I realize this post is a bit scientific in nature, but it also possesses tremendous spiritual insight and revelation. I hope that you will read this offering with a open mind as I believe that we are in a spiritual season of ‘natural mysteries revealed’.  It has recently been medically established that important parts of the DNA molecule are repeated many times in our chromosomes – kind of like back-up tapes in case something goes wrong or is missing. I like to refer this as “creation insurance.” These ‘back-up tapes’ or replicated versions may vary ever so slightly which defines our human differences and also our human similarities. There is also another set of ‘tapes’ in the mitochondrial genes which form further structures in cell creation. In other words, we possess genes comprised of both DNA and Mitochondrial Cells upon conception as well as throughout the course of our entire lives.

All of these genes are closely involved with the vital metabolic processes that go on within a cell. (Note: I believe that spirituality or what is from the Spirit of God must have cellular or foundational understanding. Far too many folks want a fast food religion rather than a cellular of deep understanding of God’s abundant life and what that actually means to the human species.) So, from what I can gather through my layman’s study – it is not inconceivable that metabolic or natural stresses placed by an individual on his or her cellular structure might determine which ‘tape’ is selected from the ‘library’ for duplication when something goes wrong, is missing, or is under an unusual stimulus. We must understand that universal laws have been instituted by God at the creation of the universe. Like gravity, the speed of light, the orbit and expansion of solar systems – the universal laws which joins God’s breath with the newborn’s cry of life in the natural realm is set within a type of tape that plays over and over on average 358,192 times a day around the world,

Imagine for example, a very athletic woman stimulates the natural metabolism of her cells in such a way that it literally replicates DNA sequences or coding for physical agility in her children. Is it possible that humans can promote preferential cell structures and as a result the athletic woman gives birth to athletic daughters? I believe so. I also believe that there are spiritual dynamics at work that we need to understand as well as abundant blessings and even curses within this revelation. Could it be that natural and more importantly, spiritual keys are being provided to humanity in this hour to unlock many of our health and wellness issues? Again, I believe so as far too many in the church are the worst stewards of their ‘tent’ and emotions. Look, if you can’t steward with excellence your own body which is the Lord’s temple…You are fooling yourself in other spiritual and even natural matters. If we are are not sowing healthy eating, general wellness and emotional fitness in the next generation – we are just like the unfaithful steward of talents.

Humans contain billions of ordinary or general body cells which are called ‘somatic’ and cannot be passed on generationally. Generational cellular structure and DNA can only be replicated via sexual cells. (Note that you and I are composed of both somatic and sexual cells). Could it be that there may be an unexplored and largely untapped dynamic which can account for reverse transcription of these universal ‘tapes’ in that ordinary or somatic cells can replicate DNA into the sexual cells and thus be passed on to our children? Again, I very much believe so and am very exited about this revelation. I sincerely believe emotional and health issues can be so powerful as to alter chemical makeups in our body and provide a portal for somatic (non-sexual cells) such as cancer, mental issues and generational DNA patterns etc. to be passed on or transcribed upon our children via sexual cells which is a bit contrary to modern physiology and anatomy.

The example of the athletic woman would be an example of extreme physical behavior affecting the transcription of somatic cells not proven by science but experienced and seen nonetheless. Are other forms of cellular influence possible? I state this question as I have recently read that psychological states may also affect somatic cells. Epidemiologists believe that they have identified a “cancer personality” – a set of individual character traits which if possessed mainly or wholly by one individual; may exhibit predisposition to cancerous illness: that is, a unnatural bridge or replication of somatic cells to sexual cells.

If it is true that personality factors can affect cell biology, and if viruses can copy genetic mutation from somatic cells to sexual cells, then it also follows that personality factors could also be in my opinion, inheritable and able to ‘cross over’. To enhance this thought – some of the personality traits that compose the ‘cancer personality’ are psychological rather than physical (spiritual rather than natural) such as excessive anxiety. Is it possible that purely psychological factors in the content of an individual’s personality and consciousness (mind) could affect his or her offspring? Once again, I sincerely believe so.

The real issue at hand is that our minds left in a unregenerate state will not only potentially pass on to our children our physical issues…But our emotional or psychological issues as well. There is only one prognosis and remedy for the myriad of psychological ‘birth defects’ we are experiencing at this hour in history and the myriad of pills it is requiring to combat it – It is that our minds and bodies become transformed by the Spirit of God to the mind of Christ. The spiritual revelation is that even health issues like cancer can have a personality which is genetically transferable if the emotional and physical (chemical) triggers are strong enough to alter our DNA replication processes.

For the Lord has not given you a spirit of fear, but of a strong and sound mind…This is the key to abundant life and more importantly – the abundant life and inheritance of which we pass down to our children.