If we look with prophetic eyes the way Jesus began each message to the seven churches, we’ll find – “To the angel of the church of…” I wonder if it’s really purposeful to utter prophecy in this hour without an understanding of who these angels are and what they represent?

The Greek word for “angel” in the Revelation is “aggelos.” This ancient word means “a messenger.” Likewise, it is the same word used to describe John the Baptist. “Behold, I send you a messenger (aggelos) before You who will prepare Your way before You.”

It is by no mistake that Jesus directs each of His messages to the seven churches through the aggelos. Just as the God sent a message to His people through the prophet John prior to Jesus’ first coming to birth the church and the kingdom. I believe that the heartbeat of His message to the church today prior to His third coming is found in these seven letters.

Notice that I stated “third coming” of Christ. The second coming of Christ is manifested by “Christ in YOU, the hope of glory”. Passover, the first feast represents the sacrifice of Christ on the cross (1st coming). Pentecost, the second feast is representative of the empowerment of Christ through the Holy Spirit (2nd coming) – The light of Christ in us and reflected to the world. Tabernacles represents the 3rd feast and the ultimate fulfillment of prophecy – the church in deep intimacy with God ushering in the 3rd and final coming of Christ.

The keys to the kingdom in this hour are found in these love letters to church. These letters exhibit everything from tough love to confirmation. The purpose of this message is that we would not only have “ears to hear” but spiritual eyes to read the intent of these letters and the signature of the times that bleeds upon its parchment…


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