you for the comment as I will take it to heart. Hoping that you and yours have a wonderful week! dk

  4. As a medium of expression, timely truth, and spiritual perspective, the ‘art-form’ of prophetic journalism has found it’s day. When facts (history and testimony) marry current circumstance, a writer, guided by the Holy Spirit, can, by and through the many forms of transmition available today, reveal deception now crowding this world.