Once upon time when I needed faith
I decided it was time to walk on water
Suddenly on my way, I passed an alligator
He had roses in his hat, 
So I stopped him sooner than later
He delivered me a message 
A heavenly massage to sooth my stage
It was more than the words of man
More than the wisdom of this age

Mr. Alligator said, 'Danny, you must trust Him
More sooner than later
For the enemies of truth
Will try to hold you under water

As I continued upon my journey
I thought to myself 'what have I just learned?
But in a flash, there was commotion
There was movement in the ferns

Silently, the silence came
Was it the end of my world?
I shouted out, 'who's there?'
'It's me', said Mr. Squirrel

I've searched for you all over
And now you're finally found
There's no time to waste
For that contrary to truth is sure to abound
We must find the prophet man
We must find out what we can

So much of the population's dying
And the world's people are in tune to doom
Like a rose, I need water
I need chestnuts to consume

'Mr. Squirrel, I said 'I'm sorry'
Can the problems really be solved?
If there's no one here to help
And no one to get involved?

Always look toward the positive
And never drop your head
For the water will engulf us
If we do not dare to tread

A few days later I awoke
And my alarm said 'time as usual is about up'
So I filled my tub with the water
And gargled with my gargle cup

As I bathed, I felt a presence
Being a bit ticklish
As I looked down and around
I heard, 'Hi, I'm Mr. Fish'

How do you do?
As for me, I'm in tip top shape today
Because my water's clean
And no one's menu says 'fresh fish fillet'

You see Danny, I look past all my worries
Which is something you must do
Though you're fed up - Throw your head up
With this advice from me to you
And that is to tread water

At the days setting sun
Time was finding nothing fun
As I walked along the path, I heard
'Psst, excuse me, you're the one

I said, 'hello, are you talking to me?'
He said, 'No alarm meant by thee
But let me introduce myself
I'm Mr. Monkey

Mr. Monkey, I said, 'How may I help'
And how does your problem meet
He said, 'My bananas are at their ripest'
'But they all stand at ten feet

My swinging hand is bandaged up
And could you help me with this chore?
I said, 'Certainly' and assisted him
So he could gather even more

Now with all of the bananas at his grasp
He decided with this accomplished
To put me unto to the path

He said to live by His inner voice
Which would sustain me through this life
Not to use them nor abuse them 
And to understand the words that got me to Him
And that is to tread water.



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